Welcome, Dear One!

This is the blog site of Spirit/Source embodied as the Sacred Feminine / the Goddess, the Feminine Christ/Buddha and awaited World Teacher for this Age. It is due to my Presence in HUman form that the ongoing  Awakening and Ascension is taking place within the collective body of HUmanity and – much like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly - is gently unfolding and transforming into recognized and conscious Oneness and Unity.

Here you will find articles, parables, poems and excerpts from my “herstorical” book Star*Avatar – Emergence of a Messiah as well as information about events and gatherings which you are most welcome to attend. My intention is to introduce my Self to you in as many ways that I can, so that you may see my Divinity and thereby recognize your own. The deepest and most fundamental question HUmanity asks itself is “Who am I?” In so doing, the quest for true identity begins. The highest form of teaching is by example. Among other things, my name Miranda* means “Mirror”. And so by seeing your Self in me you may see your Highest Self. In Spirit we are connected. We are One.

That which you see in me is that which is in you.
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Thank you for your visit! May you resonate with the Energy of Love within these pages. Comments on your thoughts, feelings and impressions are very welcome.

Love, Light and Joy in Oneness,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Miracles Room, Avalon.

Sharing LOVE is the greatest Divine Service we can offer,
and it is our most treasured gift.
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

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PEACE = Perfect Expression of Accepting Compassionate Energy.
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Love Incarnate

Never get so caught up in evolving your consciousness
that you forget simplicity and simply BEING LOVE>
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

I, Love of Light 

A star once born
Now in HUman form,
Naked for all to see.
Goddess of Love,
I come from above.
Will you embrace me?

Brilliant and White
My Love and my Light
I long so deeply to share.
Enough pain and fight.
Let’s make it all right
And show one another we care.
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
~ Arthur Schopenhauer ~