Welcome, Dear One!

This is the blog site of Daganac’h, an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, serving holistically and universally on behalf of Mother Earth.

Daganac’h's role is to assist the ongoing Awakening and Ascension taking place within the collective body of humanity, which – much like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly - is gently unfolding and transforming humanity into conscious Oneness and Unity.

Here you will find articles, parables and poems for your inspiration.

The deepest and most fundamental question humanity asks itself is “Who am I?” In so doing, the quest for true identity begins.

Thank you for your visit! May you resonate with the Energy of Love within these pages.

Sharing LOVE is the greatest Divine Service we can offer,
and it is our most treasured gift.
~ Daganac’h ~

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