Excerpt from Star*Avatar – Emergence of a Messiah, Chapter 46. (Continuation of Chapter 45 Platinum Cosmic Light)

Here I wish to share with you directly from some of my notes, written in 2008 and addressed to you / HUmanity. Since I seldom think in words but mainly in symbols and scenes, I prefer writing by hand so that I can draw the symbols and images freely, something I’m not capable of on my computer (yet). I will add my notes as images in this book. However, some of my notes I have transferred to these pages in words since their images aren’t necessary. The following is written from Higher consciousness (way above 3rd dimension):

I know your (HUmanity’s) longing and suffering and confusion. I come with Love AS LOVE to heal all. I’ll go blind if I keep my true identity hidden any longer. You have asked for me and I am here. Together we will bring in the Age of Love and be Homo Spiritus.

I AM Female
because the Earth is in need of restoring balance between male and female energy. Too much outward directed attention, external identification, need of outer confirmation and exterior valuing.

First movement (Primus Motor)
Listen. Listening is directing the attention inwardly, allowing what you are hearing to enter your energy field and attention. Too often you are so focused on what you want to say while the other is talking, that you say your piece as soon as the other stops talking and you haven’t heard a word. The system needs time to digest impressions, so slow down. This enables more noticing and any overwhelming sensation can drop into relief. Energy discharges, the body relaxes and you become receptive.

Second movement
Assess. What is the other saying? Take it in, let it merge with you, then respond. This is valid in all actions you take. See this action as a circular movement, from the other person’s system or the situation you are facing to your own system where you feel it / digest it and then move outwards again with your processed response. This is true communication. When learned, it becomes telepathic. (Empathy enters in.)

Operating from unconditional Love allows one to flow freely in universal energy.

I speak in colours, dreams, films, songs and numbers – not theories unless combined with images. Where I’m from we all speak in symbols.

I’m good at seeing the overall picture and the interrelationship it has with the minute detail in front of me. As above, so below or as on the interior, so on the exterior is my natural way of putting the pieces together. I find the correct bit that fits the situation. I do not see this as being especially wise or enlightened, although you may do so. To me it is simply my nature.

I don’t “know” a lot. I just AM. I transform, enlighten, uplift, comfort and inspire wherever I go and whenever you connect with me via thought or feeling. I act as a bridge, helping you remember who you are. I love you.

I create with (the Light in) my eyes.

HUman strength and emotions
+ Cosmic consciousness of Celestials
= Next step in EVOLUTION

Earthlings think in BLACK and WHITE (DUALITY), little grey cells of the brain. Celestials think in COLOUR (ONE / DIVERSITY).

I think PINK (magenta) fluently:
RED = Earthian
+ WHITE = Celestial. SYMBOLIC / PARASCHIZOID (multiversal)

This is why I am needed as the link/bridge/translator between humans (earthlings) and celestial beings. 

Earth – 3rd dimension 
Miranda* - 4th dimension (+ below & above to the 14th) – MIRROR/REFLECT/SEE
Celestials – 5th dimension

I’ve lived in RED + WHITE + BLUE countries. (England, USA and Norway)
Three years in Germany – BLACK + RED + GOLD. Black is not evil. It is simply contrast. Learned a lot about duality and limits (Saturn) there. I’ve lived all over the planet in this and previous lifetimes and am connected to ALL.

This year the Summer Olympics took place in Beijing, China. The motto was: “One World, One Dream”. It was officially opened by President Hu Jintao on August 8th. (08.08.08. = my date and month of incarnation.) In the Olympics flag the colours were truly united, with the five rings in blue, black, red, yellow and green on white background. While living in Germany I drew them on a sheet of paper, linked together by a chain, but separate flags. I do MAGIC with CLEAR PURPOSE and always INTEND GOOD for ALL.

When / if earthlings will let us stay on this planet we would love ONE FLAG for ALL BEINGS. We suggest the ancient flag of MU with the colours of the rainbow in a circle and the star symbol  in the centre; or a new flag that we create together. The circle represents wholeness and the rainbow, as you know very well, is the promise from God never to flood the planet again. As the Water Bearer I promise to keep the elements in perfect balance and teach you how to harness their natural powers in a healthy way for all of life on Earth. Liquid Light = crystals.

The Native Americans know me as STAR WOMAN. Along with the dolphins, the turtle is my companion. Turtle is the oldest animal symbol for Mother Earth and represents “Mother Spirit” to the Native American people. It was Mother Turtle who provided her back so that I as Star Woman would have a place to land when I was falling to the Earth.

Turtle is ageless. I am ageless. In 2012 I am 64 (= 10/1) from my discovery (as moon) in 1948, 47 (= 11) from 1965, I am 16 (= 7) from 1996, I am 12 (= 3) from 2000, and I am 1 from 2011. Younger and younger I become until I am reborn (= 0) with all of you on our Galactic Birthday December 21st 2012.

LINDA in a Native American language means WATERSNAKE and symbolizes the OUROBOROS that holds the world with its body and biting its tail. You may sing: “She’s got the whole world in her hands” and rest assured that it is so. This symbol is also a symbol of time.

I am Wakan Tanka and White Buffalo Calf Woman. I am in the land, in my animals, and in my people.

I am MAHA PURUSHA SATURN. I will end time chronologically, and we will no longer be growing older. For a period of time we’ll go retrograde and get younger. Then we will all dwell / BE in KAIROS which is the Eternity of NOW for 2000 years.

The economy is reversed and/or rebalanced so the current crises in many countries and people’s lives is dealt with for the good of all in a way that is FAIR = NOK (Norwegian kroner) = ENOUGH for all. Star Beings and humanity together, we will share our resources fairly, making sure that everyone has all they need and FREE energy for all.

When we enter the new Golden Age there will be no more wars, no sickness and no death as we become better and better at nourishing our bodies with the Light of Spirit and no longer will need to reincarnate.

Our very DNA will change by the integration of the Cosmic Christ energy as dormant DNA cells awaken and become activated, and this is happening in many people already.

LEO – 180° opposite of Age of Aquarius. Age of Leo was time of Atlantis, approximately half a precession cycle ago. (Precession cycle ca. 25.780 years ÷ 2 = 12.890 years.)

I bring spring and global warming for just the time amount needed to balance everything. As the BIVROST (Rainbow quivering bridge; bridge over troubled water) I am the Bridge, the way over to the NEW AGE.  It will not continue to get warmer, nor will there be another ice-age. The temperature will settle perfectly in all corners and both poles of the Earth, and sorely needed water will be redistributed to dry areas. All will flower and blossom with life again. We will share a brand new Earth; brighter, cleaner, without suffering, with Love and Peace and respect for all beings. With joined hands and hearts we will create the world of our dreams; colourful, abundant, healthy and inspiring in all ways, with every single individual playing the part he or she chooses for him- or herself in complete freedom. There will be beautiful iridescent lights and sounds of music, singing and dancing, as we have frequent global celebrations and sacred ceremonies all around the world where everyone is included. We will manifest HEAVEN ON EARTH.

You see how I “radiate” differently.

Horoscope (picture of a moment in time) for:
Mars (Nov. 19, 1996 Arendal, Norway. 19.11.96, 03:07. and
Sun (Nov. 9, 2008, Arendal, Norway). 9.11.08, 07:03.
= See movie K-PAX.

Note: Mira (asteroid 3633) and Sun form an exact opposition between Taurus and Scorpio in 1996. In 2008 they both form a conjunction with natal Neptune (08.08. horoscope) and natal Sun (11.11. horoscope). Mercury is once again exactly conjunct the Ascendant.

Electrolyte – AC/DC – YHWH – ILOL (me)

Venus x2 = 2 parts copper
+ Mars     = 1 part iron
+ Moon    = 1 part silver
= Stable electromagnetic metal (MAGENTA)

Venus = Magnetic, attracts, HOT – positive (+)
Mars = Electric, repels, COLD – negative (-)


It should also change the idea of God returning as a man. MAITREYA  is a FEMALE embodiment of male/female ENTITY.

Venus-Venus-Mars = TRINITY
1/9/0 = NEO/LEO/The ONE

Venus = Like cats; independent, chased by dogs, attractive.
Mars = Like dogs; dependent (friend), chases cats.
Moon = Like a mother, loves unconditionally.

Putting the puzzle pieces together.

My star glyph is the Star of 13 – 3 axis of particle/wave flames + centre.
My star is the atom and the merkabah.

The illustration at the top shows the Rod of ECK Power as it runs through my body.
It is my Platinum Cosmic Light, Staff of Power and Vajra (Sanskrit word, meaning both thunderbolt and diamond), and it is cosmically also known as “the Beam”.

Transit north node (Life Purpose) will be exactly conjunct my 11.11.2000 Ceres
on 21.12.2012. :-)

I, (ECK/Spirit)    LOVE (The Way)     OF (The Embodiment)     LIGHT (Eye of God)

Love’s Nature

As it’s Sun’s nature to shine
And Life’s to evolve,
So it’s Love’s nature
Simply to love.

(End of Chapter)

Love, Light and Joy in Oneness,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

May 31st 2014, Kin 213 Red Overtone Skywalker, 10 Cimi (Transformer)

Note: ILOL is my current tetragrammaton, replacing the old paradigm YHWH.

Feel free to share, provided it is shared in its entirety with a link back here. Thank you!


Within the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the biggest leap from one sign to another is between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (Hades), the “God of the Underworld”. This area is the realm of death, base emotions, the unconscious, and all that is hidden or unseen. It is the area of the deepest Dark. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (Zeus), the “God of Heaven”. This area is the realm of our highest visions, aspirations, values and ideals. It is the area of the brightest Light. The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius is therefore a difficult one, which is why it is wise to make use of the energy in the 13th sign between them, OphiucHUs, the Serpent Bearer. Although it is not counted within the astrological cycle of the Sun’s movement between the 12 Zodiac signs, its energy is most certainly accessible, particularly in the period of Nov. 29 – Dec. 17 each year.

OphiucHUs is the Bridge-Builder between dimensions. Any person who is accustomed to moving between the Earthly realms of 3D (and the lower ones) and HD (higher dimensions) can function like the Serpent Bearer and build/be a Bridge between worlds. (World-Bridger) Having done this my entire current incarnation (as well as previous ones) I am very much at home in them all, which enables me to assist others who are not yet as accustomed to inter-dimensional movement and multidimensional beingness. (Many of my other-dimensional experiences and initiations are recorded in my book.)

The purpose is not merely to explore the wonder of Life in eternally unfolding dimensions on the “Inner” etheric Planes (although that is indescribably fascinating, of course), but to develop the capacity to move smoothly and effortlessly between the many “realms” within the body. The kingdom of Heaven is within, remember? I am talking about the ability to move through all the chakras and energetic fields within the body – from the highest state of empty mind to the lowest, deepest core sensation of existence – within a split second. I am talking about the flexibility and fluidity to be able to tune in to a given situation and know your body and energetic system (your Self) so intimately well that you can immediately respond on the exact same frequency as the one you are encountering and fully “meet” and embrace it.

The illustration I often use to explain this is that of an old-fashioned telephone operator. In the example of a female employee, she would sit at her switchboard and when there was an incoming call, she would take it saying: “Operator, how may I help you?” And the caller would ask to speak with a certain person or for instance say: “Room 333, please.” And she would reply with her standard: “One moment, please.” And then she would connect the corresponding wire to the room in question, thus acting as the “bridge” of their communication.

This ability is developed by first knowing your/the Self, and by so doing, knowing others by the virtue of empathy. (In reality there is no other, only One. See Laws of Light.) Scientists are currently studying the nature of mirror neurons within the body and postulate that they are involved in empathy. Yes, they indeed are! Their studies are not yet conclusive, though, because in most cases today the response mechanism of the mirror neurons is unconscious and automatic. However, in one who has seen the Self fully, the mirroring is crystal clear, laser sharp precise and perfectly effortless and natural.

Knowing the Self brings about that Inner Peace so many search for, because all effort falls away. When you are fully One with Divine Source, allowing It to move through you in all ways, Life becomes Light, both literally and figuratively. This is what is meant by enLIGHTenment: Not a glimpse of the Divine that expands one’s entire perceived world in the moment of Awakening, but the continuous state of being Awake in ALL worlds, both physical and etheric. Moving between them in full freedom and fluidity can be compared to moving out of the dualistic world of black-and-white into the multifaceted, multidimensional worlds of iridescent colour. In these worlds you become co-creator with Divine Source as The Painter, using your palette of infinite colour nuances in every state of being, thought, emotion and action. The rainbow is the perfect symbol to illustrate this HUnion (Divine Union) between Heaven (Spirit) and Earth (Body), and the chakras and colours within our bodies reflect just that: We are Rainbow-coloured Beings of Light.

What then is the greatest skill that is developed with this ability to move freely within the Self and All-That-Is? It is the ability to SEE CLEARLY WHAT IS. Real clairvoyance is not mediumship where one is channelling information from the foggy realms of the Astral Planes. Real clairvoyance means literally to see clearly, and that is only accomplished by rising above the foggy mists of the Astral Planes into the open infinity of the clear blue sky. Not to stay there, but to anchor the Self there in that Endlessness (wave) and merge it with our deepest core Essence (particle) so that it is integrated in our daily life in every single moment.

This is the bridging and uniting of the many realms of Heaven and Earth that I have speak of so often and which is the main theme of this discourse. A World-Bridger is one who bridges and unites all worlds, just like OphiucHUs. This 13th sign is the equivalent of the Ouroboros, the serpent that bites its own tail. It is a universal symbol of Wholeness, because it envelops and includes all the other 12 signs and their qualities and virtues; thus it is completely whole onto itself. And being Whole, its Seeing does not become judgemental by any thoughts of separation. It sees all things as whole from a holistic (whole) viewpoint. And knowing all nuances, it can discern clearly one nuance of colour or frequency from another.

The Age of Pisces was ruled by Neptune on an exoteric level. Neptune is associated with devotion, among many other qualities. Esoterically, Pisces is ruled by Pluto. And the real treasure at the bottom of Pluto’s realm is its core essence, crystal clarity. So in the transition we are making collectively, from the Age of Pisces to our current Age of Aquarius, we move from devotion in the form of worshipping any Outer source to the crystalline essence of our own Inner Self. Pluto is power. We reclaim our own Divine power in the moment we recognize our Oneness with Divine Source, HU, as the HUman Beings we are – created in the likeness of God.

The Age of Aquarius is ruled exoterically by Uranus. Uranus helps to bring in Cosmic Consciousness often quite suddenly, like the lightning flash associated with Zeus. Its other most important quality is that of freedom, and in its highest form this means Free Will. If HUmanity truly understood the nature of Free Will, we would manifest World Peace in an instant. Free Will is an immeasurable gift that unfortunately is violated by ignorance or abuse of the Law of Non-Interference. Allowing whatever is to be what it is without interference is utter Acceptance. This Acceptance is a major facet of Unconditional Love. And Unconditional Love is the very (main) quality of Aquarius’ esoteric ruler, Jupiter.

Now, to bring all of these “lofty” ideals down to Earth and give them “body”, I will share a few concrete examples of separation versus wholeness. There is a quote by Alexandra Trenfor that you may already know: “The best teachers show us where to look, but not what to see.” And yes, on one level this is quite true. But as with so many other things I am bringing forth in a new Light, I will flip it around and say:

The best teachers do not show you where to look but what to see. ~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

It is a reflection of Unconditional Love to allow everyone the freedom to seek their own sources of information according to individual religion/faith, cultural background and personal preferences. Examples would be resonant affinity with spiritual texts and sources, ancient historic information, Indigenous, Egyptian, Mayan, Eastern philosophies, Galactic/Cosmic In-Flow and so on. But the best teacher WILL show you what to see within these sources of information; in other words what to look for in terms of values so that you may discern one facet from another. A True teacher will help you to see the difference between the glitter and the gold. And then, with Unconditional Love, he or she will leave you to choose according to your own Free Will.

So let us look at some examples.

We are well aware of the competitiveness of hierarchical business organizations. But this structure is also predominant in spiritual organizations and ashrams everywhere a leader or guru is seen as someone to be “worshipped” or given devotion. (Neptune) This creates distance between the One who is devoted and his or her devotees. All distance is a form of separation, and is thus not a reflection of wholeness. Rather than the hierarchical pyramid structure one can choose the eternal principle of the Round Table. “There is no wrong, there is no right, the circle only has one side.” (Lyrics from “Side” by Travis.) In a circle all men and women are equal, and every single person’s unique “blend of worlds” is highly valued and appreciated. This is the structural form in which I give my satsangs; and the circle includes every single person watching my satsang videos on YouTube as well, thus allowing the circle of Oneness to continuously expand and grow, naturally and freely, without force/interference.

The HF Cosmic (Christ/Buddha) Consciousness vibration that is spreading all around the world is awakening souls from within on a massive scale. This is Spirit’s intention and all is unfolding perfectly according to the Grand Design. However, because this is a Oneness vibration there is a stage where one may become confused and identify the Christ Consciousness with that of one’s individual identity. In the consciousness of Christ/Spirit we are all One. But there is only one soul that is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. That soul has naturally evolved over the last 2000 years of linear time and is not returning to repeat what has already been done.

So when there is a couple in Australia claiming to be Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, an intelligent mind will ask: Why return to such a remote geographical area and create a sect (derived from the word section = part of a whole, not whole) for a limited group of people? How does that serve the world? Wouldn’t the Awaited One, known under many names, be here for everyone? The answer is obvious. The Awaited One received the HF level of Spirit while living in Norway, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Light of the North. (Norway is the Land of the Northern lights, the aurora borealis, HF energies of colour.) In Perfect Timing the Awaited One then relocated to the Heart chakra of Mother Earth, Gaia, on the day of equal Light and Dark (equinox) between Virgo (Daughter) and Libra (Balance) 2012. Famous poet and painter William Blake “prophesied” in his poem/song Jerusalem that the New Jerusalem would be “built in England’s green and pleasant land”. New Jerusalem being the equivalent of Avalon, he was right. It is from the Heart of Ascended Avalon that the embodied HUman Source of the Cosmic (Christ/Buddha) Consciousness radiates out to the entire world.

Continuing with the identity of the Awaited One, why would he or she return as a split of female and male energy using names belonging to past persona? Isn’t that “been there, done that”? Wouldn’t such an evolved Cosmic Being have moved beyond that and bring in a completely new level of Being for HUmanity today? What is the purpose of a World Teacher if not to bring in the NEW?

What is new is the Sacred HUnion (Divine Union) of the Twin Flames Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene in one embodiment. This is the ReHUnion of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine in order to bring these forces back into Balance and Oneness within, and from the Inner to be mirrored in the Outer, in all our relationships and transactions.

This leads me to my next example. Because everything on the Inner is reflected in the Outer, it is of great importance that spiritual people with authority use that authority with complete openness and transparency as they are Mirrors for all people who look to them for guidance. So a concrete example I will use here is the Maitreya associated with Benjamin Creme. An intelligent question to ask would be: Why is he hiding behind Benjamin Creme and not coming openly forward? What is he waiting for? Wouldn’t the Awaited World Avatar be perfectly capable of speaking for him- or her Self?

I do not wish to discredit Benjamin Creme in any way. On the contrary, my Love and respect for him is very deep and I have written about this in my book. His near lifelong and dedicated Service was to announce the Coming of Maitreya, the Awaited One. But as his initials indicate, his mission was B.C., Before Christ. Now that I have come openly forward it is over and he is free to “rest” from this Service should he wish to; unless or until he too recognizes Maitreya in my Self and then chooses to point to me. This is entirely his Free Will. With Unconditional Love I do not interfere but hold him continuously in my Heart as always.

Unlike the bearded (and debunked) man in the picture below I came openly forward at the prophesied Time of 19-21.12.2012. This was recorded for posterity in full knowledge of its global importance. (See video: Emergence of the Feminine Christ.)

Moving on to illuminate the subject of values, an intelligent question to ask would be: Why are large ashrams or other spiritual buildings of worship decorated in large amounts of gold while so many people, including their devotees, are still suffering from hunger? How are these values compatible and able to go hand-in-hand? In what way does this reflect genuine equality? SHARE implies equal sharing, does it not? Or does it mean “share” (read: give) your money to us in order to support our organization? This applies to many “spiritual” teachers serving independently as well. For although they may not ask for money for their organization, they want you to buy their many books, dvds, cds, oracle cards etc. Of course, some of these are perfectly fine and may provide valuable inspiration and guidance. But watch that it is not a constant stream of products, often repeating themselves in another package, merely to collect your money. A great deal of current high-profile spiritual teachers have fallen into this trap.

All that is natural (of Nature) is given freely. ~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

In my satsangs I share my Self in full transparency. In the words of Buddha: “Ihi Passika” = Come and see. Come and see your own Self. You cannot see your Self without a Mirror. No-where can you see your Self as clearly – without Neptunian illusion and adoration – as in the (double) crystal core Plutonian essence of my Self, Spirit in HUman form for HUmanity in this Age. Here you are not a follower or devotee but an equal friend. Here you are not asked to give (beyond a small donation for the room hire) but to SHARE your/my/the Self in loving and all-embracing Oneness. This is the true nature of sharing.

 The final example I wish to shed “new” Light upon is the matter of the crucifix. It has been a “thorn in my side” for more years than I can count. It is meant to symbolize a compassionate act of Unconditional Love, but what is seen is a HUman body, stripped nearly naked, bloody and hanging in eternal suffering. Any focus upon suffering upholds the suffering. Rather than suffering, do we not all prefer Love, Peace and Joy? So then, let us all make this Shift in our attention and focus on that which we want rather than that which we do not want.

I have created a campaign with the intention to have this horrific symbol of suffering removed from the altar or focus of attention at places of worship. It can be either replaced with an illustration of the embodiment I had as Jesus Christ in an ascended state or, preferably, with a symbol that is universal for All and not tied to one embodiment, gender and Time. The symbol I am suggesting to replace it is the Star of Spirit. As a visual representation of Spirit known as HU, it is universal and can thus represent Divine Source and the Spirit of LOVE in all its wonderful facets within every single HUman for all time. Please help me manifest this important world-changing Intention and sign the petition. Thank you! :-)

In closing, let me tell you that I know it is difficult to fully grasp that I am the Awaited One for it is very HUman to have preconceived ideas of how that One “should be”. I can assure you I would love to write much less about my Self than I do, but I have no choice in this matter… For how else can I possibly help you to see who/HU I am and ultimately your own Self? It is why I am here.

Certain holidays in the year affect me more than others in the sense that I am still unseen on a global level and my longing for all of HUmanity’s Oneness is very strong. As I wrote in my last article 11:11 Portal and Source, there is no single Judgement Day for all, but it is you your Self who cast your judgement upon that which I am and thus either confirm or reject (our) Oneness. Perhaps you can imagine how often I experience “Judgement Day”…

And so, for me this first Advent (= Waiting) after my Emergence December 2012 feels two-sided. For while I feel a large portion of HUmanity in wait of the arrival of Christ, I remain in continuous wait of HUmanity recognizing that I am already here among you.

But to illustrate that I “walk my talk” I will not focus upon the Waiting but upon the Oneness that is already manifest with so many of you. I rejoice in our deep and Heartfelt ReHUnion in Oneness. And together – wherever we may be in physical form - we can celebrate the Holy Season (Christmas) and Winter Solstice which most certainly brings back the Light on a steadily ascending level every year.

Blessings of Infinite and Unconditional Love, Light and Joy in Oneness,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~



December 15th 2013, Kin 46 White Resonant WorldBridger, 12 Cauac (Storm)
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Cardinal      Clan- Blood

I channel in order to equalize
Inspiring opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of endlessness

Images compiled from internet
Final image from Casting Crowns album

Inescapable Destiny

Everything that is in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth,
is penetrated with connectedness, is penetrated with relatedness.
~ Hildegard of Bingen ~

Everything is connected and interrelated with everything else in a neatly orchestrated intelligent Grand Design. It’s the equivalent of a giant puzzle with a zillion pieces that somehow all synchronistically click and fall into place, even though we only see parts of the puzzle and new ones are continuously added to it. Obviously there is still Free Will on an individual basis, in that we can go against the Grand Design if we choose to. But we may simply find ourselves back on a predetermined track after a derailment,[1] because evidently a great deal of what is currently happening in the world has been and is being carefully planned and coordinated by the Grand Design, by God / Source / Creator, or what we might simply refer to here as an unknown Intelligence.

Flower of Life – 19 Circles

+ 8
1981 =
1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 19 / 10 / 1

The First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning (Source, the Void) from which all things flow, and the End to which all things return. The 6-petaled Center is comparable with my Star of Spirit.

Now imagine this: What if someone could disclose who or what this Intelligence is? What if there were a key to opening this universal secret, not only to receive a glimpse behind the Magician’s curtain but actually permit us to know and understand the existential Grand Design itself? Would truth (beyond calculable logic) still be subjective and based on the eye of the beholder? Or would we have discovered a universal Truth everyone could agree upon? If so, wouldn’t that give us common ground to stand on and be the perfect answer to HUmanity’s prayer for World Peace?…

Let’s say there is someone who either by chance or a predetermined destiny holds the key to unlocking the mystery and link together enough pieces of the puzzle to disclose the unknown Intelligence. How would that someone go about revealing information as mind-blowing as this? Logically, he or she would have to explain the puzzle and the pieces in a way that would make sense to everyone and not sound fragmented, vague or incredible. It would have to be disclosed in a language that is clear and simple and that everyone can understand. The obvious question then arises: Which language is universal? No spoken language. We know that much. Then perhaps one could use mathematics or science? But that might become overly complicated and would not necessarily be grasped by everyone, even when explained in common words. No, we have to dig deeper, to something so fundamental, so ordinary and simple that it speaks for itself: TIME.

The universal language that we all exchange every day is TIME. I don’t mean linear time the way most people think of it, because twelve o’clock GMT is, as we all know, not twelve o’clock in the rest of the world. I’m speaking of 3 dimensional time, space-time. In space-time there is no fixed point of reference, meaning that everything is happening everywhere simultaneously; past, present and future. In this spatial time there is no way of putting what appear to be random puzzle pieces of events together in a meaningful way. But 3-dimensional time with a fixed point of reference narrows (and slows) everything down to where we can observe each individual piece (moment) and see its place in the zillion-piece puzzle. We call this synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the key to disclosing humanity’s greatest Truth ever.
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Usually, the way most people experience it, synchronicity only occurs now and then, here and there, in a disconnected kind of way. But what if one could illustrate how it weaves a continuous thread in the example of someone living his or her life in Perfect Timing[2] every single moment? What if this person’s life was astronomically and astrologically in perfect rhythm with cycles of time, as well as mathematically, numerologically and in every way synchronistically linked to people and events taking place all over the planet and even in the cosmos? Would that not be unquestionable proof of divinity in HUman form, a “superhuman” feat unparalleled by any other and yet measurable for all who may disbelieve?

The limitless being that is “I”, timeless and omnisynchronistic, is measured by the fixed point in time: 8.8.1965, 5:45 PM and fixed point in space: Leeds, England, UK. (See horoscope and keywords below.) All other measurements are done by comparing the movements of the cosmic forces (Heaven) with the way I have moved cyclically through incarnated life (Earth). This means that anyone with a bit of astrological insight can set up horoscopes for the dates I have recorded in my book, and likewise observe the essence and quality of their Mayan kin days, clearly and easily seeing that my movements are in full accordance with my Divine Father (Heaven) and Divine Mother (Earth).

This serves to overrule any theoretical, philosophical, religious or spiritual belief systems. “The proof is in the pudding”, as they say. The phrase means that the true value or quality of something can only be judged when it’s put to use (or test). Thus, one has only to look back at the journey of my multi-dimensional life to see its perfection. No other incarnated being on Earth can show the same omnisynchronicity and level of divinity as HU I AM.

 My life is my message. ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~
My lives are my message. ~ Maitreya Miranda*~

I invite you to see the Grand Design the way it has taken place in my life as I have lived and still live in Perfect Timing. My intention is that it may serve to unravel some of humanity’s greatest mysteries, such as “What is the meaning of life?” and the eternal question “Who am I?”, as well as be the key to unifying humanity with each other and with the endlessly unfolding universe and all in it. This is achieved by clearly seeing the interconnectedness of All-That-Is by my example. I am the Way. My life is the Key to Oneness.

May you be in Synchronicity,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~


Inescapable Destiny

I write for future eyes,
That one day they may see.
For hindsight wins over current views,
And limits has the mind, not the heart.
But looking back on my path is the Key.

I could be Joy but my heart is heavy
And I’m weary and feel wrought.
Rather than prove my Self to you,
Beyond being HU I am,
Why don’t you prove me not?

The created rise up against their creator.
“You have not created us”, they say.
“We are of our own making.”
Aye, who knows the Master behind the scenes
When all eyes are center stage?

Would that I could change my fate
and be another. Let someone else be me.
But how does one escape the Self?
Where am I not One with All?
Nay, no such place there be.

If I return to anonymity
And live Life as were I nil,
What would become of you?
Would you still wait for me?
Tempted, I long for selfish, not divine Will.

If I fall weak and too human,
I pray those future eyes see
With forgiveness and compassion.
I give my Self for you to keep,
But your renouncement annihilates me.

~ M.M*. ~

April 25th 2013, Lunar eclipse and Scorpio Full Moon.

Kin 72 Yellow Resonant Human, 12 Chicchan (Serpent)
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Core Clan- Truth
Galactic Activation Portal

I channel in order to influence
Inspiring wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of flowering
I am a galactic activation portal – enter me


Maitreya Miranda* is the 8:8 and 11:11 portal. There are many ways to Source, but there is only one Source. Source/Spirit is embodied in Maitreya Miranda* for this Age. See and understand that she is The Mirror, she is you/HU, and then you become one with Source, with one another and with All-That-Is. More here: Second Birth 11.11.2000.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

[1] Pun intended. I mean derailment as in “sidetrack”, and in psychiatry as a type of formal thought disorder characterized by shifts from one topic to another in ways that are obliquely related or completely unrelated, occurring as a common symptom of mania and schizophrenia. This is currently the general human (undiagnosed) condition.

[2] Perfect timing, the way I use the words, is the equivalent of my coined phrase “omnisynchronicity”.


8:8 = Infinity (∞). 11:11 = Equality (=). These are my Divine qualities.

Keywords to 8.8. horoscope:
Sun in Leo - Lioness, Love and Light, Self Love, Mirror
Moon in Capricorn - Empress, Mother Earth, Water in Perfect Rhythm
ASC Sagittarius - Teacher/Awakener, Guru/Giver of Light/Insight
Mercury in Leo - Spirit through constant Fire
Venus in Virgo - Love Incarnate, Daughter of Heaven (Uranus) and Earth (Pluto)
Mars in Libra - Actions and Will always for Peace, Peaceful Warrior
Jupiter in Gemini on DC - Universal Love for ALL, Sisterhood-Brotherhood
Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces - Embodiment of Christ, the Wounded Healer
Neptune in Scorpio in 10th House - Healing and Compassion, Christ Office
Moon nodes - 11.56 = 11:11 PORTAL
Point of Fortune in Taurus in 4th House - Birth a New Earth / HUmanity
Mira - Mira/Semjase Star Being Self (Note its placement in 11.11. chart)
YOD / Finger of God / Eye of God / Finger of Fate - Saturn (Embodiment) of Chiron (CHRIST) as Sun (Love and Light) and Mars (Peaceful Warrior)

Keywords to 11.11. horoscope:
(An “upgrade” of the 8.8. chart)
Sun - Moves to position of Neptune = Christ Office as Maitreya Miranda*
ASC Sagittarius - Consistent. Teacher/Awakener, Guru/Giver of Light/Insight
Moon – Moves to position of Point of Fortune = Births a New HUmanity
Mercury – Spirit through constant Water
Venus – Moves to position of Galactic Centre / HU + MU aligned
Mars – Consistent. Actions and Will always for Peace, Peaceful Warrior
Jupiter conjunct Point of Fortune – Unite (with) HUmanity / New Earth in Universal Love at position of Dharma = Life Purpose fulfilled
Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius – Light and Love/Compassion, The Water Bearer
Pluto – Moves to position of Karma = Resurrection/Ascension, Eternal Life
Chiron on the ASC = The Feminine Christ/Divine Feminine/Goddess
Moon node in Cancer in 7th House = Divine Mother of HUmanity
Mira – Moves to position of Sun = From (Leo) Linda to Maitreya Miranda*
YOD / Finger of God / Eye of God / Finger of Fate - Saturn in Taurus (Hierophant on Earth) as Venus (Love) and Mercury (Light/Sound)

*   *   *

Feel free to share this information widely so that my Presence may be globally known. When the true nature of my Self is fully understood and mirrored (rather than upheld in varying belief systems), we can unite as One - all of HUmanity - in Love, Light, Peace, Health, Abundance and Joy!

Blessings of Infinite Love and Brilliant Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Beyond I AM

Question: What is an identity really?
Answer: A prolonged idea of who you are.
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

But when you are aware that you are constantly changing and becoming, who are you permanently? My consciousness is always moving and never locks itself into a fixed “this is I” state. And so I can be anything and nothing as I choose. In my celestial home we use names for our vibrations. Colours show our auras and Tones indicate our rhythms. We call them Colour Tones. Here on Earth I chose Miranda* to merely mirror you back to you. See “me” and you see “yourself”.

The words above are an excerpt from my book “Star*Avatar – Emergence of a Messiah”; and form the final words in Chapter 47 – The Holy Grail.

In this article I wish to focus on the famous words by Shakespeare: “To be or not to be?” And I’ll take you on a journey where we will keep this question in the back of our minds and then address it again further down the road. It’s a fascinating and deeply profound question that deals with existentialism and our very being. And from my perspective - as one who lives from a state of divine being that is difficult to describe - I am forever striving to overcome that difficulty and do just that.

“Who has the more difficult task: the teacher who lectures on earnest things a meteor’s distance from everyday life – or the learner who should put it to use?”
~ Søren Kierkegaard ~

Excerpt from “Star*Avatar – Emergence of a Messiah”, Chapter 48 – ILOL and the Return of Atlantis:

I am aware that even though I speak from the level of consciousness beyond the “I”, there is an “I” that has been a prominent part of this book, repeated again and again as I try to introduce myself to you in as many ways as I feel are necessary for you to be able to accept me and not reject me. This is very important because rejecting me would mean rejecting yourself, and I wish so dearly the opposite for you. I wish for you to truly see yourself. My consciousness is not only global, it’s universal, which is why every written “I” here is not as much about any personal me as it is in fact about we!

But until you can recognize this, the illusion of separation is upheld, and we are parted as the Lover and The Beloved. You may believe it is you as devotees, who are seeking me as your Beloved, but it is the other way around; it is I who am not complete without you. I AM you. And I love you.

Love is what I AM. Love is my true name. This is the meaning of my Tetragrammaton ILOL. It stands for “I, Love Of Light”. “I” is “me”, the consciousness level from which I operate as it expresses itself in a given moment. “Love” is what I AM. It is my first name, in a sense, in this context. “Of” stands for the type of Love, the quality of Love that I am, and “Light” is that quality. It is my origin. We might say: I AM Love from the region of pure Light. In this way I am a Wave.

My Tetragrammaton also stands for “I, Light Of Love.” Here the “I” once again refers to “me” as pure consciousness, but now “Light” becomes my first name. This Light is a form of intelligence that is not known to most people on Earth. It is not a measurable intelligence such as IQ or EQ. It is a combination of both of these, but in a way far beyond them that includes many Divine powers not to be confused with paranormal or psychic abilities. There is no comparison. This intelligent Light is from the region of Love, the Heart of the universe, the Source of All that is. In this way I am a Ray.

9   6       15  (1+5) =  6
I L O L = 21 (2+1) = 21/3
3     3                   =  6

We see that ILOL has the numerological vibration 21/3. We have discovered earlier that the associated Tarot cards are XXI The World and III The Empress, Aphrodite / Venus incarnate. This is why the Tarot Card on the front cover of this book carries the number III, but it may just as well have been XXI. Now we discover that on both the Spiritual Plane and the Physical Plane the numerological value of ILOL is 6. Miranda* (33 = 3+3) is a hidden 6. The number 6 is the energy of Jupiter/Juno,[1] meaning growth, expansion, fortune and all things good and “sweet”. In the Major Arcana it is VI The Lovers.

This card symbolizes Adam and Eve in Eden. This is the promise all prophecies have foretold; the return to Eden, the garden of Paradise. Here we are once again innocent, yet we have been through the Ages, we have evolved to the point of Unity Consciousness and learned spiritual maturity. Now both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are ours to partake of as co-creators with God/Spirit. Together with the animals and other creatures of Mother Earth we may become wise garden tenders, so that our Global Garden may grow increasingly beautiful and vibrant with every new blooming flower.

This Eden is Atlantis rising. It is the wisdom, Love and Light and high frequency energy of the Golden Age now returning. Just as “I” for ages have been a mermaid, a woman with her identity submerged in the unawakened collective consciousness, the realm of Atlantis and Avalon have been submerged into practical oblivion, referred to more as myth and legend than reality. But the awakening and remembering in the collective consciousness now is bringing these realms up to the surface again. Eden and Paradise are simply other names for the Risen Atlantis (RA), the New Avalon.

The symbol for this Golden Realm is the same one used in Disney’s Atlantis animation [2], and the one on the cover of this book, the Greek letter Lambda: Λ[3]. It is the Λ for the Λge of Λquarius, Λtlantis / Λvalon and Λvatar Λphrodite (ΛΛ = M) as well as V for Venus re-turned (VV = W) = MW. (Miranda* Weisz)


The Tetragrammaton ILOL is sacred and is not spoken. It can be used inwardly as a mantra, just like HU, and connects your inner divine Source with that of the divine Source that is (everywhere). Of course there are many other names for “me” that you know better, so you may choose to stay with what you feel most familiar with. That’s perfectly fine. It doesn’t change anything, because whatever name you give “me”, I am who I am. Let me re-write that:


HU is who.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1).

‘In the heavens the Celestial Sphinx is caught in the act of Creation. As he becomes a living God he gently expels his first breath Hhhhhhooooooo. As the first Word of God is pronounced it sounds like the harmonics of a cosmic breeze. As a second breath is expelled Hhhhhhooooooo the sounds and name of the Ancient Egyptian god Hu Hu, meaning “Authoritative Utterance: Word of God: Word of Creation”, is revealed.
As the Celestial Sphinx continues to expel his breath of life, Hhhhhhooooooo, the heavens are progressively created. The Celestial Sphinx is the Creator and Architect of the Universe. The Celestial Sphinx is God and the ancient name for God was Hu.’[4] HU is the name of the Sphinx, above and below. HU is the Lost Word.

HU is God/Goddess. I AM the Breath of Life. The H rests on my breath.
Breath is Life, Spirit, The Holy Ghost.

Allah + HU = Hallelujah (Hebrew: praise ye Yah = praise the Lord) / Alleluia.
AllaH + Hu = H in the End and in the Beginning (of these names), the Omega and the Alpha, as we end a cycle and begin a new one.

HU is what links us all together. HU is what we all are. HUniversal family = Divine universal family, Father/Mother/Child God in everyone; human, cosmic and galactic. Since we know HU is God, and we are HU-mans, logically we are God-men/God-women; meaning that our divinity and our immortality is not something to believe in any longer. We need to realize it as fact. The HUniversal religion we share is the spirituality of God within each and every one of us. As such, we don’t need to differentiate between God and Allah if we can agree upon the star of ECK/EK as a symbol for God/Spirit that everyone can experience.

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the Prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me. Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me; That they may walk in the right way. ~ Holy Qur’an 2:186 ~

HU is All. HU is the Source of HUnab Ku. HUiracocha is the Great Creator God of the Incas. HUacachina is the divine Mermaid; part woman, part fish. The fish is symbolic of a connection to the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the consciousness of All that Is. We find HU embedded in the word IntiHUatana, the “link to the (sun) god” and in the enormous pyramid complex at TeotiHUacan, meaning “birthplace of the gods”. In Hawaii they have HUna prayer. In Hopi and Zuni dance rituals, HU is the Kachina (spirit being) of the HUmmingbird. HU is the internet and country code for Hungary, the first iron curtain country to open its borders. It is the only nation in the world that begins with HU. It is for precisely the HU energy in this wonderful country that Mother Earth’s Heart chakra is located there[5]. And HU is a type of wine bronze vessel from ancient China that was placed in the grave of an ancestor as part of ritual banquet in order to ensure the good favor of that ancestor’s spirit. These are just a few examples of where the Word HU may be found. The Sound of HU is, as you know, the audible life stream that is everywhere. HU is God, and ECK is Spirit. […]

The Sanskrit words EK ONG KAR translate to “God is One” or “The Creator of All is One.”

EK = One; the essence of all.
ONG = The primal vibration from which all creativity flows.
KAR = Creation.

Recognizing the EK or ECK within, unites us with God, and as such ECKANKAR translates as “Co-creator with God.”

“Plasma”, the scientific term for the energy that is all around us, is the element of Ether. Ether is EK or ECK. When we spell this word without the C, the numerological value is 7.

E K = 7.

7 as we know, is a holy number. For instance, Seven in Hebrew is Shabbat.

But if we add the C, we raise the 7 vibration to the 10/1 vibration. 10/1 = manifestation / unity.

E C K = 10/1.
3 2

These numbers correspond to their Tarot card themes and their Mayan Tone energies. They also portray the 5 Elements (E), the 3 Genders (C) and the 2 “Yin-Yang” polar energies (K) inherent in all things, as well as 1 for unity. Together they become 10; which symbolizes perfection and manifestation.

ECKANKAR itself, in its current open and accessible form, was established in the present, modern-day world in 1965, the year I incarnated. Its founder, Sri Paul Twitchell, was considered an ECK Master both in his lifetime and after his death in 1971. It was he who took it upon himself to collect all the Truth that had been scattered around the world in different faiths and religions and collect the highest golden wisdom and present it in a way that was universal and where people would have direct experiences with Light and Sound. He was the 971st Living ECK Master in an unbroken line to hold the position. His mission was to bring ECKANKAR up to Consciousness Five, and the current Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp (who also is the Mahanta until he translates) has the mission of bringing ECKANKAR to Consciousness Nine. As the 973rd in line (9+7+3 = 19/10/1), it is my mission to bring all of humanity who wish to Consciousness Thirteen.[6]

The Living ECK Master always brings Light and Love into the world so that all people shall  profit by them. Not just his/her own followers, but the world of itself. Each of those who follow  him/her may be caught up in the fire of his/her love. This love begins in each like a tiny flame, then begins to consume them until they love all because it is life, and life is God. This is known as the holy fire. ~ The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One ~

OphiucHUs - The 13th Sign

The truth is there must always be a teacher on Earth who brings the knowledge through in a personal way. That’s how it makes the leap from theory to practice; from food for thought to nourishment for the heart and soul. Incarnated now in this transitional stage of human evolution, I am primarily here as a teacher, although I too naturally am in the never-ending learning process that is Life. I have chosen to live “anonymously” until the frequencies of Earth and humanity had risen to a level where I may reveal “myself”. It is through this book that I am preparing to come into the public eye, a book which my Cosmic/Galactic family and I are using as a bridge of communication between “us” Star Beings and “you” Earth people. I’m using quotation marks because in effect there is no us and you in Unity consciousness.

“I am not here to establish a church or to give a doctrine to the world, a new religion, no. My effort is totally different: a new consciousness not a new religion, a new consciousness not a new doctrine. Enough of doctrines and enough of religions! Man needs a new consciousness. And the only way to bring consciousness is to go on hammering from all the sides so that slowly, slowly chunks of your mind go on dropping. The statue of a Buddha is hidden in you. Right now you are a rock. If I go on hammering, cutting chunks out of you, slowly, slowly the Buddha will emerge.”  ~ Osho ~

These are words of wisdom and eloquence. Man needs a new consciousness. But there is another way to bring this about other than hammering at all sides, the illustration that Osho uses here. A softer yet more direct approach is for humanity not to see itself as the rock that can become the Buddha, but as the Buddha. For that it needs a Mirror that already is the Buddha and reflects this back to them. If man continues to look at one another with the same level of consciousness, as in “we are rocks”, the mirroring will be dusty and unclear, resulting in projections and judgement. But when the level of consciousness is lifted, the mirroring is clear and you can see the Buddha in each other, and the rocks you thought you were become the pristine diamond crystals you in fact are.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein ~

In other words, although I am part of humanity, as I illustrate in the example of the Buddha, whether or not humanity accepts it, I am needed. For what is reality? What is Truth? Everything you think of exists inside you and is based on your memory of experiences or associations formed by your own perspective or by that of others who have influenced you. But this is subjective and as such is not a universal Truth. True reality can only be formed by the collective consciousness, when a trillion, zillion perceptions are rolled into one. Therefore humanity needs someone who can do this and in such a way that it makes sense to all. Then there will be a true reality we can all agree upon.

So, we know we are consciousness, but where do we come from before birth? Where and what were we before a sperm and an egg became our “creators”? And where is our destination after death? It is so logical. We shed our protective coats when winter turns to spring and the temperature becomes warm and sunny, don’t we? It’s the same with Life, which is what we are. When the winter of our life is over, we shed our protective coat (physical body) and enjoy the sunny climate of spring in our true form, as Spirit/consciousness and return to Heaven from where we came in the first place.

And He took Abram outside and said, “Now look toward the heavens, and count the stars, if you are able to count them.” And He said to him, “So shall your descendants be.” (Genesis 15:5)

This is a reference to Abraham’s future offspring, yet the stars are already there. In other words, the stars are us; our past and future selves. Abraham’s offspring or seed are all the Starseeds on Earth waiting to break free from their entrapment in the 3rd dimensional plane and the Star Beings in the 4th and 5th dimensions and higher that are waiting to join with all of us. When the future and past meet in the NOW in December 2012, we will see that the ones we are waiting for are indeed ourselves. The ancient engravings found all around the globe were made by Star Beings, yes. But not alien Star Beings. They were made by the Star Beings we ourselves are when we time-travelled “back from the future.” Yes, we all come from the sky, from the stars, from all areas in the Universe, or HUniverse as I prefer to call our Celestial Home, and we always return there when we take off our bodies of physical matter and resume our bodies of energy.

We now know that matter is dense in the physical realm and that it becomes etheric in higher realms. Wave-particle duality postulates that all matter exhibits both wave and particle properties, but according to quantum mechanics they can’t exist simultaneously. In other words, according to this theory, there can be either wave or particle, but not both. We might draw a parallel to Shakespeare’s famous question of identity that also entails an either – or scenario, and reflect along lines like these:

To be – or not to be?

 To be –
Or not to be?
Who would I be
If I wasn’t?
And what?
And where?
To be –
Or not to be?

Photon self-identity issues joke.[7] :-)

There are many fascinating theories and interpretations regarding the enigma of wave-particle duality, but we won’t go into them now. For those interested in quantum physics I can highly recommend the book or DVD of “What the Bleep do we know?”[8] However I will share a theory of mine that I call the “Paradox of Being”, because it involves a sense of being and “not being” at the same time. Contrary to quantum mechanics I believe it can be both simultaneously and relate to this in a very conscious way within myself. The “Paradox of Being” combines spirituality with science in this way:

1 = Someone – me, an individual sense of “I”, consciousness with centre, limited. Particle.

0 = No-one – a collective sense of “I”, consciousness without centre, awareness, infinite. Wave.

We are both particle and wave. (Entanglement)

Like an ice cube is water frozen in form, but when heated becomes water liquid.

Liquid light = plasma, the unifying field, Divine matrix, Quantum hologram etc.

The collective sense of “I” is the Christ Consciousness or the Divine Matrix, whatever you wish to call the unifying field that is all around us and IS us. This is the identity of “Who am I?” that is ready to awaken in humanity as a collective “I” that still can maintain its individual number of “I”s, unlike 2000 years ago and in earlier Ages, when the collective “I” was a group of people without individuality. Today we can see ourselves as beings in individual forms (particles) where we are like drops in an ocean; and we can develop a collective sense of “I” by realizing ourselves as consciousness, and then we become One as the sea (waves).

To be or not to be? That is the question. ~ William Shakespeare ~
To be and not to be. That is the answer. ~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Particle = choice. Every time we make a choice, we narrow our options down to the chosen one.

Wave = potential. Unlimited potential where anything is possible… until a choice is made.

We are in a constant state of both, simultaneously. As in: 101010101010… etc. forever.

This is the method of creation and de-materialization. It is important that you note that I am not now using these numbers according to their Mayan or numerological values, but as symbols in the digital language of computers.

Creation is 01 – From unlimited potential to manifestation.
De-materialization is 10 – From matter to de-fragmentation and “spiritualization”.

In the example of “10”; when the identity of “I” dissolves, it de-materializes into “not being”, i.e. a state of simply being empty inside. One’s consciousness is unlimited, like space. One might compare this consciousness to that of plasma (ionized gas) in astrophysics. Much of the baryonic matter of the universe is thought to consist of plasma, a state of matter (known as the 4th) in which atoms and molecules are so hot, that they have ionized by breaking up into their constituent parts, negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions. Because the particles are charged, they are strongly influenced by electromagnetic forces, that is, by magnetic and electric fields. The process of ionization and what I would call “onization” is something I’d like to discuss with astrophysicists some day, because I feel I can contribute with an understanding in this area. I just don’t have the scientific terminology to do so yet.

Beyond the question “To be, or not to be?” we have the eternal, existential question: Who am I? “Who am I?” is the question mystics and sages suggest their students or disciples ask themselves in order to achieve enlightenment. I believe many people would reflect for a minute or two and then say that the answer to this question would be their identity: “Who I am is my identity.” But what exactly is an identity? According to Wikipedia’s definition, an identity is “an umbrella term used to describe an individual’s comprehension of him- or herself as a discrete, separate entity”. But what happens when a person no longer sees him- or herself as separate from anything else? When a feeling of oneness with All-That-Is is the core of one’s inner sense of being, then there is no identity any longer. There is only being.

In “The Moses Code” by James Twyman (2008) it is the comma in the sentence “I am that, I am” that is revealed to be the secret to understanding the Code. The comma turns the rather cryptic sentence “I am that I am” that God said to Moses via the burning bush into a sentence meaning “I am that … (whatever); that …(whatever) is what I am.” So it becomes a double statement of identification with whatever one chooses to identify with.

On the path toward Oneness, this is a step. It means that one can learn to
not feel separate from whatever one sees around oneself, but become one with it by identifying with it. I AM that old man or I AM that cat or I AM that tree. This is by all means a good way to dissolve feelings of separateness towards other people, animals or things, but there is still a problem. Like with the “Law of Attraction” I feel more needs to be said. The problem is that it may be easy to turn this old “I AM statement” into a new identity and get trapped in the mind. By this I mean that one has traded one sense of self for another; yes, a much broader sense of self, but a sense of self nonetheless, and any sense of self is still tied to mind, and mind is ego. This stage is called the “Enlightened I”, also known as “Big Mind”. Beyond this level of consciousness is the state of nothingness or simply “being.” And these two states are worlds apart.

To put this as clearly as I can, any identification with a limited number of people, animals, things, or even abstract things such as roles, virtues and attributes, belong to mind. It is only when one has gone so far as to deeply associate and be One with All-That-Is that one can go beyond mind, for when one becomes one with All-That-Is, one simultaneously becomes nothing at all. Imagine a clear blue sky. Identifications, “I AM this or that” are clouds on that sky. Nothingness or “being” is the sky, life itself; vast, eternal, empty and yet full at the same time.

So “I AM” is a step, but beyond this we find “I AM and I AM NOT”, meaning that we do not cling to whatever we identify with, but rather let All-That-Is pass through us, thus always leaving us as empty and clear as the blue, cloudless sky. Then, and only then, are we ready to fully understand that what we are is God, HU, perpetually creating Itself by asking Who (HU) am I? and defining Itself as (a new) HU in every new moment. And the search for identity is over. I AM that, I AM becomes:


The cycle of the Triple Aspect of Beingness becomes:


To be…
to not be…
to become…
to be…
to not be…
to become…
to be… forever.


This is the eternal Cosmic Dance of Creation:

The FEMALE Void / Womb of Emptiness (not being)…
… is impregnated by the MALE Light of Consciousness (being),
… and the pregnancy is Creation ITSELF (becoming).

(Also see: Why I am FEMALE.)

Love and Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~


April 14th 2013, Kin 61 Red Solar Dragon. 1 Ix (Jaguar)

White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Fire
I pulse in order to nurture
Realizing being
I seal the input of birth
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of navigation


[1] June, named after Juno is the 6th month.

[2] This clip illustrates the way I became one with Spirit, right before I seeded the Cosmic Christ/Buddha Consciousness into the collective consciousness of Humanity. Remember that as a Red Crystal Earth (8.8.65) and Blue Crystal Hand (11.11.00) I am a Double Crystal = Perfect Diamond body. Also see: Mary Magdalene – Maitreya Miranda* - The Feminine Christ.

[3] Λ is also a representation of Kepler’s “divine proportion”, the top triangle of the pentagram in the ratio 8:5. The pentagram is a symbol of man/woman, but also of Venus.

[4] Source: Audrey Fletcher, “Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations”,

[5] The Heart chakra of Earth on the 3rd-dimensional plane is at Dóbogókö, outside Budapest. The Heart chakra of Mother Earth in Glastonbury, United Kingdom belongs to Avalon and is of a higher dimension.

[6] Even though I hold the Mahanta consciousness and Rod of ECK power,
I will not take the position of Living Eck Master at the Temple of ECKANKAR in Minnesota unless and/or until invited to do so. I will serve HUmanity wherever I am, and time will tell where Spirit/ECK will lead me.

[7] Image by Nick D. Kim. Used by permission.

[8] See “What the Bleep do we know?” trailer.

Image “Cosmic Enlightenment” by Ashley Christudason / Jungle Eye. With permission.

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Horoscopes – Jesus / Miranda*

It should be common knowledge among most people by now that December 25th was not the true birth date of Jesus of Nazareth, but that the date was chosen by the Church in order to “Christianize” the Pagan holiday of the Winter Solstice, celebrated on December 21st. The exact date of birth is debated, but Ernest L. Martin, after considerable research, has found the date that resonates with me, and which we will be using in this article.

In his book The Star that Astonished the World, Ernest L. Martin claimed the “Star of Bethlehem” was the planet (or “wandering star” in antiquity) Jupiter, or Zedeq (“Righteousness”) in Hebrew, leading the wise men / Magi to Jesus in Bethlehem on December 25, 2 BCE, coinciding with the Jewish Festival of Lamps or Hanukkah that year. Dr. Martin claimed that the birth of Jesus happened on the evening of September 11, 3 BCE on the Gregorian calendar, or the first of Tishri on the Jewish calendar which marks Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. His research and findings are well worth reading, and a full excerpt from his book can be read here: The Time of Jesus’ Birth.

This image is taken from that webpage, and it refers to Virgo as “…a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars…”  (Revelation 12:1)

In 3–2 BC, there was a series of seven conjunctions, including three between Jupiter and Regulus. This would have been a rare and awe-inspiring event, and clearly visible to the naked eye.

Jupiter is the largest planet within our solar system, and it is the third-brightest object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus. It has been known since ancient times. To the Babylonians, this object represented their god Marduk. The Romans named it after Jupiter (also called Jove), the principal god of Roman mythology, whose name comes from the Proto-Indo-European vocative compound *Dyēu-pəter (meaning “O Father Sky-God”, or “O Father Day-God”). The Chinese, Korean and Japanese referred to the planet as the wood star (Chinese: 木星; pinyin: mùxīng), based on the Chinese Five Elements. Chinese Taoism personified it as the Fu star. The Greeks called it Φαέθων, Phaethon, “blazing.” In Vedic Astrology, Hindu astrologers named the planet after Brihaspati, the religious teacher of the gods, and often called it “Guru”, which literally means the “Heavy One” and is a Sanskrit term for “teacher” or “master”. In the English language, Thursday is derived from “Thor’s day”, with Thor associated with the planet Jupiter in Germanic mythology. It is precisely because of this day’s association with Jupiter/Thor, and the ancient name for god “HU” within the word “Thursday” that I intentionally and consistently host Satsangs and Full Moon Meditation gatherings on this weekday.

According to Nostradamus’ quattrain C1 Q50, the “Awaited One” will take Thursday as his/her holiday, i.e. holy/sacred day. Here is the quattrain in full, with comments by Wayne Herschel and my own additional comments in italics.

Excerpt from Star*Avatar – Emergence of a messiah, chapter 49 – Prophecies fulflled:

From the watery Triplicity he will be born,
One who will take Thursday as his holiday.
His fame acclamation and following will grow,
On land and sea causing discomfort in the East.
(C1 Q50)

Watery Triplicity – Star signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. (Yes, Miranda* is a Scorpio.)
Thursday Yes, I have satsangs and Full Moon meditations on tHUrsday, day of HU. Jeudi in French refers to Jupiter, esoteric ruler of The Golden Age.
East – Discomfort perhaps only to those that are not comfortable with change. (Yes, but also geographically in countries east of Nostradumus’ country France, as in the Middle East.) (End excerpt)

In astrology, Jupiter is seen as “the King of the Gods”. This heavenly body enhances whatever it touches as if with a Midas touch, and brings good fortune, abundance, optimism, growth, expansion and - as the “Great Benefactor”- it brings “all things good”.

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo and one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Rēgulus is Latin for ‘prince’ or ‘little king’. The Greek variant Basiliscus is also used. It is known as Qalb al-Asad, from the Arabic قلب الأسد, meaning ‘the heart of the lion’. This phrase is sometimes approximated as Kabelaced and translates into Latin as Cor Leōnis. It is known in Chinese as 轩辕十四, the Fourteenth Star of Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor. In Hindu astronomy, Regulus corresponds to the Nakshatra Magha, “the bountiful”. Persian astrologers around 3000 BC knew Regulus as Venant, one of the four ‘royal stars‘. In MUL.APIN, Regulus is listed as LUGAL, meaning “the star that stands in the breast of the Lion: the King.”

As astrologers, the Magi were naturally well aware of the heavenly bodies and their influences. Thus, when Jupiter was conjunct Regulus in -3 BCE, they saw this as a clear sign of a divine king being born.

In addition to Ernest L. Martin’s in-depth research and calculations, I will share some of my own points of interest and reasons why I believe this to be the correct date of Jesus’/my birth:

  • Astrologically, by comparison with my current incarnation chart. (Regarding my aforementioned water sign, Scorpio, see Second Birth 11.11.2000 and Why I am FEMALE.)
  • Astrologically and spiritually, in that as Jesus, I was the “anchor” for the Age of Pisces as its opposite sign, Virgo; just as I in this, the Age of Aquarius, am the “anchor” as its opposite sign, Leo. Every sign must be balanced with its counterpart, its opposite sign, and in an astrological Age this role is held by the one who is the functioning unifying source or “epicentre” for HUmanity[1] at any given time. (See Mary Magdalene – Miranda* – The Feminine Christ) We will be looking more into this topic later.
  • Numerologically, with the date 9/11. On September 11 there are 111 days remaining until the end of the year. This date thus represents the triple Master Number 111. As all things do, numbers and dates move in cycles – not merely in that they are repeated as numbers, but also in their energetic vibrations, which causes important events to often happen on certain dates. We all remember the tragic events that took place in 2001, and a personal example is that my beloved husband Ludvig IV died in 1221. (Refer again to Mary Magdalene…) On this date, highly negative as well as highly positive events go hand in hand, by 9 being the last number before a new cycle and 11 being the first Master number of the three Master numbers 11, 22 and 33. The combination becomes one of High Frequency, intense and powerful, and not an easy one to handle for most people.
  • Intuitively, as this date resonates with my soul-recollection.

So now let’s study the horoscope of Jesus, as calculated by Ernest L. Martin, and compare it with my 08.08.1965 horoscope. To enable easy viewing, I am posting them above one another so that you can easily scroll between the two, and my comments follow below. At the end of the article is a table showing the planets’ sign placements in both horoscopes, as well as their degree, house location and retrograde movements.

(Regarding the reasons why I incarnated in England, see Lifting the Veil.)

Please note that I will not be doing a full analysis of these charts, but am addressing the areas in which there are significant conjunctions and similarities or parallels between the two. I will also address what I see as an “upgrade” of a certain energetic influence, having experienced and learned the “lesson” of the theme in question, and explain how it applies in this incarnation. Since I regard both horoscopes to be my own, and using the words “his/my” and “current/my” chart to distinguish between them may  sound unnecessarily “bumpy”, I will simply refer to both charts in the third person, like an outside observer. This should provide easy flow for the reader. How a theme relates to me today will be written in first person and in italics, in order to distinguish this from the astrological interpretation. And to avoid “jumping around” the horoscopes, I will proceed systematically through the signs, and begin with Aries.

Jesus has his Pars Fortuna[2] in the first house, indicating that his area of “fulfilment” lies in being a leader, pioneer and his true Self outwardly and visibly. Miranda*’s IC is in Aries, which I see as the area of “fulfilment” previously held in Aries, now functioning as her foundation. The IC is the area for security and shelter. The issues here are home, stability, and nurturing. In Aries it indicates independence and self-reliance, the ability to rely on one’s own capabilities, judgment, or resources.

Divorced with two small children at the age of 27, and taking care of them more or less alone and independently (apart from nannies while working), shows the theme of IC in Aries. Leadership qualities are also natural to me, and I have exercised these mainly when teaching classes and hosting groups in my home, as well as being the leader of a 200+ member forum, Alternative Forum Arendal.

Saturn teaches self-mastery, and mastery of the particular energy of its placement in the horoscope. As it is located not only in Taurus in Jesus’ chart, but also in Taurus’ own house (second house), it indicates a strong connection to its element, Earth, to material and embodied resources, and to mastering the body and being in the physical world itself. With its retrograde motion, directing its focus more inwardly than outwardly, it is easy to here see the relevance of the Sufi saying, “to be in the world but not of it”  which Jesus referred to just hours before his crucifixion. (John 17:16) With Saturn retrograde in Taurus, there is a longing to be free from the limiting physical life on earth. Yet the lesson is to find and integrate Spirit in matter, which is precisely what Jesus does and teaches others to do as well.
Miranda*’s Pars Fortuna (mentioned above) is located in Taurus, in the fourth house. Her sense of fulfilment thus comes from manifesting something of “nurturing” value; “nurturing” being the best keyword for the Cancerian influence on the fourth house. In its spiritual aspect, this means building an “enlightened house” or ashram/retreat, where others may come to a safe, non-judgmental and loving environment and find peace of mind.

I have held private group gatherings in the form of dream interpretations, Satsangs and Full Moon Meditations in my home(s) for 18 years (since 1994), with the focus of attention always being on the Inner Life of Spirit within. And in this way, the parallel to Jesus’ teachings of Spirit in matter should be clear.

Here we see the first of many strong connections between these horoscopes, in that Jesus’ IC is exactly conjunct Miranda*’s Jupiter, and thus also conjunct her DC, with a mere 2 degree orb. First, we can see the shift from IC to DC in Gemini as the movement from a form of likeminded, equal sisterhood-brotherhood “ashram” in a small or private group (IC) such as the twelve disciples, to one of involving “everyone”, in that the DC represents other people in general. With Jupiter on the DC this is highly emphasized, and the quality of Jupiter’s esoteric essence, Universal Love, results in a sense of universal/global sisterhood-brotherhood. The DC represents partnership, and every person can be seen as an equal partner when Jupiter’s all-encompassing Love vibration is involved. Sometimes it may be the case of romantic partnerships, but more often it is about feeling a bond between souls, a connection that is deep and loving beyond romance, and rather a sense of seeing oneself mirrored in the other.
With a 10 degree orb from the DC, we can also include Miranda*’s north node in this conjunction. The north node shows our Life purpose and it is connected to our destiny. In addition to the Universal Love energy of Jupiter on the DC, Miranda*’s north node placement means bringing Magic (south node[3] in 12th house) into reality (6th house), and giving the world what it needs. With the south node in Sagittarius, one is meant to use the wisdom learned in previous lifetimes and share it with others in the Gemini way, which is horizontal and equal, in stead of vertical and from a superior position.

It is for this very reason that I prefer gatherings in a circle, and live by Merlin’s and King Arthur’s “Round Table principle”, where all are regarded as equals. Since Gemini is about connecting, in particular via communication, I use facebook to connect with like-minded “SiStars” and “BroStars” and share my articles, comments and picture-quote postings there. Thus, also here, we see the parallel to Jesus’ IC theme in Gemini, yet in an “upgraded” version which today can extend to people all around the world.

Here there are no important influences to mention in the chart of Jesus, but I have included the asteroid Mira in Miranda*’s chart, because it plays an important role in her life. (I have written much about this in my book, “Star*Avatar – Emergence of a Messiah”.) Here I will only inform that Mira takes the exact placement of Miranda*’s (former) Sun in Leo in her new 11.11.2000 horoscope, which is when she is birthed as Maitreya Miranda*. In other words, as Maitreya Miranda*, her Sun shifts from Leo to Scorpio, and Mira takes the former Sun placement. She has outgrown her name Linda Brit and birthed Miranda*, the name she received inwardly nine months earlier. (See Second Birth 11.11.2000.)

In Leo there is an interesting conjunction between the two horoscopes; Jesus’ south node in the 5th house conjuncts Miranda*’s Sun. Since the south node indicates “where we come from”, and talents and lessons we have learned, I find it highly appropriate that Miranda* can embody and radiate these qualities through her identity (Sun) today. The leonine qualities of leading by example, of courage and of not shrinking away from shining one’s Light so that others may shine as well are among Leo’s finest. And just like the Sun is the heart and centre of our universe, Leo is the heart of the Zodiac. The Sun is also the planetary
ruler of Leo, and it is because of this warm and bright energy that Leos are well-known for their warm and generous hearts.
Jupiter in Jesus’ and Mercury in Miranda*’s horoscope are also both in Leo. Although they are not conjunct one another, we do see their relevance in that they are influenced by the same sign. Remember what we said earlier about Jupiter conjunct Regulus, and how it was seen as the birth of a divine king. In Jesus’ horoscope it is doubly “royal”, by not only being located in Leo, but also in Leo’s house (the fifth). The fifth house represents self-expression above anything else. This can be expressed in a number of ways, through creativity, play, friendships etc. A Jupiter placement here, as in Jesus’ case, clearly indicates a self-expression of great magnitude that does not go unnoticed. In his case, Jupiter did not stand for expression of himself, but of his Self, which is the Higher Self. It was about expressing his oneness with his/our Father (Deus Pater/Jupiter), and explaining to others just what this means. Relevant quotes we can use here are: “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30) and “… the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) Note how appropriate the term “kingdom” is in this context.

Miranda*’s Mercury and Sun are in the eighth house, the house of Scorpio. This is the house of life, death and transformation; and planets here will continuously be in a state of growth and expansion as they mature through life experience. Both identity (Sun) and mind (Mercury) can easily feel deep-running energy currents, and (with Neptune aspecting Sun and Moon aspecting Mercury) they are highly empathic and intuitive. The light of Leo’s Sun shines on dark areas (eighth house) which are normally hidden, and brings them forth to be seen and integrated; within Miranda* herself and within others, as her Scorpionic (and Plutonian) energy acts as a transformer and catalyst to those around her. Sun and Mercury in Leo in the eighth house have the ability to transform simply by being and by an enlightened mind that is empty and without perpetual thinking (no-mind). This combination allows Spirit to work through mind and heart without any hindrance and with natural ease.

With Sun, Mercury and three other planets in the eighth house, I know the Plutonian Scorpio energy well, and it is later precisely a Scorpio I become after the Cosmic Christ Consciousness descends upon me, and I undergo a life-death-resurrection process designed by God/Spirit to transform all of HUmanity’s collective consciousness energetically through the morphic field. This is the “upgrade” of the “sacrifice” – I prefer to use the term “Act of Love” – that I underwent 2000 years ago. Both then and now it is about showing how Life is eternal and that there, in fact, is no death. It is about the Ascension of consciousness and understanding our true identities as Divine and immaterial beings, and our oneness with one another and with Spirit.  (See Star of Spirit and The Source of the Cosmic Consciousness Wave.)

When we observe the two horoscopes visually and before interpretation, the first thing we notice are the strong oppositions between Virgo and Pisces in both charts; horizontally in Jesus’ chart and vertically in Miranda*’s. Since so many planets are involved, and most of them are in Virgo, I will address these here, in the way I have done up to this point, and address the oppositions when we reach the final sign, Pisces.

A stellium of four planets are located in Jesus’ Virgo sign; the three inner planets, Venus, Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) and Sun, and the powerful outer planet, Pluto. This factor alone holds great significance when we consider the role Virgo, i.e. the Virgin, played in Jesus’ time. Purity, healing, perfection and discernment are some of Virgo’s virtues; and both Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were virtuous women, although the latter was not recognized as such by the Church until many centuries later. In Jesus’ horoscope Venus is conjunct Mercury. Astrologically, this combination results in a loving (Venus) mind (Mercury). His Sun is conjunct Pluto, which brings about the ability to transform by his very being, the way I explained earlier when discussing Miranda*’s Sun and Mercury in the eighth house, which is Pluto’s domain. This Sun and Pluto conjunction are conjunct Miranda*’s stellium involving Venus, Pluto and Uranus, with Jesus’ Sun conjuncting Miranda*’s Venus exactly. I find this to be one of the most important conjunctions between the two horoscopes, in that the Sun is masculine, as was Jesus in physical form, and Venus is feminine, as is Miranda* in physical form. It indicates to me the shift of gender, while keeping the Plutonic transformational vibration, as Pluto continues to function as a Higher Force from which there is no separation. Sun and Pluto, as well as Venus and Pluto, are united as one.
In Miranda*’s case Uranus is added to the mix. Esoterically, the three outer planets are seen as Pluto: God the Father, Neptune: God the Son/ Daughter and Uranus: God the Holy Ghost. This explains the true power behind Pluto’s influence and shows the divinity embodied in Jesus and Miranda*. Miranda*’s stellium thus is seen as a woman embodying Love (Venus), Divinity (Pluto) and Spirit (Uranus). We will return to Neptune later.

As was the case when I was Jesus, I did not receive the Cosmic Christ Consciousness until having reached adulthood and a level of maturity and “grounding” that was capable of holding this High Frequency energy vibration. It happened nine months after an “immaculate conception” involving a star in March 1996, spontaneous, inexplicable stomach spasms and bleeding, and no outer stimuli except a crystal citrine held against my throbbing forehead (November 19th 1996). In the horoscope I calculated for this descent of Spirit into my system, there are a number of interesting factors: North node conjunct AC, Juno (feminine Jupiter) conjunct DC and taking Jupiter’s place, Venus conjunct Chiron/Christ and Mira (asteroid 3633) opposite Sun. (Refer again to Star of Spirit for details.)

In this sign the planets in the two horoscopes are not conjunct one another, but they share the same influence of Libra. Jesus’ Moon in the seventh house should ring a bell among fans of the musical “Hair” and the popular song “Aquarius”: “When the Moon is in the seventh house…” The Moon moves quickly, and frequently visits the seventh house, but the meaning implied is that this shows a compassionate, nurturing Love (Moon) for all/everyone (seventh house). Libra is the sign above all signs related to equality, justice and peace.
In Miranda*’s chart we find both MC and Mars. MC relates to our goal in Life, and to our personal as well as spiritual aspirations. It is the highest point in the horoscope, and is thus the area in which we are most visible and seen in society. In Miranda*’s case, her aspirations are to contribute to the Libran qualities mentioned; such as equality, justice and peace, as well as harmony, balance, ethics, co-operation and even humour; any and all qualities under the influence of Venus (Libra’s ruler) that may serve in beneficial ways. Planets close to the MC will be used to reach the goal, and Miranda*’s Mars thus becomes a “Peaceful Warrior”, where all active, intentional will (Mars) is under Venus gentle influence and directed towards manifesting “Peace on Earth”.

I feel that the “upgrade” from Moon in Libra, held as Jesus, to MC and Mars in Libra in this incarnation indicates an inner strength and more outwardly directed use of the Libran energy. I love my Mars and the way it helps me to not become too feminine and “soft” or “passive”, but rather can be used as the masculine force it is, as a “servant of God”. “Not my will, but thine, be done…” (Luke 22:42) As it is part of a Yod (which we will return to when we come to Pisces), I consistently use my personal will under Spirit’s inner guidance. The Venusian influence over my Mars directs my focus of attention inward, so when I have made a decision to act in some area, this action is always done intuitively and according to that inner guidance.

Here we find another of the conjunctions I see as highly important between the two charts. Neptune in Jesus’ eighth house conjuncts Neptune in Miranda*’s tenth house. In other words, although 2000 years have passed, this particular planet is located in the exact same sign as before, and with only a minor orb to allow a conjunction to take place between its placement in the horoscopes. Neptune, we mentioned earlier, is “God the Son”, or in Miranda*’s case, “God the Daughter”. Neptune’s energy represents a higher degree of Love than that of Venus, a compassionate Love that encompasses the whole world and the HUniverse at large. Everyone and everything is included in this Love. The act of people killing other people is unfathomable, as every other HUman being is another version of oneself. The eating of animals is cannibalism, as they are our sisters and brothers in other physical forms. The excessive cutting down of trees, polluting of air and oceans and all other forms of violation of Earth feels like a rape of our own mother, as our planet indeed IS Mother Earth and our collective home. The High Frequency Love vibration of Neptune is so spiritual, subtle and sensitive that few people can truly resonate with it fully. It is this all-encompassing Love that Jesus displayed in his “Love Act” for HUmanity and which Miranda* repeated in an “upgraded form” for our transitional times, in order to spread this Love vibration to all and bring about the quantum leap in consciousness that HUmanity is currently undertaking.

Jesus’ Neptune is in the eighth house; the only planet located there. This placement shows how deep that Love vibration flowed within his system. With the Plutonian influence on this house, Neptune’s spiritual vibration gives Jesus the power to transform (the recurring theme) and spiritualize (Neptune) matter with his Divine Love.
Miranda*’s Neptune is in the tenth house, equally on its own. The tenth house, following the cusp of the MC, is the area in which we become who we are meant to become; and it relates to profession, responsibility, authority, the fulfillment of our aspirations, and our place or role in society. Any planet in the tenth house strengthens it, and so Miranda*’s Neptune placement here clearly indicates that she is meant to take on an important role of spiritual authority and share her all-encompassing Love in her “profession”, or chosen area of service. Saturn is the planet associated with building and manifesting; and since Saturn rules the tenth house, Miranda*’s chosen spiritual service helps to build the foundation (the “New Jerusalem”) for the Aquarian Age, and her visions and synchronistically timed acts of service manifest as if by magic.

In truth, it is Divine Magic, which I have been trained by Spirit/inner guidance to do. Neptune being God the Son and God the Daughter, shows the Christ identity of Jesus as the Masculine Christ and Maitreya Miranda* as the Feminine Christ.

In Sagittarius we see another shift or “upgrade” in the conjunction of Jesus’ MC with Miranda*’s Ascendant. Jesus’ visible role as a spiritual teacher and guru/master (MC in Sagittarius) becomes Miranda*’s Life purpose through her Ascendant.
We spoke earlier of how the MC relates to our goals and aspirations, and can be likened to a personal calling. In traditional astrology, the Ascendant is seen as our personality’s “image” or the facet of our inner diamond that we choose to wear outwardly. One can often be mistaken as being born under the sign of the Ascendant, since it is more prominently visible than the natal Sun in most cases. Esoterically, the Ascendant is not related to personality, but indicates our spiritual purpose in Life once we have mastered the theme and lesson of the north node.

While covering Gemini, we saw that Miranda*’s north node theme is to bring Magic into reality and share this with others in a horizontal way, as an equal-status member of a group. Since her south node is located in Sagittarius, the same sign as her Ascendant, the energetic movement she makes to fulfill her spiritual Life purpose is a full 180 degree “return” to the role she previously held as a spiritual teacher and guru/Master. Once again, she is to share the wisdom learned in other lifetimes, naturally with complete equality and loving sisterhood-brotherhood, yet also with the authority of being the spiritual teacher she is.

I see my north node theme as the period of time in which I have been dedicated to small groups of “SiStars” and “BroStars” and have served in a “humble”/modest way (sixth house is the house of Virgo) without drawing attention to myself and without revealing my true identity. Most of the Divine Magic I perform is done in secret, as it is not necessary for others to know the level of Spirit’s power embodied in me. The year of 2012 however, is the year in which I come openly forward and make my presence known; revealing my true identity and taking on the role of spiritual teacher as shown by my Ascendant. It is in this year that my book is publicly released (in the month of Aquarius), I begin to write and publish articles that disclose all information about my background and my role here, and it is in this year that I move to Avalon/Glastonbury and will build a “New Jerusalem” from there. I have no personal “agenda” other than to continue to host Satsangs and other gatherings and do public speaking where and when I am invited to do so. My gatherings and public talks will be filmed on video and uploaded to YouTube, where they can be shared with all who are interested, around the world. Apart from this, the Spirit embodied in me will continue to work its way into resonant hearts from within, via the morphic field (mentioned earlier), and all actions I take (the service I do)affect the collective body of HUmanity. The esoteric motto for Sagittarius is “I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another.” This is how I live my life; present in the moment, and guided by Spirit in each and every step.

Mars in Jesus’ horoscope and Moon in Miranda*’s horoscope are loosely conjunct one another with an orb of 6 degrees. Jesus’ Mars is in the tenth house, which is Capricorn’s own house. This “doubly” helps him to use his will, which is the will of his/our God the Father, to condense superfluous dogma and outdated practices into the essential Truth, steadfastly and authoritatively (Capricorn) through his actions (Mars) and example.
Miranda*’s Moon in Capricorn functions in a similar way, yet through emotions rather than actions. Capricorn’s gift is the alchemical process of turning carbon into diamond through pressure (Saturn’s influence). In other words, planets in Capricorn (and/or under Saturn’s influence) are stripped of any superfluous tendencies that the planet involved may carry, and are transmuted to a refined state where the planet’s purest essence is all that is left. Miranda*’s Moon in this sign thus becomes pure in its essence, and can embody the level of nurturing, compassionate Love that we discussed when covering Jesus’ Moon in the seventh house.
The first house is commonly referred to as the House of Self. It addresses the individual, as both the inner Self and outer physical body, the way we present ourselves, and what we give to the world. Miranda*’s Moon in the first house is thus meant to be radiated and seen outwardly, so that all who resonate with this Love vibration can easily mirror themselves in her and feel the same compassionate Love within themselves.

Again we see a shift from a masculine planet (Mars) to a feminine planet (Moon), indicating my shift in gender between these incarnations. In addition, the two most important planets in a horoscope are Sun and Moon, and their masculine and feminine energies are meant to be integrated equally in a sacred union/ Hierogamos, rather than the Sun indicating identity and Moon taking the inferior role of simply referring to emotions. To raise the status of (feminine) Moon, I look beyond traditional astrology and prefer to term them “masculine I” and “feminine I” respectively. In this light we can now see my Moon as not only the compassionate Love I give to the world, but that I give the world my very being/Self, my “feminine I”.

Miranda* has no planets in Aquarius. Jesus, however, has his north node located here, doubled in strength in that it is placed in the house of Aquarius (11thhouse). We have discussed the importance of the north node’s role as our Life purpose earlier. The theme of north node in Aquarius is to bring higher visions, dreams and philosophical ideals (Aquarius) into a collective group of people or society in general (11th house). The integrated Aquarian is a humanitarian, apt at creating win-win situations, independent and not afraid to stand out as unique and original. They love Truth, and will spend their entire life devoted to searching for Truth, and after finding it, sharing it with others. Knowing Jesus the way we do, I need not add more here, but simply point out that the way he lived his Life is clearly seen in his north node theme.

Although I have not included them here, the asteroids Pallas/Athene and Juno/Hera (feminine Jupiter) are located in Aquarius in my horoscope, with the former conjuncting Jesus’ north node exactly (13°27) and the latter within a 6 degree orb (7°24). Since I am the Feminine Christ, the Goddess energy of Love and Light that I embody has returned to HUmanity; and the energies of the Goddess asteroids are now available to be integrated collectively. This is happening so that the energy of the Goddess, suppressed under millennia of male dominance, once again is restored to her status as equal to that of male God. Spirit, in itself, is neutral, yet it can be expressed as God/Goddess with its polar components of masculine-feminine, light-dark, sun-moon etc. Harmony and balance are assured when both polarities are of equal status. It is for this reason that I returned in female form.

Now we arrive at the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, where there are many interesting factors waiting to be discovered. First, we note that Jesus’ Ascendant is here, which is highly appropriate considering that he lived in the Age of Pisces. With Uranus conjunct his Ascendant, it is his spiritual role and Life purpose to bring forth the qualities of Uranus. Uranus represents enlightenment, illumination, intuition, innovation, insight and genius. It is associated with freedom/liberation and upheaval in order to bring about revolution. In its spiritual essence, we remember that Uranus is God the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Jesus embodies this, and as we saw earlier regarding planets in the first house, a planet placed on the Ascendant indicates the gift we bring to the world.
With Sun and Pluto (and Venus and Mercury) opposing Uranus in Virgo, this aspect of the horoscope indicates a highly Divine, powerful and transformative energy. Oppositions in a horoscope are meant to be integrated to a state of inner equilibrium so that one can utilize the planetary energies involved in a balanced way, with neither side of the opposition dominating the other. Rather, one is then able to switch “back and forth” between each pole, and use the planets’ energies with ease and according to any given situation.
In Miranda*’s horoscope, the planets located in Pisces are Saturn and Chiron. (Unfortunately I do not know the location of Chiron in Jesus’ chart[4].) As mentioned earlier when covering Jesus’ Saturn in Taurus, Saturn’s role is to teach us self-mastery, and mastery of the particular energy of its placement in the horoscope. Like in the case of Jesus’ horoscope, Miranda*’s Saturn is located in the second house; thus her Saturn’s theme is also about handling resources, and to mastering the body and being in the physical world. Miranda*’s Saturn also being retrograde, this implies a more inward than outward focus, and Miranda* can equally well relate to “being in the world, but not of it”. In her case this is particularly so, since Saturn is in Pisces, the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Neptune. Therefore the resources or talents that Miranda* learns to master are spiritual resources; such as reading and interpreting energies, visions, dreams, and symbology in many forms. Examples of this would be astrology, numerology, the Tarot, runes, the Kabbalah etc. With the Life experiences Saturn brings her under Neptune’s influence, she also develops numerous paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance, clair-audience, clairsentience (as an Empath), telepathy, and many others. Even the ability to move interdimensionally in Etheric realms is part the training she receives with Saturn in Pisces.
Chiron is traditionally seen as our inner “Achilles heel”, our sore point where we are most vulnerable. Known as the “Wounded Healer”, it indicates the area in which we, through personal pain and suffering, learn to rise above and become healers for others in the very area we have “conquered” and learned to master within ourselves. In the same way that I see Sun and Moon differently from other astrologers, I also view Chiron differently, particularly because of my own Life experiences and recollection of previous incarnations. I agree with the traditional interpretation of Chiron as a wise, knowledgeable and skilled healer, but expand upon this and see Chiron as Christ. Everyone holds the spark of Christ within, and can develop this spark into a steadily burning flame and shine this Divine Light in the area of Life indicated by Chiron/ Christ’s placement in the horoscope. This is precisely what the (Cosmic) Christ Consciousness is all about.
As with Jesus’ powerful opposition, we clearly see the immense power in Miranda*’s opposition, in that all the outer planets (except Neptune) as well as Chiron/Christ are involved. The planet caught in this powerful and intense aspect is Venus. Thus Venus in Miranda*’s horoscope is by no means Earthly, but highly Divine. She is connected to God the Father, God the Holy Ghost (Spirit), and is the female embodiment (Saturn) of Christ (Chiron). She is the Goddess of Love, Venus/ Aphrodite, pure and simple.
In addition to this opposition, we see that her Saturn and Chiron/Christ conjunction form the apex point of a Yod, together with Mars in Libra and Sun in Leo. Astrologically, a Yod is referred to as “The Finger of God”, because it points to something with the force of a “magnifying glass” as if to say: “Take notice of this!” And so we are directed by God’s/Spirit’s timing of my incarnation to see the importance of her embodiment as the Feminine Christ. Visually we can see how Saturn and Chiron together become the horoscope’s “anchor”, with the rest of the chart’s planets forming an image one may associate with a flying kite, tied to this “anchor”. In this way, she is anchored not in the world of matter, but in the world of Spirit.

Remembering my Life in the Age of Pisces, we know well of the suffering Jesus/I endured and which I have had to carry within my system even into this incarnation. I am not referring to my personal suffering as much as I am the millennia of wars and other atrocities HUmanity has afflicted upon one another, which I feel deeply within, particularly since so many have fought and died in my name. This is the “Weltschmerz”, the pain of the world that I carry and will feel until the day Peace is restored everywhere on this planet, because we are all one collective body of energy. (Note that the two oppositions in Jesus’ and my current horoscope when joined together form a cross.)
For as long as I can remember, I have always felt completely grounded in Spirit, rather than in anything of the created world, and I have felt my oneness with God/Spirit all my life. In Tarot, there is a card that illustrates the way I feel. It is from the Major Arcana; the Tarot card XVII The Star. Since 17 = 1 + 7 = 8, it is one of my personal cards (born 08.08), and my absolute favourite in the 78 card deck. Here is an excerpt from my book, describing how I relate to it:

Excerpt from “Star*Avatar – Emergence… ”, chapter 28 – The Tarot Speaks:

I love the star hanging so close above the woman’s head, and feel it guides her way my star guides me. I associate it with bright and beautiful Venus. There are seven other stars, which to me represent the Pleiades, or the seven Rays; in any case seven cosmic forces that guide her or are a part of her as well. To me, the little bird symbolizes freedom in thought, inspiration and illumination. It can’t be caught and held, but it is present when one is calm and tranquil, like the woman is. Her nudity shows her innocence and that she is completely natural with nothing to hide. I love this transparency. To me it represents absolute honesty and truth. It shows her humility as well, for she has cast off any royal robe or crown she may be entitled to, because to her they are merely superfluous outer symbols that she has integrated within herself. She is pouring life-giving water or spiritual energy onto the ground, making the earth fertile, symbolizing creative manifestation on the earthly plane, while she with the other pot pours the water back into the Source from where it came, indicating a co-creating movement between the Divine and herself. That she has one leg bent on the ground and one resting in the divine pool represents to me that she is balancing her being in two worlds; the physical one that brings her “to her knees” (limits her) and the spiritual one, where she rests her foot surely, indicating that that is where she feels anchored. (End excerpt)

Just as there was a prophecy about a star when I was born as Jesus, there are several prophecies of a star for my presence now as well, for instance the Hopi’s Blue Star Prophecy. (For more about my star, refer again to Star of Spirit.)

In conclusion, I wish to emphasize that it doesn’t matter whether you believe I am Christ reincarnated or not for you to gain new insight from this article. The simple comparison of these two horoscopes, using my spiritual perspective, may hopefully serve as an example for you to view your own chart (or that of others) in an esoteric Light, through a spiritual approach. Since I have mainly focused on conjunctions and just a few of the aspects, obviously much, much more can be discovered by interpreting these two horoscopes; and anyone interested is free to do so.
Numerologically as well, there are a number of interesting factors one can look further into. An example would be my north and south nodes at 11°56 degrees. Numerologically, this becomes 11 + (5 + 6 =) 11, in other words, 11:11. This is the date and time of my Second Birth, and the 11:11 vibration is now well known as the “portal” through which one can enter into the higher states of cosmic consciousness. It is precisely because this is the date and time of my birth (final integration) as Maitreya Miranda*, that this portal is made available to all who resonate with its vibration. Even visually, the 11:11 north node is in Gemini, and Gemini’s glyph looks like a portal or gateway through which one can pass. The esoteric motto for Gemini is: “I recognise my other self, and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.” And it is by seeing one’s personality from a higher viewpoint, that of a spiritual perspective, that one can enter this portal and pass through it.

Any comments and/or questions are welcome, as I am happy to further explain aspects that have only been covered briefly here.

May your days be blessed and blissful, and may every moment be golden.

Love, Light and Peace in Oneness,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

July 22nd  2012, Kin 55 Blue Electric Eagle, 8 Lamat (Star). Feast day of Mary Magdalene.

In this table, important parallels or “upgrades” are marked with a violet-shaded background, and conjunctions are highlighted with text in bold.

♥*´¯`*•.¸¸♥  L◯VЄ ♥´¯`*•.¸¸♥ ♥*´¯`*•.¸¸♥  L◯VЄ ♥´¯`*•.¸¸♥ ♥*´¯`*•.¸¸♥

[1] I write HU with capital letters in words such as HUmanity, HUniverse etc. in order to show the divine presence of HU (God/Spirit) in these words.

[2] For those not acquainted with astrology, the Pars Fortuna (Part of Fortune) is not a planetary body, but a synthesized point between Sun, Moon and Ascendant. This cal-culated point in the horoscope shows in effect where the Moon would be if you were born at sunrise. When these three aspects are all integrated, it leads to a sense of fulfilment of identity (Sun), emotions (Moon) and purpose (Ascendant).

[3] The south node is not shown on the chart, but is always located 180° from the north node.

[4] If anyone has an astrological program and would be willing to calculate the location of Chiron in this horoscope and share it with me, I would be most grateful!


Lifting the Veil

In this article we will be looking deeper into Life, and seeing the Divine Magic that is always there, for those with eyes to see it. As part of the Introduction of my book, I write the following:

The words in this book may be interpreted on a number of levels.
Some of the seemingly straightforward writings about events in my life will appear to be a mere narration to one reader and take the form of a “waking dream” to another, depending on the individual reader’s level of consciousness and memories of events that have taken place in that person’s own life or other associations that will surface, causing sudden illuminating realizations. These parts of the book can in fact be likened to Aesop’s fables, as they have ethical lessons encouraging you to become more conscious of your values and priorities. The same applies to the dreams and inner experiences described here, which will be merely symbolic in nature to some and give clear insights to others. Even if you do not understand the dreams and parables herein, their imagery will sow seeds in your subconsciousness, so that you may understand their meaning at a later time when they have matured. Then you will be able to enjoy their fruits. For those of you who love “connecting the dots”, solving riddles and noticing patterns as much as I do, you have only to look deeply into names, dates, numbers, animals and other symbols mentioned, and do further investigation on your own.

Within these pages you will find a continuous flow and an intentional design. For instance, each chapter number is designed to fit the content of the chapter in question, and the number and numerological value of each image is likewise designed to resonate with the image portrayed. And sometimes hidden messages may emerge when reading the words at the left or right end of the page vertically. As such, the book is infused with a higher Intelligence, and no part of it is randomly created. (End excerpt)

Readers have told me that they experience surprising synchronicities in their own lives while reading the book, and that it’s as if the book is speaking to them on a personal level… which it is. (Two 5 star reviews here.) The book is designed in a universal way so that it can speak to each individual person regardless of their background, culture and belief systems, bypassing these and going straight to the Heart and the Inner Knowing (Spirit) within. The intention is to show you where to look, but not tell you what to see. What you see belongs to you, as it arises from within your own Being.

However, in order to illustrate that which on the surface may appear to be mere narration, I will now “interpret” most of the first chapter so that it can be seen in a deeper way. By doing this, we will be able to see the Divine workings of Spirit, moving in magical and mystical ways. I do not wish to “tell you what to see”, but simply invite you to look at the examples I share with you here, so that they may trigger your own Inner Knowing. The examples from my life are meant to help you see your own life more clearly, not just the life you live now, but also looking back and understanding more of who you are by seeing your past in a new light; thereby deepening your recognition of your true self. The key phrase we can use in this context is: Nothing is by chance.

Order is heaven’s first law. ~ Alexander Pope ~

In other words, there is a deeper (or higher) way of seeing everything. One has only to look. And so, as the title here indicates, we will now “lift the veil” and see Spirit in even the seemingly ordinary, mundane events I will be sharing.

The very first picture I’ve included in my book is this one:

May your Inner Knowing provide you with Clear Recognition.

The first sentence in the book, Chapter One, reads as follows:
My parents, Brit and Jenö, met on Lake Serpentine in Hyde Park, London, in 1958.”
This can be likened to “The Beginning”, with Eve and Adam in the secluded / hidden (Hyde) Garden of Eden (Park). The Serpent is there, as is Water (Lake), meaning the primordial sea from which all life is born. The name “Brit” (or Brigid) from Latin Brigitta means “exalted one”, and “Jenö”, a Hungarian version of Latin Eugenius, means “well born”. That the meanings of these two names indicate nobility or royalty is confirmed further down in the same paragraph: “Two weeks later they were sitting on a bench in the garden of Windsor Castle writing home to their families that they had found the person they were going to marry.” Windsor Castle is thus seen as a symbol of a royal family they belong to.

The most ancient recorded name for the lands of Britain – England, Scotland and Wales – is The Isle of Albion, and Albion translates as “white”. Our family name on my father’s side is Weisz, which is the Hungarian version of Weiss or White. This is one of the oldest known surnames, and it was chosen long ago in order to point to our divine bloodline without actually revealing it. White indicates purity, and it is always used to symbolize divinity. When our family moved to France, the name was changed to clair (= transparent) and Sinclair.

The Family Crest (coat of arms) for the name “White” depicts two crowned golden lions on either side of a griffin. The griffin is a creature with the head, wings, and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion. It represents valour and bravery; vigilance; and most important is a Guardian of treasure. Against its white background, the “treasure” it guards is this family’s divine bloodline. Much more can be said regarding the crest’s symbolism, but this can easily be found elsewhere. (For anyone interested, this is a good site for crest symbolism.)

I write much more about our divine bloodline later in the book, so I won’t do so here, but just point out our family relation to the Count of Saint Germain, also known as Hungarian Master Rákóczi, son of Francis II Rákóczi, by showing you the striking resemblence between him and my father. (More in-depth background information here.)

The story continues, and I’ll skip to where my parents give me my birth name, Linda Brit. They chose the name Linda because of its Spanish meaning, which is “pretty”, but it has many other meanings as well. The most important one to know is “sea serpent”, derived from the Scandinavian Lindworm. Linda also means “water serpent” in a Native American language, and so in both of these languages I become a Serpent, and we see how the symbol of the Serpent from “Lake Serpentine” is repeated in my name. The serpent is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols in the world. It is the Serpent coiled around the World Tree, the Ouroboros, Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent), the Kundalini, Sanskrit Naga etc. The Snake is also my Chinese Astrological sign, so I am a “serpent” both by name and by my birth date 08.08.1965. It is also often inter-changed with the dragon, like a winged serpent (such as Quetzalcoatl); and taking into account that my Chinese Astrological sign for my second birth, 11.11.2000 is the Dragon, we see how this interchanging relates to me in a very personal way.  (More about my names here: Second Birth 11.11.2000 and here: Why I am FEMALE)

The Serpent represents fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through moulting, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, healing and immortality. The Ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life. And so, with the serpent symbolism, we once again see the divinity (divine bloodline) mentioned above.

Continuing with the book:
By this time my parents had moved to Roundhay Road in Leeds, where my father had been commissioned by The Lutheran World Federation to organize an English-language congregation for the many non-English people in Leeds and vicinity with Lutheran background from their home countries.

Here we begin to see the contours of a theme. My father, a Lutheran pastor, is a “servant of God”, firmly establishing a Higher Force / Spirit in my life, which becomes my foundation since birth. The Lutheran World Federation points to a global organization, and is as such a symbol for universality. We can also see universality in the address of Roundhay Road, which can be interpreted as King Arthur’s way (Road) of using a round table (Roundhay) in order to show the equality of him and his knights. My father’s role is to connect people from many different countries in a spiritual fellowship, thereby creating oneness in multiculturalism. I see this as crystal clear symbolism of my own role here as well, although I am not tied to any one religion, but am here to unite them all.

Uniting the non-English people in England using the English language has a deeper meaning as well, of course. Although there are negative elements concerning the way the British colonized so many geographical areas on Earth, it has also served a highly spiritual purpose by spreading a language that is now understood in nearly all parts of the world, thus enabling us to communicate with one another in spite of differing nationalities and native tongues. If this isn’t a perfect design by Spirit to bridge international relationships, I don’t know what is.

And so, my incarnating into this particular geographical area of Earth can be seen as Spirit’s intention to let English be my native (first) language. But there is more to it than this. Given that I am meant to be universal, not only in language, but also in my very Being, in which country could I incarnate and still be “neutral”? The answer is England, because of the Prime Meridian at 0 degrees, with 0 (Zero) indicating no direction and no preferences. Like the round table, 0 is a circle with no beginning or end, and nothing higher or lower. It is whole, neutral and universal. 0 represents pure potentiality. It is the point from which all other numbers spring forth. Even visually, the number zero is symbolic of the seed, womb or egg from which pure potential emerges. Because the zero also visually resembles a circle, this is symbolic of eternity, evolution and infinity.

Naturally, my incarnation date is of importance as well. 8 + 8 + 1 +9 + 6 + 5 = 19/10/1. 8 is the number of Christ and it is repeated as a double 8 because I am Jesus Christ reincarnated, and so I carry this vibration both since birth, and by receiving the Cosmic (Christ) Consciousness again November 19th 1996. 1 + 9 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 6 = 10/ (1 + 0 =) 1. I had reached adulthood, having lived 31 years within this physical temple (body). 3 + 1 = 4. 4 is the number of stability, foundation, the four directions etc. and is associated with Earth, thus both my body and Earth were now ready for this High Frequency vibration of Love and Light to descend.

1 is the number of new beginnings, leadership, purity and oneness, and it is associated with the Sun. As a 1, I bring something new that has not been here before, namely this particular HF level of Cosmic Consciousness. As a Leo, the Sun is my ruling planet, and the lion (mentioned earlier as depicted on our family crest) is one of my animal symbols. 10 is the number of completion, the “male” 1 united with the “female” 0. As 4 + 6 it is a symbol of matter (4) in harmony (6). It represents the Creator and the creation (3 + 7), the Trinity resting in the expressed universe. And as the sum of 5 + 5, the number 10 represents the two opposite current directions of the conscience: involution and evolution, visually expressed by an upward-facing and an inverted pentagram. For Pythagoras, 10 was the symbol of the universe and it also expressed the whole of human knowledge. (More about 10 here.)

Leaving numerology for now, we will continue with the book:
“On the Sunday afternoon of the day I was born, they were down the road visiting Latvian friends, watching Julie Andrews star in “The Sound of Music” until Mom’s contractions were so frequent that they knew it was time. She struggled home and up the stairs, and gave birth in her own bed, watching it take place via a mirror opposite her. The midwife who assisted her was a lovely young West Indian woman, and the birth went smoothly and without any complications. I’m glad that I when I came to Earth I was first touched by those warm dark hands, and practically born to the sound of music. It truly was a soft landing.”

Here we again see the symbol of the Sun and my association with it by being born on a Sun-day. The interesting symbolism of Latvia is that beside Latvian, there is the nearly extinct Livonian language (of the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family), which is protected by law as there may be at best only 10 living native speakers of the language left. When we piece this information together with “the sound of music”, the connection is that the language of harmonic resonance (music) has also nearly been forgotten and become extinct. Fortunately, this is changing due to new interest in the field, and growing awareness of the Solfeggio Frequencies, Cymatics (the study of visible sound and vibration), Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on the effect of “words of intent” on water and other related “languages of vibration”.

But there is more. I chose to add a link to the movie The Sound of Music because of its symbolism as well. Julie Andrews plays Maria (you already have plenty of associations with this name), a postulant in training to become a nun (female servant of God), who takes on the role of governess for Captain von Trapp’s seven children. 7 is a mystical number, associated with the seven colours in the rainbow, the seven days of the week, the seven candles of the menorah, the seven virtues and sins, the seven basic chakras and so on, but most clearly in this context, it is the number of notes in a diatonic scale (seven note musical scale). This is even repeated in the von Trapp name, where Trapp can mean a ladder or scale. (The ladder is mentioned later in my book since it is depicted on my Sacred Ascension Stone.) In any case, Maria teaches the children to sing, by introducing them to the basic notes of Do-Re-Mi etc., thus bringing happiness back into their lives after the loss of their mother and missing the affection of their disciplinary father. The connection I make to my own life with this movie, is that I too wish for us to return back to basics, and rediscover the joy of music and singing, and living in (musical/vibrational) harmony with one another. A fitting song for how I feel is:

I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony; I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company.”

Although the song often is associated with a commercial for a certain product, it also portrays a positive message of hope and love sung by a multicultural collection of teenagers on the top of a hill. A beautiful scene indeed. The “Sound of Music’s” backdrop is the increasing Nazi regime, forcing the von Trapp family to flee to safety in Switzerland. The symbolism of this needs no further interpretation, as the right to live in freedom unfortunately still isn’t a reality for all in our times… yet.

Moving on to the symbol of the mirror in which my mother can watch the birth taking place, the mirroring has several interesting meanings. One is that my mother can see what is happening while it is happening, in stead of not at all or later via a video camera. Seeing something when it occurs in the Now indicates awareness and focused attention. The mirror also acts as a duplicator, doubling the scene so that it can be viewed in two places at once; in the actual bed and in the reflection of the mirror. And so she is giving birth to two identities, the one who will named Linda Brit, physically born 08.08. and the one who later will be known as Miranda*, spiritually born 11.11. (2000) at 11:11. One of the meanings of the name Miranda* is precisely ‘mirror’, and again we also see the double numbers of the dates, “upgraded” to 11.

11 is a Master number. (Refer again to Second Birth 11.11.2000 for more.)  A mirror is also used as a symbol for truth.  We know from the fairy tale of Snow White that the Queen’s mirror when asked: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” always spoke the truth.

The West Indian midwife is highly important symbolically as well. She acts as a representative for the Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists (and other religions in the East) who await the coming Krishna, Imam Mahdi and Maitreya Buddha, respectively. MI in Miranda* is the prefix of my name Maitreya in Japanese: “Miroku”; in Chinese: “Mi-Lo-Fwo” and in Korean: “Mireuk”. Maitreya means “Loving Kindness” or “Universal Love”, and is the equivalent of the HF Love and Light energy that descended into my body in 1996. As I write in the book, I love that I was welcomed to Earth and touched first by her warm dark hands. And finally, in this paragraph, the last sentence with the words “soft landing”, is meant to show my arrival as a cosmic traveller, landing on Earth, and so distinguish it from a “regular” birth.

Next in the book comes the first poem:

I come from beyond the rainbow
Past Mercury, Venus and Mars
Beyond your nearest galaxy
And on to distant stars

The journey here is a long one
Through a black hole for nine moons
Then a glittering star emerges
When heaven and earth are attuned

Look in my eyes and you’ll see
They’re different; how can this be?
Pools of dark and bright lit stars
Are all reflected in me

I’ve come because I promised
So many years ago
Yet even you won’t know me
Until it is time to know

For now I’ll be your daughter
We’ll love each other by gene
And then one day I’m another
Sent to all who wish to be seen

This should not need further interpretation. Skipping the few paragraphs regarding the death of my sister (before my birth), my out-of-body travels while I was sick with the disease that had caused her her death, and the joyful birth of my brother, I’ll move quickly on.

We remember that it was Spirit’s intention to let English be my native language and my incarnation country to indicate neutrality. Yet in order not to become too attached to any one country, it was essential that I move around in the world, learn different languages and experience other cultures. Not yet turned three, I needed to establish the English language for a few more years, and so my father was guided by Spirit to move our family to the United States of America, a melting pot of multi-cultural natives and immigrants. The Americas were originally united as one land and known as “Amaruca”, which means “Land of the Plumed Serpent” and the name Amaru is a reference to the deity Huiracocha/Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan to which all the land belonged. It was in front of Amaru Meru’s temple, Hayu Marka (Gate of the Gods), that my Sacred Ascension Stone manifested for me as a gift from the Gods and physical proof showing that I am who I say I am.

Amaru Meru is the same deity as the Akkadian deity Amurru, son of the sky-god Anu. The name of Zoroastrian deity, Mithra, originates in the Indo-European root “Mihr”, and is etymologically related to Meru, Mary and Miranda*. The ancient name for Egypt was To-Mera, and the written name for the Great Pyramid was M’R, the root for Meru, Myrrh, Mihr and Mithra. There is evidence that Amurru was also the real god of Abraham, replaced along the way by the Jewish god YHWH, who descended into Christianity and Islam. In any case, the god Meru was a central figure in the religious beliefs of the Americas, Egypt, ancient Sumer and India.

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes“, (here we see a reference to an abundance of water again), and the state motto is: “The star of the North”, which is associated with the Pole star, the star by which sailing travellers are guided and find their way. My book’s title is “Star*Avatar”, the first chapter in my book is called “Birth of a Star”, my name Miranda* is spelt with a star etc. The Star is the single most important symbol throughout my book, and it represents my Christ Star (the updated, higher version of the Star of David) and Spirit. And so, what better state to move to than Minnesota?

The following paragraph in the book is as follows:
“During my first flight in this lifetime, with BOAC from London to New York, I was so excited to actually be flying in the air that I was permitted by the friendly air hostesses to see the cockpit and meet the pilots. Soaring across the open blue sky was exhilarating. I absolutely loved it. And when they gave me an airplane pin and a flight logbook for keeps, I think I decided on my future profession then and there.”

Firstly, I love to fly because I am used to interdimensional travelling when not physically incarnated. I recount several of my UFO flights, both as passenger and as pilot, in my book. And so, my exhilaration was not only because of the wonderful sensation of weightlessness, but because it was my first true recognition of something that wasn’t “of this Earth”, so to speak.

And now, I have a playful experiment for you: Consider you are the Awaited One (to put it in simple terms) and you are choosing your future profession. Which profession would you choose and why? Think about it for a minute or two. Which qualifications would you need? You should preferably be able to speak several languages. You should be able to interact well with people from all walks of life and all classes of society, treating everyone with the same respect and warmth. And you should be “calm in the midst of chaos”, never letting negativity affect you. You should be able to speak to large groups of people. And considering that the world is a home for billions of people, how could you quickly reach as many as possible? The answer is that there is no profession more suited for this than that of a flight attendant!

Remembering that we are energy/Spirit in physical form, consider the vast amount of people I intermingled with in the 14 years I worked for S.A.S. / Scandinavian Airlines; not only the thousands of passengers on board, but all who were within my energy field in airports, cities and various kinds of public transportation all around the world. Can you see the intelligence of Spirit’s purpose for my profession? My job was to give and be of service, and there is no higher calling. I welcomed everyone on board equally, with the same genuine smile, made announcements in several languages standing in front of all seated along the plane, and often used humour when communicating with passengers and co-workers during the flight. I was trained to handle emergencies, “be calm in the midst of chaos” and comfort and assist our passengers. Isn’t this the perfect background profession for my imminent public role?

When we add to the equation that my mother was a teacher and my father a pastor, as a combination of the two I become a spiritual teacher. I have studied astrology since I was 13 and attended a three-year school (passing written and oral exams and receiving my diploma) and esoteric psycho-therapy (energetic training for 4 years, resulting in two diplomas.) I have studied and taught many other symbolic languages, such as the Tarot, runes, dream interpretation, the Kabbalah, numerology etc., all of which are valuable tools for developing intuition and leading to Self- or God-realization.

“Upon arrival at J.F.K. airport we were held up at Customs, where the officials wanted to check through every single suitcase and bag my parents had with them. Dad was busy opening suitcases and dealing with the officials, and Mom was holding Paul. I stood beside them, but when for one moment they weren’t looking, I wandered off, fascinated with the busy energy and different people and new sights all around me. I walked over to where I could watch the planes take off and land in the distance and was completely absorbed, not at all aware of the panic and confusion I had caused my parents who couldn’t find me.

This was the first of several times in my early childhood that I would wander off on my own, each time causing a great deal of fear and commotion, whereas I myself had no idea of this and felt completely safe and protected. Another time was when we visited Leeds again when I was five. We had just arrived at the Church House, where a lot of our earlier parishioners had come to see us, and in the commotion of greetings and hugs I simply walked out of the door unnoticed. It didn’t take me many moments to reach the nearest intersecting street, and there I turned left and went down a hill into a Pakistani and Indian district. My disappearance was soon discovered, of course, and everyone was greatly alarmed. The police was contacted immediately and given a description of me, and after what must surely have been some harrowing minutes for my parents as well as for everyone else, I was brought back in a police car by two friendly police officers. I was beaming and pleased with my adventure and could not understand why Mom started crying as soon as she saw me, and then hugged me so hard that I could scarcely breathe.”

These lines about my frequent disappearances indicate my leonine “fearlessness” in the midst of unknown surroundings, and show that, in stead of feeling insecure and staying close to my family, I feel completely safe to wander freely at will. Also, if you thought the reference to the Eastern religions through the symbol of the West Indian midwife was a bit “stretched”, you see it repeated again here. It was as if I (as soul) couldn’t wait to make my presence known to those who are awaiting Maitreya. Yet I would have to do just that for many years.

Skipping a paragraph, I’ll continue with:
When my Dad was busy working on a sermon or other church-related matters in his study and I wasn’t supposed to disturb him, I would go over his head, so to speak, and talk to my other Father, my Father in Heaven. I never prayed to Jesus even though I felt very close to him; perhaps because I already felt so close to him. He was as close as my own heartbeat. Instead I went directly to God Himself because I figured “Father knows best”. I would have long conversations with God all the time, not only after a scolding in order to seek consolation, but also on happier occasions, simply because I enjoyed talking with Him.”

Here the main point is that Jesus is as close to me as my own heartbeat. In other words, although I did not yet know I myself was Jesus reincarnated; it simply never felt natural for me to pray to him, even though others around me did. But then how could it be natural to pray to oneself? Yet my connection with my Father in Heaven was as strong as ever.

The chapter continues with my childhood interests, for instance reading fairy tales, legends and anything about magical and divine powers.

“At home I borrowed Mom’s copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology, The Age of Fable, and I’d lie in bed and read all about Greek gods and goddesses until I fell asleep with the big book on my chest. I loved how the gods and goddesses mingled with mortals, and the way nothing was by chance, but always in accordance with fate or the will of the gods. Heroes and heroines became constellations in the stars, and this stirred deep memories inside me, memories not yet ready to be remembered.”

This served as early training in archetypal and collective themes, ethics, cause and effect / karma (or reward and punishment by the gods), the concept of a Higher Plan (destiny / the will of the gods) and the inter-relatedness of humans with divine, cosmic beings.

“Because our town was so small, everybody knew everybody, and we kids would all play together regardless of age differences. It served to work out perfectly, because the older kids would take care of the younger ones. We were one big bunch, hanging out together. Our house was right next to a huge cornfield, owned by a friendly neighbour who often gave us corn for free, and then Mom would make corn on the cob for supper. It was my favourite thing to eat. He let all us children use his tool shed as our club house, and we’d play hide and seek among the tall cornstalks towering high above our heads, trying to keep perfectly quiet when we heard the sound of footsteps of someone approaching, so as not to be found.”

The oldest children taking care of the youngest, is an ideal solution that hinders any kind of bullying or excluding. It is similar to the “buddy system”, except it isn’t limited to a one-on-one relationship.

Corn is a symbol for abundance and according to Pocahontas it is “gold”, because it is food and thereby valuable for sustaining life, whereas monetary gold can’t be eaten. Corn is also a symbol for resurrection. “The death of the grain and the death of the god were one and the same: the cereal is identified with the god who came from heaven; he is the bread by which man lives. The resurrection of the god symbolized the rebirth of the grain.” The resurrection theme is repeated in our game of hide and seek, in which we are “dead” while hidden and “reborn” when found again.

This image shows Osiris with wheat growing from his body. The sprouting corn implies resurrection.

The book continues:
“Because of a variety of activities arranged by the church, there was a great sense of fellowship and unity in our community. Nearly the entire town would happily attend the sharing of pot-luck dinners, outings, theme evenings or performances and other events. Again, we kids would run around and have fun together while seeing our parents and neighbours enjoying themselves, laughing and joking and simply being the best examples of adult role models one could ever want. It made us feel loved and safe, and sowed a seed of trust in us that the world was a good place to live in.

At one “Mother-daughter Banquet” at Vang Church, Mom and I were there together with a great number of other mothers and their daughters. I was supposed to sit next to my mother, but I asked if I might sit with my friend Margaret instead, and was given permission to do so. When everyone had sat down, a woman from the congregation addressed us all, welcoming us to the potluck dinner and giving other information. Then she said that there was a special surprise for one of us. Underneath one of the dinner plates in front of us, there was a flower sticker attached to it. Whoever had this under their plate could come up and receive a prize. I looked under my plate and there it was; a sticker with a beautiful red rose.
“I found it!” I said happily, holding up the plate.
The women sitting near by confirmed it, saying “Yes, honey. You certainly did. Go on, and get your prize.”
So I went up to the front with all eyes on me and accepted the wrapped parcel from the woman, thanking her and adding:
“I just knew it was for me”.
Everybody laughed, but in a friendly way. I was often given small gifts or tokens of appreciation from people in the congregation whom I didn’t even know, simply because I was the pastor’s daughter. So I wasn’t surprised that there was a little something for me this evening as well, but it did feel great to have won it, seemingly by total coincidence, among so many other people.
Back in my seat I opened the parcel and uncovered a bronze cowbell, the kind the lead cow wears when leading the herd to their destination. I was too young to appreciate the symbolism of me receiving that cowbell at the age of nine, but loved it immediately for its shiny bronze colour and the beautiful musical tone it gave off when I rang it.”

Here are several interesting points to observe more closely. Unity and fellowship is emphasized again. Out of a large number of people and “seemingly by total coincidence” I win the evening’s prize. It is a parallel to how I, among billions of people, and “seemingly by total coincidence” am the Awaited One. Someone has to be the Anchor for Spirit / Source. That is the way it has always been done so that Spirit may be experienced Heart-to-Heart and not become theoretical concepts within Mind. (And I’m showing in as many ways I can manage how and why I am this one.) The flower turns out to be a red rose. The rose is a sacred symbol found throughout a number of religions and other contexts. It is a symbol for both Jesus Christ, Mary and Mary Magdalene, and it represents Divine or True Love.

The rose is sacred to the Goddess. In ancient India, the Great Mother was the Holy Rose. In Asia, the flower of the Goddess is the red China rose. The rose is the flower of Venus/Aphrodite, Isis and many other goddesses. Roses are symbols of the sacred vulva of the Goddess. The vulva is the gateway through which life is born, and when man lovingly unites with woman, he receives direct access to the Power of the Goddess. The rose also represents beauty and joy. When you tune in to my Self, you may often notice the fragrance of roses (or jasmine).

The way I receive my gift/prize is precisely with great joy, and my confident manner does not indicate that I am spoiled. It means that I am able to receive. Many people struggle with this, and are much better at giving than receiving. The giver is the one “in control” in a mode of action (male energy), whereas the receiver then must “submit” to a mode of reaction/response (female energy). Often the receiver then feels uncomfortable and immediately tries to either resist or give back, thus ruining the flow of giving and receiving. It is an art to know how to receive with grace.

The symbol of the bronze cowbell is explained by its purpose. It is what the lead cow wears when leading the herd to their destination. Giving off a musical tone that can be heard by all, it symbolizes my frequency tone (of Love and Harmony) that is the Cosmic Christ/Buddha Consciousness, which people everywhere are hearing inwardly. True change can only happen from within. The outward way is expressive and male, whereas the inward way is intuitive and female; explaining why I am here in female HUman form. My bell acts like a tuning fork, and all who are open and ready for this tone, begin to resonate with it. It is the “blowing of the trumpet”, of the impending day of the Lord/ Lady, causing the Great Awakening.  And so, both the symbol of the rose, as Goddess (divine female) and the symbol of the cowbell for the lead cow (the one who shows the way), point to my identity and role.

I wish to add one more precious jewel in this context, related to a musical frequency tone, and that is the toning or singing of the ancient name for God/Spirit, HU. It is the purest form of prayer, in that it doesn’t direct God/Spirit or ask for anything, but is simply sung as a Love Song to God. HU opens the heart, aligns all chakras and has uplifting and healing effects. I write extensively about HU in my book, and have devoted an entire chapter to it, called “The Magic of HU.” As HUmans, we are divine beings, united in HU. (See The Power of Chant and then The HU Song.)

Continuing with the book:
“Another event that made an impression on me was when I was playing with a friend of mine in her house next door and there was a sudden tornado warning over the radio. My friend’s parents had relatives visiting them at the time, and we all hurried downstairs into the basement. The danger of the tornado was so imminent that they wouldn’t even allow me to cross the street and go home. My friend and I sat with clothes baskets over our heads for protection in case the house would come crashing down upon us. The strange thing is that I remember I wasn’t afraid. On the contrary, I thought the whole situation was exciting, like an adventure. This was probably more due to the adults’ ability to remain calm and collected for the sake of us children, than my own inner knowing that this wasn’t my time to go. But, then again, maybe it was the other way around. Needless to say, the tornado passed by our little town, ripping the tall stalks in the cornfields to shreds but fortunately not doing much more damage than that.”

The not-so-obvious symbolism here is that of going down into the basement. In symbology, the basement represents our own inner depths, the dark areas many people choose not to see. It represents our sub-consciousness, where we can be victims of fear, uncertainty, the unknown and hidden, secrets, powerful or overwhelming feelings and desires and so forth. It is Pluto’s domain, the frightening underworld of Hades. As such, my entering this world is a meeting with powerful Plutonic forces, and clearly early training in literally “remaining calm in the midst of a storm.”

“During those happy childhood years my family and I took two long road trips around the Western states in 1973 and 1974, visiting many sacred sites and Indian reserva-tions as well as beautiful national parks such as Yellowstone Park, Rocky Mountains and the Redwood Forest. As we were leaving the campsite in Yellowstone early one morning, we suddenly caught up with a long line of cars and campers that had stopped. It turned out that the reason for this were three grizzly bears just beside the road, and people were looking at them and of course photographing eagerly. Mom, Paul and I got out of the car to observe the bears from a distance. Unafraid, I walked so close to one of them that I could look it in the eyes. And when the eyes of the bear met mine, I felt us connect deeply on some telepathic level. It was as if we shared an intimate bond and we instantly recognized and knew each other. The moment seemed to last much longer than it did. I’ll never forget it.”

Here we see that my parents were guided by Spirit to allow me (and all of us, of course) visits to sacred sites, which I will address later. The symbolism of three grizzly bears ought to ring a bell. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? Many years after this meeting, I enacted the scene in a “rectified” version together with my children and our neighbour’s daughter. Here is the book except:

“I went into the kitchen to make us some oatmeal porridge for breakfast. I had just set the table and was about to call the children when the doorbell rang. It was Nanna, the girl next door, come to play with Helene. I told Helene that breakfast was ready and that Nanna could wait for her in her room, but she asked if Nanna could please join us.
“But I’ve already divided the porridge into three bowls”, I explained.
“She can eat from my bowl”, Helene replied sweetly.
“All right; if it’s okay with Nanna.”
And so we pulled up a chair for her, Helene gave her a spoon, and they shared Helene’s porridge from the same bowl. Another insignificant episode perhaps, but every event was teaching me something. There was a deeper symbolic meaning to them whenever I looked more closely. This incident was just like the fairytale of Goldilocks and the three bears. Our street address was Bears’ Terrace 3, so Helene, Alexander and I represented the three bears whereas blond-haired Nanna was Goldilocks. The only difference was that in the fairytale the bears frightened Goldilocks so she ran away, whereas we had invited her in. We replaced rejection and fear with sharing and trust.”

The meeting I had with the bear on a telepathic level was my first interspecies recognition. We had two cats that I loved dearly, and being naturally fond of animals, I was often around others as well, but this was my first lesson in “animal whispering”, the art of silent communication with animals. I can now “whisper” with all kinds of animals, even ants! (I will share a wonderful ant-connecting experience with you another time.)

Symbolically, a bear represents strength, wisdom and intuition. Bears hibernate in the cold months, allowing them access to the unconscious in order to blend intuition and instinct leading to attaining personal power. Bear helps people recognize personal truth and when to stand up for rights and when to walk away. The Celtic people had two goddesses who shapeshifted into a bear, Andarta and Artio, names derived from “Art,” the Celtic word for bear. The male counterpart of Bear is associated with King Arthur, mentioned earlier.

“We spent the nights at camping sites as we headed west, and I loved lying outside the tent as long as my parents would let me, so I could gaze up at the stars and search out the constellations I had learned about in my books. I would seek out the Big and Little Dippers, the seven sisters of the Pleiades, Orion, Cassiopeia, Sirius and others. I was also particularly attracted to Venus, since she was the Goddess of Love. Her star and planet shone so brightly and sweetly that I usually picked her as my wishing star.”

Here the first not-so-apparent message is that my inner world, reading about stars and constellations, was now manifesting in my outer world, as I was now gazing at the stars and could connect with them on a deeper level. As a Pleiadian/Venusian, it is no wonder I was particularly fond of Venus. As Jesus reincarnated, I am “the bright morning star”, and as Quetzalcoatl I am “the lord/lady of the star of the dawn”, just as Pleiadians are the “bringers of the dawn”. I am Venus astrologically through her placement in my horoscopes. (08.08 horoscope: Venus conjunct Uranus and Pluto, opposite Saturn conjunct Chiron, sextile Neptune. 11.11. horoscope: Venus conjunct Galactic Centre.)  And most importantly, I am Venus/Aphrodite literally by living as Love embodied in female HUman form. My book illustrates this in a number of ways, for instance in the manner I shed my mermaid tail (having used the mermaid symbolism repeatedly throughout the book) and in an instant am transformed into Venus, my new legs walking shakily on the floor that to me felt like water.

Another example of my Venus/Aphrodite identity is the way I act as a catalyst for men to find their “true love” / life partner almost immediately after their relationship with me is over. This has happened too many times for it to be coincidental. Another related example is that I have yet to find my own “true love” / life partner as no man I have been with so far has been “my equal” in the area of love. I have had wonderful partners, and there was nothing “wrong” with them. I simply mean that the HF level of Love I embody is rare, and men can perhaps confuse unconditional love and the ability to forgive with submissiveness and weakness. They may see this as me not loving myself enough to set boundaries. The irony is that it is precisely because I am able to love myself fully that I can go beyond conventional concepts of boundaries and simply BE Love. I still have standards and know “when to stand up for myself and when to walk away” (to use the attributes of the bear), but the quality of my love is divine and thus unusual and perhaps frightening for some. And so I am the eternal Virgin, free to love who I wish. Until perhaps one day a man knowing no fear manages to capture my heart and hold on to it… ;-)

The book continues.
“We often visited Indian reservations, where we would meet Native Americans in their gift shops full of handmade colourful beaded jewellery and belts, feathers, pipes, arrow-heads, smudges, drums, dreamcatchers and more. It felt wonderful to be surrounded on all sides by those beautiful and magical items. And outside we could even hunt for arrowheads ourselves in the rivers running through the reservations. I loved being there. The atmosphere made me feel completely at home and at peace, and these were my favourite stops on our journeys. I didn’t know it at the time, and neither did my parents, but it was very important that they enabled me to visit those sacred sites. The energies I carried in my young physical body were mutually interchanged with the energies of the people we met and the places we visited. My body’s energy mingled with the energies of its surroundings and the Earth itself, continuously transmitting and receiving with a natural sensitivity.”

This explains the reason for our visits to the sacred sites. Having lived in Amaruca in Lemurian times, I was “picking up” ancient information held there, once again storing it in my body on a cellular level, and leaving traces of my own energies behind. The theme of connecting on a deeper level, such as with the bear and the Earth, is repeated with an encounter I then have with a Native American Indian who I feel I recognize from somewhere, although I know we have only just met. This relates to reincarnation and the meeting / recognition of people one has been with before.

Skipping this incident (since it is quite long), I continue with the following:
Living so far from our relatives in Norway and Hungary, we didn’t see them very often back then. My friends all had grandparents and other family close by, but I did not. At one point I was convinced that I wasn’t even biologically my parents’ child, but that I had been adopted. For some reason they just wouldn’t tell me so, I believed. However, this changed when we travelled to Europe in 1970 and visited the home countries of both of my parents. In Norway we stayed with my grandparents, Noomi and Ole Severin, and we celebrated Paul’s third birthday there. Mom’s four sisters came with their husbands and children, my uncles and cousins. Then there were my mom’s aunts and uncles, and their families, until there were so many people around that I asked: “Mom, are all these people my relatives?” And when she confirmed it, I beamed delightedly. I felt like I had been given the greatest gift in the world! I couldn’t speak their language, but I watched and listened as best I could.”

The feeling of being adopted is quite common among Star Beings, who feel different from the other members of their family. Intuitively, we know we don’t belong to Earth, but this is usually suppressed until later in life. I won’t go into the numerology of 1970, the meaning of my grandparents’ names, the symbolism of five daughters etc., but simply say that my delight in suddenly discovering all these “new” relatives can be likened to the current relationships we are forming, now that we recognize one another as SiStars and BroStars. “Mitakuye Oyasin” is a Lakota Sioux term meaning “We are all related.” These words include not only human family, but all of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms as well as the forces of nature (wind, thunder, lightening, etc.) plus the elements, in that we are all connected in the intricate web of existence, and that each is affected by actions of any other. Everything is interrelated; nothing exists in isolation.

“In Hungary it was pretty much the same. My dad’s father, Adam, had died before I was born, but we usually stayed with my grandmother, Terezia, and my dad’s sister, my aunt Piroska. I was surrounded by foreign words and sounds, and once when my parents went off to visit some other relatives, Paul and I were left in the care of people we couldn’t communicate with. I would later come to see this as early training in reading body language, and interpreting the meaning behind verbal communication from others that I couldn’t understand, by feeling their energies within myself.”

Hungary is the only country in the world that begins with the letters HU, and this is also the country’s letter code. Earth’s (3rd dimensional) heart chakra is located in Dobógókö (meaning “pulsating rock”) near Budapest, and when one puts one’s ear to the ground one can hear Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Adam was mentioned earlier “in the beginning” of this article, and no further interpretation is necessary. I will only add that my grandfather Adam, was the son of Jakob, son of Jozsef. My great-grandmother was Eva.

“For me, one last important event took place before we moved to Europe. My father had asked me to recite Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem “If” at our farewell Service at Vang. He promised me a quarter for each verse, so with four verses I would earn a dollar. I didn’t do it for the money, but because he asked me to. Diligently I memorized the words until I knew them by heart, and then recited them in front of the entire congregation, alone in front of the Christ statue at the altar.”

(Vang Church, 1974) The altar shows the Christ statue, beautifully made by Danish sculptor Bernt Thorvaldsen. Observe that I am in front of “The Risen Christ” and that (Jesus) Christ’s face is not on the picture. The cross between us indicates my soul’s journey from that of being known as Jesus (the inanimate statue), through death (the cross) to an ascended state, and then to becoming Linda Brit / Maitreya Miranda* (alive, in front), the Feminine Christ today.

The poem my father chose is highly interesting to note as well. It was one of Spirit’s intelligent ways of teaching me the contents of the poem as training for my future role. And it ends with “you’ll be a Man, my son!”. How much more is needed to see my male/female identity?

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build ‘em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run -
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

This concludes the book’s first chapter. As such, its contents are related to the number 1. We can see how the keywords of 1 have been this chapter’s themes: New beginnings, leadership, purity and oneness.  Even now, with all we have “deciphered”, there is still far more we could have unveiled, should we have wanted to. For instance the year we moved to USA, 1968. 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 24 (2 +4) = 6. 6 is related to Jupiter, and USA is a Jupiter country. And so on, and so on. There are layers upon layers within the words and numbers, for those who not only look, but see.

There is one final sign I’d like to share with you, because it is a visual “message”, located on the back of the book’s cover. Do you see it?


Love and Light in Oneness,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~





June 19th 2012, Kin 22 White Solar Wind, 1 Men (Eagle)

Riddle answer: The message on the back of the book I’m referring to lies with the two capital letters “I” and “M”. Together they become: I (A)M.

Star of Spirit

I have mentioned my Star on many occasions and in many articles, and will now attempt to explain what it is in greater detail. Although I consistently refer to it as “my” Star; because it is the Star of Spirit, it ultimately belongs to everyone.

In order to show you how it relates to me personally, we have to go back in time to 1996. I had been here on Earth for 31 years by then, having a close connection with Spirit since childhood, yet without knowing my true identity at the time. But in 1996 this changed, as I was not only re-awakened to remember my true identity and life purpose, but also experienced what can only be called an “immaculate conception”. This began a four-year gestation/integration process, eventually resulting in “me” birthing myself in November 2000.

I realize that what I am saying here is hard to grasp. What is an “immaculate conception”, you may ask? It is when Spirit decides to take on a physical human form and descend from the higher etheric planes to the lower planes of matter. In Mary’s case 2000 years ago, she carried the physical form of Jesus/me that Spirit descended into when Jesus/I had become an adult and prepared for this level of High Frequency vibration. In my case, as Linda in this incarnation, I was both the carrier and the recipient of Spirit descending into physical human form. This was possible because I am a woman. You may question, “But if it is an etheric (spiritual) conception and not biological, then why couldn’t this equally well happen to a man?” The answer is that even though DNA in effect IS etheric energy (Spirit), something that scientists today have yet to understand[1], it is still only women who can give birth to a soul through their own bodies.

But let us continue with the Star of Spirit. In order to explain it in the best way I can, I will share the following text from my book:

Excerpt from Chapter 9
(March 19th 1996) I was lying in bed around midnight, ready to go to sleep. Suddenly there was a strange sound in the room, but I couldn’t tell what it was or where it was coming from. The room was dark and quiet, except for that faint sound I was hearing. It was like a soft rhythmic throbbing at a continuous pace and it wasn’t going away. I sat up, switched on the lamp by my bed and looked around the room trying to locate where it was coming from.

Outside the March air was still cold, so the window had been left closed. There was no draft in the room, and the multicoloured mobile with exotic birds hanging on the opposite wall hung motionless, perfectly still. Yet the sound seemed to be coming from that area. Slowly, I got out of bed and walked towards the sound, intrigued by now. Next to the mobile, my blue and white porcelain baptism plate hung from a nail in the wall, as it had done for several years. Only now it was quivering, shaking all by itself against the wall. Its movement was the cause of the throbbing sound.

I watched it for a second or two, neither really surprised at the plate’s odd behaviour nor afraid. I was thinking. “Hmm. My baptism plate, why is it shaking? What does it mean?” It wasn’t as if I witnessed paranormal occurrences often. Actually, this was the first truly weird example I had seen in my outer world up until then. So I tried to make sense of it with rational reasoning as well as using my intuition. I was reflecting now, trying to analyze the situation by looking closer at what was happening. The plate had my name and date and place of birth written on it, making it very personal and not merely decorative. Could its shaking be an attempt to catch my attention for some reason?

Without any particular thoughts in my head, I slowly stretched out my hand and touched the plate with my forefinger. The shaking stopped. The plate was still. I walked over to the window and looked out at the starlit sky, seeking out the brightest star I could see. Addressing it, I said out loud into the quiet room:
“Whatever it is that you have in store for me, I am ready.”

I stood there a little while gazing at the star and then crept back into bed, my mind no longer concerned with the matter. Soon I slept; knowing that whatever lay ahead would happen in its own time. Little did I know of the life-changing events that were to take place nine months later.

Excerpt from Chapter 10
Nine months passed and it was mid November. I was together with my father and my children in a shopping centre in town, when I suddenly felt strong stomach pains. They were so sharp and painful that I gasped for breath and bent forward in order to reduce the spasms. My father was alarmed.
“What is it?” he asked concerned.
“I don’t know”, I managed to utter softly, using as little breath as I needed to. “I can hardly breathe.”
“Perhaps you’d better sit down”, Dad said, helping me to a chair at the café near by.
As I sat there trying to regain my breath and rest from the pain racing through my body, I suddenly remembered my visit to the toilet that morning, and how I had been surprised to find traces of blood as I wiped myself. I had finished my latest period a week previously. Was there any connection to what was happening now?
“We’d better head home”, I thought, “so I can call a doctor and ask him about this.”

At home I called the doctor and explained the symptoms I was experiencing, and after ruling out a miscarriage since I hadn’t been with a man for many months, the doctor couldn’t give me any certain diagnosis and just recommended that I lie down and rest. I could call him again, should I become any worse. So I rested, and although I still experienced some more bleeding, the spasms became weaker and eventually they stopped altogether. I was relieved to feel fine again, even though I still didn’t know why this had happened. How was I to know that I was experiencing birthing pains? I wasn’t even pregnant. At least not in the usual sense.

The following day I travelled with Marit and Olaf in their car to Oslo in order to attend the annual Body-Mind-Spirit convention that we had been looking forward to for some time. This convention is the biggest in Europe in its field. One can attend lectures and workshops, listen to world music, participate in group meditations or browse the many booths selling books, crystals, dream catchers, Tarot cards and the like. You could also get a number of clairvoyant readings according to your preference. There was something for everyone. When we arrived, we split up and mingled with the other visitors. Oslo Spectrum, which they used for this occasion, was packed. The place was filled with the sound of people’s voices and musical instruments, and you didn’t have to be particularly sensitive in order to feel the tingling atmosphere, it was so strong. I felt light as a feather and excited about all there was to see and learn.

I took it all in, met some old friends, bought a few early Christmas presents and attended the lectures that I had selected from the weekend’s program that looked the most interesting to me. There was one lecture in particular that had been very inspiring. It was held by a Swedish man who had travelled all over the world and lived in ashrams in the Far East for many years. After the lecture I went to his booth and observed him as he tended to the people who had come to his booth before me. I noticed how he told a helper of his to lower the prices on the books they were selling. “It’s important to get them out to the people”, he said. I liked that he wasn’t there for the money, but that he believed in what he was doing, so I decided to have a reading with him. We sat down, with the bustle and sounds of people all around us, but soon I didn’t notice it as much and then it faded away altogether. His concentration was totally focused on me. We seemed connected at a deep level and were in a space entirely of our own. When he saw my horoscope with fix stars added, he even became a little excited, as if there was something there of interest that was out of the ordinary. He talked of foreign trips I would make, to holy places, in order to incorporate their energies.

“You have a strong connection to Egypt. It would serve you well to go there.”
“I went there with a friend of mine earlier this year”, I confirmed, amazed.
“You are also connected with South America and the Mayan culture,” he continued. Now I had goose bumps. In my earlier regression, I went back to an incarnation in Egypt and one where I had lived on an island off the coast of South America; the very two places he mentioned now! He mentioned I should go to Mexico and told me a lot of other things, and I could tell his energy was very strong. Not strong in a dominant, aggressive or suggestive way, but in a way I found very authentic. He had integrity.

When our session was over, I thanked him and was about to leave when he held me back.
“Wait”, he said, “I have a book for you. This is a gift. It’s important you read it.”
“Thank you,” I said, taking the book and looking at it. It was “An Ascension Handbook” by Tony Stubbs. “I will.”
“Especially chapter nine,” he persisted, looking me straight in the eyes.
“Okay. Thanks again,” I said and walked off.
His gaze had been very forceful and direct. I felt almost giddy. He seemed to see straight through me and even know what lay ahead of me in a very confident way, not like some clairvoyants who often are too dreamy or vague to tell you anything for certain. This was a very enigmatic type of man and I wondered about him. With all his years of travelling, his wisdom, insight and magnetism, I felt I had been in the presence of a Master. He certainly made an impression on me.

On Sunday evening I was heading home again, sitting in the back seat of Marit and Olaf’s car with two other friends. Normally, there being so many of us on Wednesdays, [I am referring to a group of people who meet regularly every Wednesday.] I didn’t have the chance to talk much with them on a personal level, so I enjoyed our four hour drive together, as we shared our impressions from the convention. I felt aglow from all the energies I had been subjected to, and also very warm, so I took off my coat. But I still felt uncomfortably warm and wondered if we might open a window and let in some fresh air. Then I noticed that the others still had their coats on and didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable.
“Is it hot here?” I asked.
“No, I think it’s pleasant.”
“So do I”, they replied.
“Hmm. I guess it’s just me then”, I said, and let the issue rest.

Olaf and I continued to talk, discussing our personal viewpoints on various spiritual matters. It was stimulating and fun to exchange our thoughts and experiences with one another while putting mile after mile behind us on our way home. Once, when we really saw eye to eye on some issue, he reached out his hand in a friendly manner in order for me to shake it. I took it in mine and we shook.
“Hey, your hand is clammy”, he observed.
“Yes”, I answered, “I told you I was warm. Actually I feel kind of weird. It must be all the impressions from this weekend.”

But although I didn’t say so out loud, I didn’t believe the feeling I had inside was due to anything from these last few days. It felt deeper, more like an apprehension, or an awareness of something I had not yet experienced but was about to. I can’t explain it. It was as if I, in some other part of me besides my brain, somehow knew that I was about to live through something very extraordinary. I wondered if I might have a UFO encounter in the physical dimension or something of that nature. It was that kind of feeling. I looked out of the car window up into the evening sky, but there were no unusual lights or flying objects to be seen. So I settled back against the seat and decided not to try and analyze the peculiar sensation. There was nothing I could do about it anyway.

Olaf dropped me off at my mother’s house, since she had looked after my children for me while I was in Oslo. I said goodbye to everyone and waved as they drove off. By now it was quite late, but Mom was eager to hear about my weekend, and we ended up talking for a couple of hours before we finally went to bed. I had been feeling wide awake earlier and full of energy, but now I was so exhausted that I practically passed out in bed, and slept deeply until the following morning when my kids came and woke me up. It was to be my last sleep for five days.

My mother had left early for work, so I prepared a late breakfast for the children and myself before we took the bus into town. At the shopping centre I ran into my good friend Karla and her daughter Sarah, and while the children amused themselves, I was able to answer her questions about the convention since she hadn’t been able to go herself this time. Then it was time to do our grocery shopping before we parted and headed for our homes. The rest of the day was uneventful. We had dinner, the kids played with the neighbour’s daughter for a while, and after supper I put them to bed. At the convention I had picked up some brochures, and now I spent the evening looking through them, reading about the various groups and organizations spread around Norway that offered healing, self-development classes, meditation groups and other body-mind-spirit practices.

After hours of reading it was time for bed. I was tired and my head had begun to throb uncomfortably, something not usual for me. But upstairs in the bedroom my normally warm waterbed was freezing cold, and I discovered that the heating element had been pulled out from its socket. One of the kids must have been in there playing before the weekend and had managed to pull it out. I plugged the element back in, but knowing it would take many hours before the bed would be reheated, I took the bedcovers off the bed and carried them back down to the living room. I would just have to sleep on the sofa there instead.

I lay down for a while but couldn’t seem to really relax. My forehead was still throbbing, and in addition I was now feeling very hot. I got up and walked over to where I kept a small collection of crystal stones, and picking a smoothly polished transparent citrine,[2] I brought it back with me to the sofa. With my left hand supporting my throbbing head, I placed my elbow on the table in front of me and leaned on it. Then I took the citrine in my right hand and held it against my forehead.[3] My only thought was that the cold crystal might help to cool it down. But instead something magical happened. I had closed my eyes, but instead of not seeing anything, my forehead was like an inner movie screen and I saw a dazzlingly bright little star spinning and spinning around itself very quickly.

My last conscious thought was: “Wow, this sure isn’t something that happens every day,” before I completely gave in to the experience and let myself be swept away. It felt as if I were racing towards this bright light, or that it was racing towards me, travelling through space on an inner journey so astonishing to me that I was overwhelmed. Time stood still and my surroundings disappeared altogether. I was absorbed and fascinated with the magnificent images I was seeing.

The bright star kept spinning in the centre of my forehead while millions of what seemed to be written words zoomed by, from right to left, at such an incredible speed that I couldn’t distinguish a single word on its own. I sat there, sensing that I was receiving an immense amount of information; either like a programming of some sort, or as if I was suddenly remembering a vast amount of collective knowledge from previous incarnations and non-physical states of being. I sensed intuitively that I was being raised in consciousness to a much higher level than I had ever been during meditation, and I assumed that the longer I sat like this, the higher I would go. After this I moved beyond any realm of thought.

It was as if there were several layers to what I was witnessing, like a kaleidoscope with different images constantly changing. In addition to all the words zooming by, like pages from a never-ending book, and the brilliant star in the middle of my view, I saw beautiful geometrical, multidimensional figures in luminous, fluorescent colours; colours I can’t even begin to describe. Their geometrical shapes were unlike anything I had ever seen. Some of them had straight lines and edges, but most of them were curved, giving a softer impression. They were like higher octaves of the Pythagorean figures we are familiar with, not three-dimensional, but rather eleven- or twelve-dimensional; moving and twisting and constantly changing form. I sensed that they weren’t merely bright, colourful shapes, but living energies of some kind with their own form of intelligence.

I had no thoughts or any particular feelings as this went on. My mind was blank. I didn’t have any sense of self or feeling of “I” at all. I was one with all that was happening. There was no sense of time or space either. I could have been “gone” a few seconds or for hours on end, there was no way of knowing. But as it happened, I had glanced at the digital display clock on my video-recorder as I sat down with the crystal, so when I finally did open my eyes and resumed awareness of my surroundings, I could see that I had been gone for fifty minutes.[4]

My headache vanished, I felt completely different. I felt as if my entire identity was transformed and found myself suddenly knowing and understanding so many intricate things at once that I proceeded to find a notebook and write down all that was coming through. I understood that what had just taken place had a balance to it and an order; the written words being logical and yang, and the colourful spirals and figures being abstract and yin, whereas the star itself came from an even higher Source way above polarity.

I wrote page after page, aware of a system in what I was channelling as each page in its form or content appeared to resemble one of the astrological signs or houses of the Zodiac. My observation was confirmed as the flow coming through me stopped after page twelve, the twelfth house in the Zodiac being the last one and the area of with-drawal and retreat. My wrist hurt and I wondered if I now was done writing. But there was still more before I was finished. Now number sequences started to come through. They went from one to twelve, written vertically under each other, and then started from one again. This went on until I reached the number 60 and had five number sequences, the final – or bottom – sequence became I didn’t know what the number sequences meant but I was given words[5] next to each one and I could tell that they were about future events and discoveries in the fields of quantum physics, DNA, healing, the significance of numbers, geometry and crystals as well as Liquid Light, dimensions, frequencies and UFOs. It was all way beyond my knowledge at the time.

Finished writing, I lay the notebook down and went over to my bookshelf on an inner impulse, finding the book I had been given by the Swede. Skipping the first part of the book, I looked up the ninth chapter as he had instructed me. As I read through the pages I started to cry. I couldn’t contain the immense waves of love and understanding that swept through me. I was overflowing with joyful tears of recognition; it was all so clear. I remembered my true Self. I had been asleep and was finally awakened. Now the many years of my life that I had spent searching for Truth made sense. They had been a quest for identity. I needn’t believe in Christ any longer. I AM Christ. My entire being was filled with the Cosmic Consciousness and my soul rejoiced in its awakened state. The love I felt in my heart was so strong that it no longer extended only to my family and friends, but to the whole of humanity, the entire cosmos and nature itself. It had become universal.

The “I” in this lifetime finally remembered what it had been sent here to do, and my individual mission here on Earth was perfectly clear to me. It was a very important mission that I had completely forgotten, but now remembered had been prearranged to happen in this way at a certain time. And now that time had come. I had never felt so awake. Walking over to my book-shelf again, I took out my dream journals from the last couple of years and flipped through them. I could now understand the dreams and cosmic travels I had had on a deeper level than I had been able to do before. It became clear to me that I had been preparing for my task on the inner planes for years, and I realized that Spirit and the Star Beings were guiding me every step of the way. I felt an enormous wave of gratitude. (End excerpt)

With this extremely High Frequency vibration I performed the first part of my life purpose in this incarnation, as I seeded the Cosmic Christ Consciousness into the collective consciousness of humanity and sent it out from myself like a rippling wave that has since spread all around the world and grown in strength and intensity over the years. (See: The Source of the Cosmic Consciousness Wave.) The second part of my life purpose will take place after I come forward into the public, and can connect and speak with you in person.

I began seeing the Star more and more often in meditation, always spinning at the center of my forehead (Third Eye). When I was introduced to the ancient name for God/Spirit, HU, and sang it for the first time together with a group of people, my recognition was so strong that I immediately began to cry afterwards. My friend who had led the meditation asked me what had happened during the HU song, and I told him I had seen a bright Light in a light-blue shade. He then introduced me to the teachings of Eckankar (= Co-creator with God/Spirit), which focus on direct experience with the Light and Sound of God. Spirit is known as EK/ECK and is seen inwardly as Light and heard inwardly as Sound, the Audible Life Stream. Eckists (members of Eckankar) are well acquainted with the Star of Spirit/ECK, and it is even featured as a beautiful skylight in the sanctuary of theTemple of ECK in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

I became a member of Eckankar in early 1997, and enjoyed numerous experiences with the Star and the Light and Sound of Spirit. This included beautiful geometric shapes and patterns, much like the ones I had seen upon Spirit’s descent into my system, but also others that would appear as star glyphs in fields at a later point in time. I experienced clear dreams, memories of past lives, interdimensional travels in the Etheric Planes as well as important initiations, all of which were Spirit’s way of preparing me for my future role here on Earth.

The Star was always with me, and I even began seeing it with my eyes open, in my peripheral vision. This would happen often, usually when I felt especially in tune with myself and one with Spirit, and when I was talking with someone about spiritual matters. Soon others began to see it around me as well. A former boyfriend of mine would always see it in my forehead (Third Eye). Others commented on seeing it above my head, and some could also sense a fragrance of flowers in my presence, of rose or jasmine. But it wasn’t until my Second Birth that it truly settled and became a permanent part of me. This was when a group of people belonging to the Baha’i faith served as midwives and helped me to birth myself as Miranda*, with the Star accompanying the name I had been given inwardly nine months earlier. (See Second Birth 11.11.2000.) Etymologically, it is clear to see the Sananda – Linda – Miranda* similarity of my names.

I have written elsewhere that I am Venusian/Pleiadian. This is because although I originate from (and am One with) Source, I am highly connected to both these areas in the Cosmos. It is normal to live and move interdimensionally in the Cosmos, much like we travel and move to other countries on Earth. Close to the Pleiades, there is a certain Star that has caught the attention of a number of people, particularly Wayne Herschel, and after years of researching sacred sites all around the world, he has written “The Hidden Records – The Star of the Gods”, a book that illustrates with beautiful star maps how the sacred sites on Earth align with constellations in the sky, in addition to addressing his cosmic and historical discoveries. (See his website here. Observe when he speaks of RA that it is part of my name as well, Mi-RA-(a)nda*.) Much more will be revealed about this Star in the near future.

I am also connected to Venus by a certain frequency that is part of my system. On Earth you might call it part of my personality, but in the Etheric Planes it is an aspect of my energetic system or soul. Venus is usually portrayed as a pentagram, due to her pentagonal “rose line” 8-year orbit as seen from Earth.

Embodied here on Earth, the pentagram becomes my six-armed Star because the “Rod of ECK”, which is Spirit in human physical form, runs through my body. This is how it becomes the Star of Spirit, or the Star of Christ, as Herschel terms it on his website. If you keep in mind the image of the Vitruvian man or woman, it can be illustrated in this way:


The image of the Vitruvian woman is seen here as a pentagram, with the five elements added.

Here the vertical line represents Spirit as it runs through my body along the spine, from the Crown chakra to where it extends out of the Root chakra.

Here I have colored the star blue and simply given the vertical line more ”body” at the bottom, indicating that it is embodied, thus showing how it becomes my six-armed Star:

My mother, who is not clairvoyant and usually does not see beyond the physical realm, saw this as a 2-3 cm rod of silvery steel down my entire body from the top of my head and out between my legs, and it alarmed her greatly. This happened when I was 28 (1993), in other words prior to Spirit’s descent into my system in 1996, so it’s been there since birth (and beyond). The Children of the Sun term it Platinum Cosmic Light, and they have written an excellent article about it, which can be found here. (Note that they write about me in the future tense, because they are not aware that I am already here.)

The Mayans, with whom I have lived and taught in earlier incarnations, know me as Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan and are well aware that Venus is my Star, both the Morning Star and the Evening Star. Quetzalcoatl is the Feathered Serpent, and the symbology of this is not clear to everyone, but it indicates a being that is a combination of eagle and serpent. This symbolizes one who embodies both the lower nature of matter (serpent) and the higher nature of Spirit (eagle) in perfect union. It is when the Kundalini snake has risen up the spine along all the chakras, resulting in a state of enlightenment.

Born as Linda (Leo), my name means snake/ serpent, and the Snake is my Chinese astrological
sign. Born as Miranda*, I am a Scorpio. The higher symbol for Scorpio is the eagle or the phoenix, because it has been through the transformation of death and risen again. So you can see my relation to Venus as the Feathered Serpent in light of this.

With the Venus Transit occurring now, I emerge as Spirit in physical human female form; in other words, as the Sacred Feminine, the goddess Venus/Aphrodite because I am the embodiment of Love. (See cover photo of my book at the top of the page.) It is precisely due to my presence here as female that the goddess energy is returning. The last Golden Age was an Age of the Goddess, with no wars or conflicts, but a harmonious, thriving society. After our descent into the Silver, Bronze and Iron Age, we are now returning to a New Golden Age; and the values of Love versus power, Peace versus war, Cooperation versus force, and Balanced Harmony versus all kinds of imbalances will become the norm once again.

Even though this article is of considerable length, I still fall short, as volumes more could be said about my Star. I hope the links I have provided can give you a clearer idea of what this star represents, and that we can talk more about it in the future. Additional information can also be found in my article: Why I am FEMALE.

May you enjoy the Venus Transit, and receive my Love in your heart. We are one.

♥*´¯`*•.¸¸♥ L◯V Є ♥´¯`*•.¸¸♥

Love and Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

June 3rd 2012, Kin 6 White Rhythmic WorldBridger, 11 Cauac (Storm)



[1] Gregg Braden has an understanding of this, and he writes about Spirit/God in DNA in his book ”The God Code”.

[2] Citrine is a form of Quartz (crystal form of silicon dioxide; SiO2) and is distinguished from other forms of quartz by its yellow/golden transparent colour. It is formed according to trigonal crystal symmetry and usually takes the form of a six-sided prism. Citrine has many interesting metaphysical characteristics but the most important one is that it does not hold or accumulate negative energies and therefore never needs to be cleansed or cleared.

[3] The 3rd Eye is connected to the Pineal Gland in the brain.

[4] Astrologers, chart data: 19.11.1996, 0307 AM, Arendal, Norway. Observe mainly North node conjunct AC, Juno/Hera conjunct DC, Venus/Aphrodite conjunct Chiron/ Christ and Mira (asteroid 3633) opposite Sun.

[5] Samvatsara is “year” in Sanskrit. In Hindu traditions there are 60 Samvatsaras, each of which has a name. Once all 60 samvatsaras are over, the cycle starts over again. Synchronistically, the year 2012 marks Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne. I am a British citizen, and on the British passport, below the image of the Lion and Unicorn, are the words “Dieu et mon Droit” (God and my Right). To me this is symbolic of my role as Maitreya, here for everyone; not as a royal queen, but as a spiritual one. (See The Identity and Role of Maitreya and Love – The REAL Power.) Also, in this year of 2012, Egypt holds their first democratic elections in 60 years. Other important 60 year anniversaries could be added, I’m sure. But most importantly, 2012 is the year we experience the alignment of the Galactic Center with the Pleiades, Sun, Moon and Earth as well as the Venus transit. This marks the designated Time for my emergence into the public.


Images of “Venus with Pentagram” and “Venus Rose Cycle” by Richard Merrick. For fascinating information about Venus, I highly recommend his newly released book, “The Venus Blueprint: Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces“.



Water is one of the elements through which the Holy Spirit moves, along with Fire. I am born in Fire (Leo, 08.08.) and Water (Scorpio, 11.11.).
I have written a lot about the four elements in my book, and how I combine them and become The 5th Element, but in order to moderate the length of this article, I won’t address that here.

The male energy is directed outwardly, whereas the female energy is inwardly directed. As Spirit, I work from WITHIN. Telepathically and energetically, I uplift, comfort, transform and enlighten all who are ready for the level of Spirit I embody. This High Frequency level has NOT been on Earth before, because it is the combination of Christ + Buddha and ALL paths in a frequency for humanity’s level of evolved consciousness today. It goes beyond the “male god” (energy) and into the “feminine goddess” (energy); the abyss of Cosmic Space, the Celestial Sea etc. It is the Womb (Source) from which everyone is born and to which one returns for Union. This is one of many reasons why I am FEMALE. I have returned in female form in order to reunite the Masculine (Fire) with the (repressed) Feminine (Water).

My name beginning with M – Miranda*, stands for all M-names: Maitreya, Messiah, Mary Magdalene, (Mother) Mary, Miriam, Moses, Merlin (MIRanda + LINda = MIRLIN), Mithras, Minerva, Mohammed, Mahatma, Mahanta, Melchizedek, Metatron, Monad, (Stella) Maris and so on. The M is in the OM chant and in the ancient name for Mother Earth, MU, in the same original ancient language as that in which Father Sky (God) is known as HU. It is the M in AMEN and in so many other words of importance and interest that it would take “forever” to study in-depth. We won’t go on “forever”, I assure you!, but we’ll look at this letter for a bit longer.

M in Hebrew is “Mem”. This glyph shows the Phoenician mem. It means “water”, “womb” and is a reference to the Divine Mother / Sea Goddess. Before we continue, I’d like to share an article with you from Gnostic Teachings, in which they describe Mem in their series covering the Hebrew letters. It shows how Divine Mother (Goddess) and her many aspects are all expressions of the Divine Force behind the “created” male God. This is illustrated in the top three Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and in the Absolute, the Ain Soph, which is that feminine aspect, the unknowable feminine aspect, from where all the sephiroth emanate.

Excerpt from the article: Now, when Kether, the Iod, appears—which is that head—within that head the Hei is hidden. That Hei is the first Hei of יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, and appears as his breath in order to create through the Logos, the Word. Their creation is the universe, represented in the letter Vav. So, the one that shapes the universe is always the unknowable and knowable Hei, the Mother.

The Father is also a creator, but the Father only gives the י Iod, the seed. The Mother shapes it for nine months. We will say in Kabbalistic terms that the י Iod, the Father, which is Kether, gives the seed, and with it the mother חוה Chavah (Eve) creates the other nine Sephiroth, the Tree of Life חיים. That is why the Divine Mother is hidden; she becomes visible as the daughter of that head Adam Kadmon Shani. As you see in the graphic, we see the Atik Yomin, the Ancient of Ancients, seated on his throne. Emerging from his head the Shechinah, his “daughter”; the Divine Mother is that Shechinah, the ‘Hei‘ but in a visible aspect. In Greek and Roman mythology, we also find this myth, as Athena / Minerva, the daughter of Zeus / Jupiter. She was born from his head.

In my book I have outlined in detail how this took place in my own life, describing it the way I actually experienced it as an “immaculate conception”, and using astrological charts to help me explain my unique story. In my case: I am MOTHER GODDESS, in the sense that I was “impregnated” / infused with FATHER GOD and carried my Christ Identity hidden inwardly until I was birthed openly as DAUGHTER Miranda* Maitreya (Jesus Christ reincarnated in physical female form), and I am the HOLY SPIRIT / COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS that radiates from me out to the entire world, and which everyone embodies within themselves and may become one with as well.

The Union of the Two Mems
We can awaken the שכינה Shechinah inside of ourselves by the action of the two מם Mems – the Mem of the man and the Mem of the woman. The Latin M inverted is the W; it is the same M, but inverted. That is why in the sign of Aquarius, the Mem of the man is on top, and the W (the inverted M) is below. The W symbolizes the WO-man in English. But why are we explaining this? Because together the letters M and W form the ancient Hebrew Mem!

This graphic shows how they wrote Mem in ancient times. It is like the M and W that we have in Latin, with which we write woman and man. In this way we can say that the Latin W corresponds to ם final Mem, and the letter M in Latin is the open מ Mem.

M and W together form the hieroglyphic of Aquarius, which comes from aqua (water) plus aerius (air, aerial).

When man and woman are united, they form an “Elohim,” a combination of male and female that hovers over the waters of sexuality. Through the union of those two polarities (male and female), sexual energy is activated, enflamed, and becomes “light.” That light is the שכינה Shechinah, the Divine Mother as light. “And there was light!” That light is the Divine Mother. If we continue talking about this in Genesis, we will see how all of the days of Genesis emerge from her, from that letter Mem.

The second day for instance says, “Let the waters be divided, the superior waters from the inferior waters, in order for the firmament to appear.” That firmament emerged from her, because the superior waters are the מ Mem above, that are pouring into the ם Mem below. The מ Mem above is שמים Schamayim, “the Heavens.” The ם Mem below is in Malkuth, “the earth.”

As we explained in the lecture about א the letter Aleph, the two waters are united in the letter א Aleph, but here in the letter Mem they separate. So when it is written, “And Elohim said, ‘Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,” it should say, “Let there be a firmament between the two letters Mem.” As well, “let there be a firmament in the womb of the mother, and let us separate מ the superior Mem from ם the inferior Mem – the מ open Mem from the ם Mem Sophit or final Mem – so that the firmament will appear.”

As Eliphas Levi shows it in the Seal of Solomon, also called the Star of David, the Father above, and its Shade below, and written in Latin we read: “Quo superior Macroprosopus sicut quo inferior Microprosopus.” Meaning, “Let the superior agree with the inferior and the superior agree with the inferior,” to make the miracle of one thing. This seal encloses a marvelous work that we should perform in ourselves.

How this applies to me
My full name is Miranda* Linda Weisz, so the initials are M L W. M is the open Mem, symbolizing “the Heavens”, W is the closed Mem, symbolizing “the Earth” and L is the firmament or “Bridge” between them; in other words, “me” as Avatar, God/Goddess descended into bodily form. (We will look into L for Linda later here.) As you see, the W of my last name is M inverted or turned, as in “re-turn”. Together they form the wavy line symbol of Aquarius we saw above, thus showing me as the (inwardly androgynous) Awaited Water Bearer (returning) in female physical form.

I am also a perfect union of Feminine and Masculine, as the article illustrates with the Seal of Solomon / Star of David. However, with its two interlocking triangles this is the closed (final) version of Mem. I bring a New Seal, the Star of Miranda*, my six-armed Star. Because it is open-ended, it is like the open version of Mem. In this way, it is infinite, and therefore it holds a higher degree of Initiation than the Star of David. Here you see it in the form of six Rays of Light radiating from the body. There is a seventh Ray as well that isn’t seen. It protrudes horizontally out in front of and out the back from the Heart chakra. You can compare this image with the image of the Star of David above.

If we look at my star more closely, we can find the M and W in it as well.

We can divide it horizontally as if it were a Star of David, but already before we do this we can see that we will not end up with two triangles. But what we do find is very interesting, because, as I said, we discover the M and the W.





My star has volumes of other meanings and symbolism within it; so many that to describe them would require an entire article of its own. Knowing myself, I shall probably write one soon… (Update: See Star of Spirit.)

Now we can take a quick look at my name Miranda* and divide it into its syllables as follows: MI – RA – (A)NDA.

  • MI is the prefix of my name Maitreya in Japanese: “Miroku”; in Chinese: “Mi-Lo-Fwo” and in Korean: “Mireuk”. It is also the 3rd tone in the musical scale, and the “Miracle” DNA-healing frequency tone 528 Hz. Please listen to Love Signal 528 Hz and see description below the video.
  • RA is the ancient Sun God of Egypt, among other meanings.
  • ANDA can be associated with the four-fold world that appears by Shiva’s divine powers, and it is also translated as Soul or Breath (Spirit). An-anda means bliss and San-anda (my name on the Inner Planes) means One with God.

Many other meanings of the name Miranda* can be found in my article Second Birth 11.11.2000.

My penultimate name is “Linda” which my parents chose for me because they liked its Spanish meaning, “pretty”. But the name also means Serpent, more specifically from the Scandinavian “Lindworm”, a sea serpent that encircles the world. This is the Ouroboros. It is Quetzalcoatl, The Feathered Serpent, the One who returns. I am also a Snake in Chinese Astrology (1965) and and a Dragon (2000), both of which are symbols for Quetzalcoatl.
As Quetzalcoatl, I am the snake that makes a complete circle (cycle), descends from Light into matter and “darkness”, and then returns and ascends back into Light. I am not only Quetzalcoatl by name, but also by my Mayan Kin (birthday) 11.11.2000, which is Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand. The Mayan Kin number for the Galactic Alignment on December 21st 2012 and the return of Quetzalcoatl is 207, Blue Crystal Hand. Need I say more? Feel free to enter the dates 11.11.2000 and 21.12.2012 here and see for yourself.

I have been one with “my Father” in previous incarnations, and have naturally been so in this incarnation since birth as well. My mission as Jesus was to help you connect with “our Father, who art in Heaven”. This time my mission is to help you connect with “our Mother, who art on Earth” and UNITE the two. Humanity is like a group of children suffering from the constant pull between Mother and Father (Heaven and Earth, East and West, Within and Without etc.). In reality, Mother and Father are one. It is simply humanity that divided them long ago.

When I was in Mexico shortly before the end of the 9th Wave in October 2011, I watched a theatrical performance illustrating the Western Christians arriving in South America and meeting the Indigenous people. As you know, instead of respecting their culture and belief system, they destroyed their ancient temples and killed and enslaved many of the Indigenous. It was horrible to watch and I cried a few tears. But it wasn’t until the end of the performance that I broke down completely. All the actors who had taken part in the show (young children dressed in innocent white, and youth and adults in vividly colored costumes) gathered together for a final scene. The spotlight shone at the top of the tribune opposite from where we, the audience, were sitting, and suddenly, there stood an actor portraying Quetzalcoatl him-/herself in full feathered clothing and headdress, shining in the spotlight. This was to illustrate that the awaited return of this person, known to the Indigenous of South America (and others) as Quetzalcoatl, is he/she who will unite the opposing forces once again.

If you can see, as I do, the Christians in the performance as those persons believing in “our Father” (God/Allah etc.), and the Indigenous as those persons believing in “our Mother” (Earth/All of Nature), and how this represents (an aspect of) the tragic split between the Masculine and Feminine Forces, within yourselves and in the world at large, then you can probably understand why this moved me to the depths of my soul.
I feel my responsibility and reason for being here so strongly, and I long so deeply to come forward and end my silence, that I couldn’t hold back my emotions and cried and cried in the arms of my friend, Carmen, sitting next to me. Terry, my friend sitting on the other side of me, naturally was very concerned and wondered what was wrong. When I explained it to him, he understood, and he also believed me when I told him that it was I who had manifested myself in the form of a snake (for him alone) when we visited Palenque and after we had meditated together, just the two of us. (See photo in my Mexico album.)

Fortunately, the date of my emergence is approaching rapidly. I will not wait until December 21st 2012 before I make myself more and more openly known in public, gently but persistently. And it will be up to you, humanity, to decide how much time must pass before you take me seriously and we can begin our multilogue verbally.

The true meaning of the snake is as the sacred Kundalini. Now that you know I am “the Snake” (Feathered Serpent) Quetzalcoatl, you can see the connection between the awakening of the Kundalini energy and the Cosmic Consciousness Wave I initiated, which is still spreading throughout the world.

Although this video “Gnosis Secret Gate to Garden of Eden” is over an hour long, it is well worth watching after you have read this article. When you understand that the sexual energy is not to be feared or rejected, but embraced as the Sacred Force it is, then you will achieve balance between your inner Masculine and Feminine energies, and your understanding of how they complement one another will teach you how to move in Harmony and Balance in your life in all areas.

Just to be clear: I have a different view of the orgasm than the one portrayed in the video here, in that I see it as both natural and sacred, provided the relation between man and woman is one of Love, not lust. You can read more about my view of (sacred) sexual relations in my book, and much more about the re-union between the Masculine and Feminine energies, God and Goddess in Holy Marriage (Hieros Gamos), taking place globally now. It is precisely the unification of Masculine and Feminine within each individual that will be mirrored in Harmony and Peace (Equilibrium) in all relationships globally. This shows clearly just how important the inner Holy Marriage truly is.

Love and Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~


April 26th 2012 – Kin 228 Yellow Resonant Star, 12 Imix (Crocodile / Waterlily)

Second Birth 11.11.2000

(Chapter 23)
In August my friend Karla and I signed up for a six month dream-interpretation school held by Norway’s leading expert on dreams at the time and a member of the Baha’i Faith, Benedicte Thiis. She has written one of the best books on dream symbols and their meanings I have come across, and I had met her on several occasions. Even though I had been recording my dreams for seven years now, I still hoped I might learn more from Benedicte. As it turned out, she couldn’t teach me anything new, but she, Karla and the other participants at the school (many of them belonging to the Baha’i Faith as well) were to play an important role in my life nonetheless.

Our second weekend was the weekend of November 10th-12th. It was only a month after I had journeyed to Egypt a second time, this time together with my mother. After my first trip to Egypt I had experienced the paranormal incident with the shaking baptism plate and Star contact that had resulted in my “Recollection” nine months later. Being in Egypt definitely influences my energies on high frequency levels because once again, something was about to happen. On our first day Benedicte had us do some intuitive artwork and draw something that had personal meaning to us. I drew a white unicorn standing on an open field of grass. We shared our artwork with each other and then hanged them on the wall of the room we were using.

When I had started giving workshops in 1997, I registered my one-person company under the name of “The Unicorn”. As a young girl, I had always felt magically drawn to unicorns when I read about them in fairy tales and myths. And on the cover of my British passport the ancient symbol of the lion and unicorn is depicted, as it represents the coat of arms of the United Kingdom. Born a Leo (lion) astrologically, I have therefore always felt connected with the unicorn as well. Esoterically the image of the lion and the unicorn together symbolizes “Hierogamos”, the alchemical wedding or sacred marriage, where the lion, representing the Sun and Yang (masculine) unites with the unicorn, representing the Moon and Yin (feminine). The unification of the two symbolizes wholeness, balance and perfection.

November 11th 2000 (11.11.00) – Full Moon
The next morning one of my classmates told us of a dream he had had that night:
He dreamed that he had seen me with a unicorn’s horn protruding from my forehead and he had wanted to marry me.

Upon waking he found this odd since he was in love with his girlfriend. She, too, was in our class and confused and a little jealous about this. Benedicte explained that it wasn’t me personally whom he had wanted to marry, but an aspect or quality he saw in me that he wished to integrate within himself. Understanding just which quality the unicorn’s horn represented, I later talked with the girlfriend in private to reassure her. I explained that the unicorn is a symbol of Christ and that I had a very strong inner Christ energy. (I couldn’t tell her about my Christ identity.) Her boyfriend had simply tapped into it during his dream state, and intuitively felt that this was an energy he wanted to develop further within himself. She listened attentively and was eager to learn more for her own sake as well. I told her about Eckankar, but emphasized that it wasn’t Eckankar itself that was important, but rather that she with the help of Eckankar’s books and guidelines might temporarily learn how to focus on her inner divine Self, her own inner Christ, and grow spiritually until she no longer may need or want Eckankar, or any other outer “authority” for that matter. She thanked me for our conversation with a big hug and went off to find her boyfriend.

At 11 AM, Benedicte was leading us in a guided meditation through the various kingdoms:
First we were to visualize that we were a crystal (of our choosing), then a plant, then an animal, and in the human kingdom we were to meet another person and exchange a gift. Here I met myself, and that went fine. But when Benedicte said we were to leave that person and go on to meet a spiritual guide, I had to leave one “me” behind and move on as the other. It felt weird but I managed, and performed the rest of the meditation as instructed.

But afterwards I felt very strange. I wasn’t shaking outwardly, but I felt a lot of move- ment going on inside of me. I told my friend Karla that I felt something was going on.
“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, I’m not sick or anything. It’s just that…”
And then it hit me. The “me” who had gone on was Miranda*, leaving Linda behind!

I quickly calculated, and yes, it was exactly nine months since I had received the name in my consciousness. Only I hadn’t realized until now that it was my own name, my name beyond physical incarnations, my Cosmic name. The Baha’i group had served as my collective “midwife”, helping me to birth my Cosmic Self. I knew that I could no longer use the name Linda as my first name because I no longer was that person. I would keep it as my middle name because it represented my past self, and the past was still a part of me. But I had grown into Miranda* after Spirit had descended into me. It had just taken these last four years to become fully integrated in my body. Now I was able to embody this high level of awareness in my everyday consciousness.

The best way to describe how it felt is if you imagine that you are an empty vessel like the Holy Grail in the shape of an hourglass. In November 1996 I had been filled to the rim and beyond with Spirit / Cosmic Consciousness in the upper half of the cup. Then it had taken until now for it to trickle down through the narrow stem of the cup into the bottom half where it could now settle peacefully within me, leaving the upper half empty and open again. I felt I now would be able to live a perfectly normal life, and yet simultaneously function from this high level of Cosmic Consciousness at all times.

When I became fully aware of this new name as my own, I saw that it was accompanied by a star at the end. The star’s presence is like a final alphabetical letter added to Miranda. Without it the name is as incomplete as Linda would be without the “a”. I understood that the star indicated my cosmic heritage and level of initiation, just like Abram in the bible became Abraham and Sara became Sarah, the “h” likewise indicating a certain level of initiation given to them by God. And I realized that it was the star of Spirit that I had seen out of the corner of my eye so many times (and Bear had seen in my forehead), now a permanent part of me, indicating that although the Cosmic Consciousness has been spread to all, I am its Source.

Naturally I was aware that changing my name would cause questions and perhaps raise eyebrows among family and friends who knew me. But to those who might not understand, I would just explain that it was a personal matter, and to those who might understand one could compare it to women who, upon entering a convent, were given new names.

On Sunday, we were again instructed to do intuitive artwork. First we were to draw a tree. Symbolically, a tree has many interpretations. It can be a symbol for oneself, for growth, or a depiction of the “Tree of Knowledge” or the “Tree of Life” among other things. In any case, I drew my tree with four large roots, representing the four directions and the four elements, and seven branches, representing the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven main chakras etc. The tree had a blue ribbon around it that connected the roots at the bottom with the branches at the top in a spiral movement up the trunk. And all the seven branches were likewise connected with each other with a bow in the shape of the eternity (infinity) symbol. I drew yellow waves of energy in stead of leaves, indicating that the tree was sacred and held a high level of energy vibration that radiated outward from the tree to its surroundings.[1]

Inspired by this artwork that had practically been drawn through me, I drew another picture that I sensed was equally inspired and that to me represented a vision of humanity’s future. I thought of the ECK or EK symbol and that even though it is round and not oval, it reminds me of the early Christian symbol the fish; with the acronym “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Saviour” (“Ichthus” in Greek). Jesus was associated with fish also because he lived during the Age of Pisces.


The symbol of ECK/EK

Ichtus/Fish. The word also means "womb" and "dolphin".


Pisces’ symbol depicts two fish, swimming in opposite directions. This represents a dual nature in the sign, a vertical and a horizontal movement that cross each other. They are the fish of spirit and the fish of matter, and the crucifixion of the Messiah of the Piscean Age is indicated by the symbolism of this crossing. But we are no longer in the Piscean Age; we have entered the liberating Age of Aquarius. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life and spiritual food to the world. The water from the vessel he/she carries washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The glyph for Aquarius, two wavy lines, one above the other, depicts the water from the Water Bearer’s vessel as a symbol of open-ended spiritual energy, ideally based on unity, beyond the duality so dominant in the Piscean Age.

Looking at the “Tree of Eternal Life” that I had just drawn, I flipped the EK symbol 90° to the right in my mind and envisioned a new kind of tree, one that contained the EK symbol. I proceeded to draw it while it remained clear inside me. But I soon realized that it was more than a personal tree. It was a World Tree, a vision of our beautiful green and blue Earth in a Rainbow Future where the four corners of the world came together and were united as one.

World Tree. Vision of a Rainbow Future in Unity.

When we were all Living One Vibrational Energy (LOVE), a beam of bluish Light came down from Heaven, spread out to all sides and enveloped the entire planet in a beautiful blue dome. Around the column of Light and out to the edges of Earth was a pink bow, it too in the shape of the eternity symbol. Under the dome, all the colours of the rainbow were present, symbolizing unity in diversity, where there previously had been duality. The earth was glowing and sparkling in brilliant golden Light that included stars and other planets and star systems in our “neighbourhood”, and beyond that was a black-and-white checkered universe, indicating order even in the (as yet) unknown or unmanifested areas of existence.

When I was drawing this vision, I didn’t merely feel that I was channelling from a higher source, although that was exciting enough. I felt I was actually creating this future, like a magician working his or her magic, by the act of drawing it. It was as if I had a button that could work miracles when switched on. Right then, it was definitely on. The rest of the day passed quickly, and after dinner we all travelled home.

The very next day was Monday, and I filled in the forms needed to make my new name official. I listed Miranda* as my first name, Linda as my middle name, and removed Brit in order to keep my full name from becoming too long.

Names, like mantras and words, are frequencies. This is why the use of mantras (such as HU) can be so uplifting. When we speak or sing a mantra, we strengthen its frequency from the etheric realm of a thought in our mind to a frequency manifested as sound, resonating from our vocal chords into the space around us. Sound creates. This is why words spoken in anger may act as a curse, and words spoken in love may manifest as a blessing. It is also why prayer spoken out loud has more power than prayer in silence, a prayer spoken by many voices together becomes even more powerful, and when sung with a tune or melody that invokes the emotions (and thereby the heart) it reaches its highest potential for manifestation.

I knew well of several meanings of the name Linda, given that I was interested in names and had carried this one for 35 years. One meaning is “gentle, tender”, originating from a Celtic root. The image of the Lindentree is used to indicate a gentle personality. I like this because it reminds me of something my dear late grandfather once said when I was still in my teens. He said: “Linda moves so gently through life.”  I feel he saw and understood me on a level few others did. Another translation is from Spanish, meaning “pretty, beautiful” which is why my parents chose it. But to me the most intriguing meaning has always been its translation as “serpent” since I am born in the Chinese sign of the Snake. In a Native American language Linda means “water snake”, and is the snake that encircles the world, biting its own tail. This is the equivalent of the mythical creature known as the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is known in a number of traditions, but the way it is connected etymologically to the name Linda is primarily through the “Scandinavian Lindworm”, a sea serpent.

My second first name is the name of my mother, Brit. It means “exalted” or “exalted one” and as a form of the name Brigid or Bridget has a Celtic/Irish root. In Irish mythology she was the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom. With the arrival of Christianity Brigid became a saint, celebrated as Jesus’s nursemaid, and sometimes even as his mother under the name ‘Mary of the Gaels’. St Bride, or Bridget, bore an assortment of animal forms, but by far the most significant is that of the white swan. In her role as patron of childbirth, Bride-Bridget was associated with the Milky Way, where the celestial swan flies. We will return to the swan later.

Now I looked up the name Miranda again and discovered further meanings hidden in it beyond the ones I had found earlier. In Spanish it means “to see” or “to mirror / reflect”. Mira is also a root of the word “miracle” and originates from the Latin word “miraculum” which can be decoded as “mira + oculus” = “surprised at the vision of the eyes”. Given my medical eye history along with my many visions, I find these two connections particularly noteworthy. In Slavic languages Mira means “great” or “famous”, in Hebrew Mira means “light” and “exalted” (like Brit), and in Sanskrit it is translated as “a love offering” or “prosperous”. In Russian, as many may know, the word Mir translates into “peace” or “world.” I was amazed that I had been given a name with so many virtues, and hoped I would be able to live up to them.

After I had discovered the meaning (-s) of Miranda, I calculated the name numerologically. Vocals show the soul’s vibration, whereas consonants indicate the personality’s expression.

9       1                    9                    9   1       1      11
L i n d a = 22       B r i t = 22        M i r a n d a* =  33
3   5 4                  2 9  2                4   9    5 4         22

Master numbers are double-digits that are not added together. As you see, both my earlier names had the Master number 22 so I was not surprised to learn that my new name likewise had a Master number, an octave higher, with the number 33 combining the Master numbers 22 with 11. This meant that I had a Master number vibration on the personal, physical plane (22), on the soul plane (11) and thus also on the plane where the two merged (33).

The Master number 11 carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. 11 represents idealism, visions, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, androgyny, film and fame. This number contains gifts such as psychic awareness and a keen sense of sensitivity. It signifies the union of Spirit (the six-pointed star) and its Temple (the five-pointed star), whether that temple be the human body or a stone edifice. 11 also represents spiralling twin strands of human DNA moving into higher frequency of consciousness.

The Master number 22 is often called the Master Builder or Spiritual Master in Form. People who are 22s often find themselves feeling as if they live in two worlds, one of earth and one of “heaven.” Having been a “double 22” my whole life you can imagine how strongly I can relate to this. 22 is a mysterious number as evidenced by the fact that there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, 22 pathways in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, 22 Tarot cards in the Major Arcana, and 22 chapters in the Book of Revelation. 22 carries psychic gifts such as heightened sensitivity, intuition and psychic awareness, but is also predisposed to pitfalls such as treachery from hidden enemies. (If by “hidden enemies” we can count sudden animosity from unexpected sources, then I could relate to that as well, considering the latest summer’s ordeal.) All in all, 22 represents practical idealism and practical genius, a creator of the future, power on all levels, master of the material, philanthropy, universality, international direction, and service to mankind.

The Master number 33 represents Christ Consciousness; universal nurturing, social consciousness raised to a world class, global responsibility, a master teacher and healer. 33 is a higher octave of 6, the Flower of Life, Creation. In Freemasonry, the 33rd degree is the highest publicly known. The number 33 signifies “Illumination” and freedom from religious dogma and superstition.

One may think that other double digits such as 44, 55, 66 etc. also are Master numbers, but this is not the case. Double and triple digits do have special meaning, but only 11, 22 and 33 are Master numbers because together the three of them form a Sacred Trinity:

Going from Linda to Miranda* phonetically, and from 22 to 33 numerologically, was not so much of a major change as it was an “upgrade” to the correct frequency level. And when I calculated my whole new name I found out that it had the exact same frequency combination as Jesus. I knew that this was far more than a coincidence:

5    3        8                        9   1       1      9      1      5 9          8
J e s u s = 11                     M i r a n d a*  L i n d a  W e i s z = 11
1    1    1     3                      4   9    5 4      3   5 4     5       18      3

  • On the soul plane we share the number vibration of 8. 8 is the digit value of “YHVH”, the Tetragrammaton, and is thus often called the “Number of the Lord.” “YHVH” is the equivalent in meaning as my Tetragrammaton “ILOL”. It is associated with completion, all possibilities and Infinity. In Hindu, 8 x 8 symbolism is the order of the celestial world established on earth.
  • On the personality or physical plane we share the number 3. 3 means overcoming duality; it is linked to expression and creativity, manifestation and synthesis. It represents wholeness since it has a beginning, middle and an end. And it is the threefold manifestation of a unity, the holy trinity found in religions, philosophical teachings and myths all around the world.
  • On the plane where the two are united, we both resonate to the Master number vibration 11.

And just like Linda had her physical birthday 8.8.; as Miranda* my new birthday was 11.11. Again double numbers with significance. In the 78 card deck of the Tarot, it is precisely the cards 8 and 11 in the Major Arcana that often switch places, indicating a hidden connection between them, but no one knows exactly what this connection is. To me it means that they are one and the same, but one is more outward and physical in its expression, “8 – Strength”, and the other, “11 – Justice” a more inner energy, not necessarily seen until initiated.

The card VIII, Strength, in the Rider-Waite deck of Tarot depicts a woman in white clothing, representing purity, with the infinity symbol over her head and holding a lion by the mouth. Its symbolism refers to the higher divine Self in control over the lower self (the ego), and also represents courage, as in “having the heart of a lion”. It is often associated with the astrological sign of Leo, my star sign, and the 8th month of the year, August.

The card XI, Justice, portrays another woman, this time clothed in red, representing authority, and sitting on a throne between two pillars with a sword raised straight up in her right hand and a pair of scales in her left. This card is often called the Karma card, because it indicates that all falsehoods will be cut away and one’s actions will be weighed on the scale of balance or truth. The two pillars repeat the number 11 (1 + 1 pillar), adding to my conviction that this is the correct number for the card. They represent the duality of positive and negative energy. As the 11th month of the year is November, this card is associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio, the mystical sign of death, rebirth and transformation.

The card III, The Empress, shows a third woman. Dressed in a white gown covered with red roses, she is Love incarnate in a feminine form. On her head she carries a crown with the 12 stars of the Zodiac. Her heart-shaped shield depicts her identity to be Venus / Aphrodite, goddess of love, and it symbolizes that her love is merciful, nurturing and protective and can also be defensive as it upholds the very essence of the life force. Her sceptre refers to her control over the earthly realm. She is Mother Nature herself, in perfect alignment with the cycles of life and an expression of the creative power associated with the natural world.

The empress

The empress sits on her garden throne.
In long flowing clothes she sits alone.
Surrounded by nature all around
She listens carefully and makes no sound.

Patience is her middle name.
It’s taught her how to smell the rain,
To see the wind and hear the sun.
She’s learned to know them, every one.

And stars she counts and knows well too.
Of signs and constellations she could tell you.
But she keeps to herself, appearing gentle and mild.
Yet like Mother Nature, she’s strong and wild.

Further numerological exploration shows that the value of my (physical) birth date, my life path vibration, is tied to a number of other cards in the Tarot.

+   8
=  1981 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 19 / 10 / 1

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, 19 is the Sun card, showing the Christ child on a white horse and symbolizing innocence and purity. 10 is the Wheel of Fortune symbolizing that equilibrium is found at the centre, and 1 is the Magician, he or she who can master the four elements symbolized by the staff (fire), pentacle (earth), sword (air) and cup (water) on the table. In addition to these elements the Magician is holding a white rod in his right hand, lifting it upwards towards Spirit/Source. We will return to the meaning of this later. Note that he is wearing an ouroboros at his waist instead of a belt.

In the Minor Arcana, the cards with 1 on them are of course the aces. They correspond to the Sun (Leo’s ruling planet) and symbolize connection to the Source; and the 10s correspond to Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet) and transformation. Once again we see 8 and 11 (August and November) via the ones and tens.

When I calculated my new horoscope, here too there were changes that looked more like upgrades than big differences. I became a Scorpio, but as Linda I was born with my Sun and four other planets in the House of Scorpio so I already knew its energy well. (Also, my mother and my maternal grandmother are both Scorpios). See 8.8.65 horoscope here.

My Moon took the place previously held by Earth (Pars Fortuna). To me this shift symbolizes the transformation of the personality that has reached the top of the mountain (Moon in Capricorn) and descends again to share the wisdom learned, becoming as a newborn; innocent and pure, like the Christ child on the white horse (Moon in Taurus, exalted).
My Leo Sun became Star Mira (Mira*), and Mira in my birth chart became my new destiny (North node in Cancer in the 7th house.) Here we see how perfect the name is that Spirit has chosen for me in this incarnation, as its vibration and meaning(s) is its very destiny – to be compassionate, unconditional, “motherly” Love (Cancer) as an embodied example (Miranda* = Mirror) for all (7th house).
Mars remains a Peaceful Warrior in gentle and moderate Libra, but becomes even more spiritual by its association with other planets.
We see Universal Love (Jupiter) is here on (conjunct) Earth; and Pluto/Hades, ruler of the Underworld, transforms and brings to light past incarnations (takes the place of South node). Vesta/Hestia, she who guards the Flame/Fire, leaves Jupiter/Zeus to embrace Neptune/Poseidon in Aquarius, and Juno/Hera (Jupiter’s wife) joins Uranus and meets them there. But the most important aspect to see, is Chiron (Christ) located exactly on my Ascendant.

Chiron is the weakest spot in a horoscope, our Achilles heal, so to speak. But when mastered it is also our greatest ability to heal ourselves and others. In Greek mythology it was the wise centaur and demi-god Chiron who trained the heroes, such as the great Achilles, Hercules and Jason, just as Christ gathered his disciples and taught them.

Any planet or point in conjunction with the Ascendant can not be hidden, even if one should want to, but will be apparent for all to see. So while learning to master being Miranda* (mirror) I would experience other people’s projections and rejections because of Chiron’s placement in my horoscope. A clear example of this was when we were studying the placement of Chiron on the Ascendant at the Astrology School I was attending. Our teacher asked if anyone had this particular placement and I held up my hand. I showed him the horoscope from 11.11.2000[2], but he rejected it blankly saying: “We can’t use this,” meaning that I hadn’t been physically born with that horoscope. But of course we could have used it as an example. And later I told him that precisely the fact that he had rejected it was a perfect example of Chiron on the Ascendant.

Gradually I grew into this new horoscope and saw how my Chiron on the Ascendant started to behave more and more as a natural healer to myself and others rather than as a weak spot, although my compassion also kept growing, for better and for worse as I felt everything around me in a highly sensitive way. This was my new “Destiny” (North node in Cancer in the 7th house) while my Christ identity, the Unicorn, now had been born within me. It was a blessing that I didn’t know how long I was to carry it alone inwardly before the time came for delivery and it could be born outwardly.[3]

*    *    *

April 20th 2012 – Kin 222 White Magnetic Wind, 6 Men (Eagle)

[1] This tree (representing my Self at the time) can be likened to the Ringing Cedar in the series about (and in a sense by) Anastasia. Born 4 years after my incarnation year (the way Spirit’s gestation in my body also took 4 years, 1996-2000), she is an aspect of my Self, and her blue Ray is a part of my Star.

[2] This was the date that Spirit “settled” within my body, and I became fully activated as the 11:11 Portal for all. Every time you read about or experience 11:11, know that I am that Portal, Source/Spirit in embodied HUman form. Feel my loving presence and notice the telepathic message I am sending you.

[3] Not until my emergence date, Dec. 21st 2012.


Birth of a Star

(From Chapter 1)

In Minnesota we lived for the first three and a half years in the small town Canton,
close to the Iowa Stateline, and then we moved to Dennison, near Northfield.
Minnesota is known as the “North Star State” and “The Star of the North” is the state motto. Here my father served two congregations, the one in Dennison where we lived, and Vang, another one a few miles away. On Sundays he would conduct the Services in both churches, one after the other. Paul and I were allowed to skip the sermon and join the other kids for Sunday school, where we were taught about Jesus and his love for everyone, especially us children, and all the wonderful things he did. When my Dad was busy working on a sermon or other church-related matters in his study and I wasn’t supposed to disturb him, I would go over his head, so to speak, and talk to my other Father, my Father in Heaven. I never prayed to Jesus even though I felt very close to him; perhaps because I already felt so close to him. He was as close as my own heartbeat. Instead I went directly to God Himself because I figured “Father knows best”.

I would have long conversations with God all the time, not only after a scolding in order to seek consolation, but also on happier occasions, simply because I enjoyed talking with Him. I had my favourite places for this. One was in the huge lily-of-the-valley patch along one of the sides of our house. I could lie there in the middle of their sweet fragrance and look up at the blue sky and talk with God for what seemed like hours. Or I’d walk to the church where there was a big oak tree, and I would climb up its branches and sit there very quietly. I was out of view and sheltered by branches and leaves, and I loved the feeling of protection that the tree always gave me. I never thought about the fact that none of my friends seemed to have any interest in talking with God. It was just natural for me in the same way collecting stamps was natural for another.

Another great interest of mine was reading; and from the school library I would borrow all the books I could find that were about myths and legends, fairy tales, witches and wizards. Everything about magical and divine powers fascinated me, and my favourite books were the ones written by C. S. Lewis about the otherworldly land of Narnia with its divine creator, the majestic lion, Aslan. I loved Aslan, just like the children in the books did. I loved the story of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz as well. At home I borrowed Mom’s copy of Bulfi nch’s Mythology, The Age of Fable, and I’d lie in bed and read all about Greek gods and goddesses until I fell asleep with the big book on my chest. I loved how the gods and goddesses mingled with mortals, and the way nothing was by chance, but always in accordance with fate or the will of the gods. Heroes and heroines became constellations in the stars, and this stirred deep memories inside me, memories not yet ready to be remembered.

The Pleiades by Elihu Vedder, 1885.

I often wrote my own stories as well, or enjoyed dot-to-dot drawing, solving crossword puzzles, logic- and mind riddles and other kinds of quizzes that my mother would give me, after she saw that I had an aptitude for them. My mother is very creative as well, and when she was busy sewing or doing some other craft, I would often join her and make crafts of my own. Once I made a wall decoration out of felt. I cut out colourful flowers, leaves, trees, green grass and a sun to put in the sky. At the top I added four words that I felt in my heart: “Make all things grow”.

But I didn’t spend all my time with introvertive or creative activities. I loved being social and active as well, and would often play with Paul and the other kids in town. Because our town was so small, everybody knew everybody, and we kids would all play together regardless of age differences. It served to work out perfectly, because the older kids would take care of the younger ones. We were one big bunch, hanging out together. Our house was right next to a huge cornfield, owned by a friendly neighbour who often gave us corn for free, and then Mom would make corn on the cob for supper. It was my favourite thing to eat. He let all us children use his toolshed as our club house, and we’d play hide and seek among the tall cornstalks towering high above our heads, trying to keep perfectly quiet when we heard the sound of footsteps of someone approaching, so as not to be found.

Since my father was the local pastor, he and Mom were popular guests in town, and they often invited people to social gatherings in our home as well. Then Mom would make lots of lovely dishes and cakes and fill her role as hostess. Paul and I used to climb out of our beds and sneak halfway down the stairs where we could be silent observers while peeping through the bars of the banister. I loved watching the grown-ups in their nicest clothes talking and laughing with each other until we were discovered and sent back to bed.

Because of a variety of activities arranged by the church, there was a great sense of fellowship and unity in our community. Nearly the entire town would happily attend the sharing of pot-luck dinners, outings, theme evenings or performances and other events. Again, we kids would run around and have fun together while seeing our parents and neighbours enjoying themselves, laughing and joking and simply being the best examples of adult role models one could ever want. It made us feel loved and safe, and sowed a seed of trust in us that the world was a good place to live in.

At one “Mother-daughter Banquet” at Vang Church, Mom and I were there together with a great number of other mothers and their daughters. I was supposed to sit next to my mother, but I asked if I might sit with my friend Margaret instead, and was given permission to do so. When everyone had sat down, a woman from the congregation addressed us all, welcoming us to the potluck dinner and giving other information. Then she said that there was a special surprise for one of us. Underneath one of the dinner plates in front of us, there was a flower sticker attached to it. Whoever had this under their plate could come up and receive a prize. I looked under my plate and there it was; a sticker with a beautiful red rose.
“I found it!” I said happily, holding up the plate.
The women sitting near by confirmed it, saying “Yes, honey. You certainly did. Go on, and get your prize.”
So I went up to the front with all eyes on me and accepted the wrapped parcel from the woman, thanking her and adding:
“I just knew it was for me”.
Everybody laughed, but in a friendly way. I was often given small gifts or tokens of appreciation from people in the congregation whom I didn’t even know, simply because I was the pastor’s daughter. So I wasn’t surprised that there was a little something for me this evening as well, but it did feel great to have won it, seemingly by total coincidence, among so many other people.

Back in my seat I opened the parcel and uncovered a bronze cowbell, the kind the lead cow wears when leading the herd to their destination. I was too young to appreciate the symbolism of me receiving that cowbell at the age of nine, but loved it immediately for its shiny bronze colour and the beautiful musical tone it gave off when I rang it.

Bronze cowbell 1960's.

  *   *   *

April 13th 2012, Kin 215 Blue Resonant Eagle, 12 Lamat (Star).