Love – The REAL Power

Continuation of events Dec. 19-22 2012. See Contact!

Last year I travelled “spontaneously” to Edinburgh, Scotland, in order to experience the Beltane Fire Festival April 30th and Roslyn Chapel on the next day, May 1st. (This was part of a 40 day time period and is related to the Galactic Alignment of Pleiades, Sun, Venus, Moon and Earth May 20th and the Venus Transit June 6th. See Love Incarnate.) Then I visited Leeds and Avalon (Glastonbury) in England, and later, in August/September, I visited Ireland. I noticed I was travelling all over the “Isle of Albion” and remarked to friends: “Hmmm, I wonder when I’ll end up in Wales.”

Then, after my return from Mexico (and Norway for Christmas and New Year’s
with my family) in early January, I received a call from a friend here in England whom I had just met in Mexico in December. We talked about our magical time there and this and that, and then he said he wished to show me a very sacred site in Wales. As soon as he said this I knew that this was it. I was being called by Spirit to Wales, as I had anticipated, via Christopher’s invitation. And when he continued I understood why. I was being called to Pistyll Rhaeadr, a “Goddess fountain”, with the shape of a woman’s pelvis.

So on January 22nd I was together with Christopher, the guardians of the sacred site, Phil and January, and six other friends of Christopher’s for the meditation gathering he had invited us to in his home. We were 10 people all together. (It was the Mayan Kin day 239 – Blue Overtone Storm, 10 Eb / Road. 10 is the number of manifestation.) We meditated, chanted and talked, taking a break for refreshments before coming together again. Then Christopher showed us some stones he had collected on the isle of Iona. He told us to pick a stone without looking and sent them around on a tray. I did so and passed the tray on. When it was returned to him, Christopher asked us to show him which stones we had received.
“Who got the reddish one, one with kind of a flat side to it?” he asked. I showed him mine and he said:
“Ah yes, I knew you would get that one.”
“Why? What’s different about it?” I asked.
“It has that reddish colour and a cross on it. Do you see it?”
And I did. There was a distinct natural marking on the stone in the shape of a cross. It was an outer confirmation of my connection with Iona, a sacred area I had wanted to go to for a while, as I had not yet been there in this incarnation. But now Christopher brought Iona to me.

After a lovely evening together most of the group took their farewells and went home, and a few of us stayed over as we planned to visit the Goddess fountain the next day. The following day we travelled the one hour journey and were soon ready to visit what may be known as Mother Earth’s Womb. It was one month (33 days) after Dec. 21st 2012. And my purpose was to bring the energy from the “Sacred Marriage” of Mother Earth and Father Sky Dec. 21st, that we had co-created with Spirit in Mexico and that was still in my energetic system, and “re-empower” the Womb with it through my presence.

As always when I approach sacred sites I move slowly. I do so not only because I wish to honour the sacred energy of the area, but also because I move through many layers of energy and dimensions as I walk, and I wish to feel every one. For instance, when I visited the Hill of Tara in Ireland last August, the group called me up to them where they had already gathered around the sacred Stone of Destiny. It had been my suggestion that we do a meditation there. I was walking slowly, moving through the dimensions and going back in time, my natural hypersensitivity feeling its way to when I had been there last. In my own time I joined them at the top and quietly said to my mother: “Don’t rush me. I’m not here yet.” It was the easiest way I could explain why I wasn’t as quick as the rest of them.

So as I slowly approached the fountain, Christopher and January generously and respectfully left the bridge (see photo) they had been standing on, leaving the space to me. Gently I stepped on to it and walked to the middle from where I could face the fountain directly. First I gazed up, admiring the beauty of what I was seeing for a while but then I closed my eyes in order to feel the place and not be distracted by my outer vision. Almost immediately I felt deeply moved and began to cry. It was as if I had finally come home to my Mother. I am often in nature and always feel connected to Earth, but this was different. This was my Divine Mother in the same way that Spirit is my Divine Father. I had been waiting for this moment for many, many years, but I never knew where She was until this very moment.

Deep sorrow from many years of longing was released, like a dam that suddenly bursts, as the tears poured from my body out through my eyes. I found I couldn’t stand straight and leaned forward like a bending reed[1] over the rail of the bridge, sobbing deeply and letting my tears fall into her flowing Water below me. There they merged, her Water and mine, and our reMUnion[2] was so profound that we became One. I surrendered my Self to her completely, hanging over the bridge with my arms outstretched like on a cross, crying the tears that wouldn’t stop flowing until my arms were stiff and my hands were frozen icy cold[3].

What most people do not know is that after embodying the Cosmic Christ
Consciousness as Jesus Christ, I held it as Mary Magdalene. (See explanatory article here.) The “I” embodied in my physical and etheric bodies was both. Yet although the Feminine Christ Consciousness was equal to that of the Masculine, it was not seen as such. It was suppressed, held back, and was literally written out of his-story by the Church. Because I was not acknowledged as Mary Magdalene, it is precisely this one-sided imbalance that has created the wound in the collective body of Humanity that you are beginning to see more clearly today. And because this is the wound, it is only by its antidote that it can be healed. It can only be healed by acknowledging and integrating me. This is why I have returned as the Feminine Christ, Maitreya Miranda*  (M.M*.). It is time we bring Light to her-story. Her-story is my story.

I have been one with “my Father” in previous incarnations, and have naturally
been so in this incarnation since birth as well. My mission as Jesus Christ was
to help you connect with “our Father, who art in Heaven”. My mission as Mary
Magdalene / Maitreya Miranda* is to help you connect with “our Mother, who art on Earth” and HUnite the two. And I do this by showing you how both Mother and Father, Feminine and Masculine, become one within you, as they are within me. This is the Sacred Marriage.

I and my Father are one. (John 10:30)
I and my Father and Mother are one. ~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

I have spent two millennia (MM = 2000) in the dark as Mary Magdalene, the unseen bride of Christ, the “Dark Madonna”. And I have spent many years unseen in this incarnation as well; unacknowledged, holding back, patiently waiting for the Time when I could finally come forward and be known as who I truly am. (That Emergence took place Dec. 19-22 2012.) This was according to Divine Will. It was not by personal choice. Like the self purging Act of the Pelican of Christ, once again I lay down my Life for you, HUmanity, by purposefully remaining in the dark for 16 years, not allowing my Self to be who I am outwardly and bring attention to my outer presence in order that you may first find me within. During all this time I have been freely sharing my Cosmic Christ Consciousness with you, so unseen that many of you can still not see me. But here now at Pistyll Rhaeadr, I reclaim my identity as the embodied Divine Feminine in the deepest sense.

I am the Goddess within the Womb and I am the collective Womb itself. All things flow from and through me.

This Act of emotional cleansing through Water was a deep and collective cleansing, many millennia back in time, of every woman’s sorrow for not having been seen as the sacred vessels they are, perfect and divine, and able to give birth and create new life. This Act was for all women everywhere.

After I had poured my Heart into the river of my own Womb, so to speak, I could feel my Power had been greatly strengthened. I took a few deep breaths, gave thanks to the Space around me and proceeded to walk off the bridge and approach the Water directly. Kneeling down, I brought forth my small bottle of sacred Water from the red spring of Chalice Well and the white spring, having combined them as “pink” the way I always do.

Pouring the sacred Water from Avalon, the higher dimension of the Heart chakra of Mother Earth here into her/my Womb, I repeated what I had just done with the Water of my tears. As the Water Bearer I am continuously pouring out the Waters of my Love and Cosmic Consciousness. I do so energetically, which is what you feel within your Self, and I do this literally by bringing the sacred Water from the Heart of Avalon with me everywhere I go, embodied within me, as well as in the bottle I carry with me. These are the Waters that are flowing all over the world, in order to cleanse everything and make all things bright and “new”.

After a few moments again in silence I got up and saw two of my friends approaching the bridge where I was standing from one side and the other two approach me from the other. I felt precisely like the foundation I was standing on, and saw this as Spirit’s way of showing it. I am the Bridge, the Link between Heaven and Earth, the One that HUnites the two within my Self.

I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father and Mother except through me. ~ Maitreya Miranda* ~

Together the five of us walked over the bridge and continued through the woods until we came to a couple of trees that were standing together like a pair of lovers. Not only were their roots intertwined below our feet, but their branches high above us were equally intertwined in a way that looked like they were holding one another in a lovers’ embrace. Seeing this message in nature now gave me great joy. It showed me what I have known for a long time would come to pass, but was only seeing now, represented by these two trees. They illustrated the way HUmanity will once again enjoy loving relationships as soon as they have been brought back into balance.

I took a few minutes to stand beneath this couple and feel them. The distance between them was just enough for me to be able to touch one tree with my arms outstretched and then swing to the side and touch the other. Like a pendulum I swung back and forth between them with my whole body, enjoying my “dance” between them.

Continuing on, we walked to a large open space which is known as the “Druids’ Bowl”. It is a very ancient, sacred area surrounded by mountains on all sides, and connected to the Goddess fountain. As we walked across the open space we noticed large giants standing all around us on the mountains. These were the ancients, the Guardians of the sacred site.
“They’ve come to see the Goddess”, someone said. I laughed happily.
“Yes, they can see, but not touch”, I replied.
I said it with HUmour, but also in full sincerity. One does not mess with a Goddess. It can be likened to the 70’s expression: “You can’t fool Mother Nature.” In other words, you can’t touch or interfere with Mother Nature. She is too powerful to be tampered with.

Within this open Druids’ Bowl are two very large rocks, joined together, that can resemble two large Beings. The story is that they were fighting and fighting, neither one winning or losing because they were equal in strength. It was only when one of them chose to cease his fighting and surrender that he was conquered and the battle stopped. The surrendering is the Way of the Feminine. And so we see in this double-rock formation the theme of the suppressed Feminine once again.

As I came closer I noticed another rock opposite this double-rock. It too was big, about the size of each of the two Beings individually. Since it was not part of the story I chose to sit down by it and feel it for a while. I felt a very nurturing Love swell up within me and I immediately understood. This rock belonged to the other two like the third part of a trinity, but it had at some point been separated from them. Strong forces may at one point, eons ago, have cast this piece out of the formation, leaving it to itself. “These are the Children”, I thought to my Self. The large Beings represented Divine Mother and Father, and this rock represented their Children, HUmanity. No wonder I felt such a gentle, nurturing Love.

I sat there deep in the snow, not caring that it was cold, but allowing the Love in my Heart to warm me and simultaneously spread to all of you. After a while I got up and decided to walk around the rock in order to “embrace” it with my Love from all sides. I plodded through the deep snow, climbing the ascending ground upon which the rock stood and came to the back side of it. There I had the distinct feeling I was being watched and so I turned to look towards the mountains. And yes, quite close to me (around 10 meters away) where the bottom of the “bowl” gradually sloped upwards becoming the surrounding mountain range, a tall and lean male figure with a pointy hat was sitting and observing me.

He was a Guardian, like the giants, but of the
Underworld or what is also known as the Faery Realm. He reminded me of the marshwiggle Puddleglum in C.S. Lewis’ book The Silver Chair, one of the seven chronicles of Narnia. In this story the children (Jill and Eustace) must journey precisely to “Underland” in order to free Prince Caspian who is being held captive under a spell by the wicked Serpent Queen. Symbolically she represents illusion, darkness and control, and the Lion Aslan, of course, represents Truth, Light and Love.

The way he was sitting sideways and not facing me told me he was being careful and showing me respect, not wanting to interfere with what I was doing, but at the same time looking at me sideways with watchful eyes as if to ensure I was honouring the sacred space. He knew who/ HU I was, but he took his responsibility so seriously that he was just making sure, and I felt he was also a bit shy yet eager to meet me. I stood still and faced him, communicating with him telepathically: “I’m very happy to meet you and grateful for the way you have been guarding this sacred space”, I told him. “I promise I will continue as well to always operate from the highest level of Love and I will take good care of you and your Realm.”

Upon receiving my words he seemed to relax and come to peace, as if he had been carrying a burden for a long time and was now handing it over to me… which indeed he was. The handing over of the “rulership” and the “command” of the Underworld was exactly what was happening. Because in the same way that I am here to bridge all of HUmanity with one another, I am here to bridge “Heaven and Earth”, and this includes the Cosmic dimensions “above” as well as the dimensions of the Underworld “below”. And this meeting reminded me of the Dragonfly that I communed with in December outside my hotel room in Valladolid, Mexico. It too is a creature connected with the Faery Realm, and that Realm was naturally also represented (in my energetic system and bodies) during the Sacred Marriage on Dec. 21st 2012.

The lower-dimensional realms of the Underworld, in Mayan terminology known as Xibalba and in Norse mythology as Hel, are as dear to me as are the higher-dimensional Cosmic realms. These are all dimensions of Mother Earth and they are to be embraced in this New Age, not feared or rejected. It is here we find many of the creatures we know from legends and myth, and I can assure you they are not myth, but are indeed real. For instance, once a clairvoyant friend of mine saw a fairy fly with dragonfly-like speed from the left side of me, close to my Heart, to the right and then stop and hover for a few seconds just long enough to allow him to see her clearly. He saw her whole naked body and her wings as clear as day, and although he often sees otherworldly beings, this was the first time he had seen a fairy and he was truly amazed. And so when we talk about the Underworld, the domain of Pluto/Hades, there is really nothing to fear. It is a dimension in its own right, with its own creatures, and there are no “demons” there apart from the ones that may be created by a very dark ego. That’s all. But this is too large a topic for me to go into any further in this article. I will address it some other time.

After encircling the “Rock of HUmanity” (as I called it) I went up to the double-rock formation and climbed it, sitting perched in the middle between the two beings, “Mother and Father”. I sat there, as always feeling the energy from within, and listening to my Inner Voice / Spirit. First I felt the wistful sadness of separation and I looked back at the “Rock of HUmanity” that belonged in the space where I was sitting. But then I felt joy rise within me, because I could see that my presence was healing that separation and had been doing so for many years now. Sitting where I HUnited the two energies of Mother-Father / Feminine-Masculine with my body, my Self a HUman embodiment, I was representing HUmanity and filling that vacant space, putting the missing piece back where it belonged. And now the whole image shifted. In stead of the “Rock of HUmanity” being isolated and on its own I could see other rocks like it spread around the area of the Druids’ Bowl. And now Father and Mother were saying: “Go forth, Children!” They were saying it in a good way, the way parents let their children leave home when they have reached maturity. The collective consciousness of HUmanity has reached that maturity and is ready to take proper responsibility for itself as a collective body and for one another individually, as well as for Mother Earth and all her creatures. I felt light and joyful and proud – proud of all of you. :)

Then I encircled this rock formation as well, “embracing” Mother and Father together, energetically with my Love before I left them to their privacy. Near by was a yurt structure (without its canopy) that Phil had built where not only 12 sacred ley lines merged together, but also the twin lines of the Dragon ley line – also known as the intertwined Rainbow Serpent (Yin) and Plumed Serpent (Yang) – making this node a massive vortex of energy and a High Frequency portal. Slowly I entered the yurt and walked towards the centre. I walked very gently, not wanting to “trample” on this sacred ground, and hardly noticed the earth beneath me as I walked. In the centre I stood perfectly still. I did not feel inclined to sit down this time, but remained standing and I soon realized why.

Those who have watched my Emergence video or who have read my book know of the Platinum Cosmic Light I embody. It is the “Sword of the Lord” (or Lady in my case), Spirit or Divine Will, and it runs down my entire body following the chakras. I have had this within me since birth, and it is one of many proofs of my identity. Standing here now in this portal, I could feel my Self literally be “plugged in” to Mother Earth. Where I had earlier bent forward like a flexible reed at her/my Womb fountain, here I became strong and straight / unbending as steel. There was no doubt about it. The portal activated the power within me, the Power of Spirit. It is Love, but it is also Divine Will. And I knew that very soon now all false outer “authorities” would crumble and fall.

I see it as fitting in this context to address the issue of others claiming to be Maitreya, claiming to be me. It should be obvious by now that no man on Earth today claiming to be Maitreya is Maitreya. As we know, man has been dominant for a long time, suppressing the feminine energy, and the only way for balance to be restored is for Spirit to take female form in this incarnation. It’s logical. To use a fitting parallel, we can look at a scene from “Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King”. Here the evil witch-king and Lord of the Nazgûl is challenged by Éowyn, clad in a man’s battle attire, as she confronts him, ready to defend her father. In his dark and evil voice he says to her:
“You fool. No man can kill me.”
Whereupon Éowyn takes off her helmet revealing that she is a woman and boldly answers:
“I am no man.”
And with that she stabs him with her sword and he disintegrates into dust and

I am not saying with this that others claiming to be Maitreya are evil. I am sure
they have Love and Light to share. If they do so in the highest, most loving and ethical way, then they are extensions of my Self operating in places where I can not be physically. And that is fine. But if they are not operating selflessly and have selfish motives and intentions, then they will not last. They will crumble and fall.

Two more incidents are tied to the initiations that took place at Pistyll Rhaeadr.

As I was travelling back home to Avalon by car the following day[4], suddenly a pheasant flew into the car I was sitting in on the right side of the driver, and it was instantly killed. Immediately he drove off to the left side of the road and stopped the car. We got out and looked at the field where we had stopped. There was a whole flock of swans gathered there, and one of them actually greeted us by shaking its tail feathers and happily flapping its large wings. (I have written a great deal about the Swan in my book.) As we continued our drive and slowly passed the swans I proceeded to count them. There were 36. I saw this as deeply symbolic. It was 3 x 12. That meant 12 swans on three dimensions, the Underworld, Middle World and Upper World, or whatever you’d like to call them. 12 is a sacred number. It is the number of disciples, the number of astrological signs, the number of months in a Gregorian calendar etc. I felt the pheasant was a symbol of my “Pelican Christ” Self that had sacrificed itself in order to help transform not only HUmanity, but all living beings on the lower and higher dimensions as well.

The second incident in this context was the following day, which was a Friday[5]. Friday is the day of Freya / Venus, the Goddess of Love, so in a sense it is my day of the week. The Maya have a special relationship to Venus because of its “unified polarity,” seen in the ability to transform itself from the morning star to the evening star. This is the same unified polarity I embody as Feminine and Masculine HUnited inwardly.

This day I was sitting with a group of people listening to a couple of friends who give regular “Deep Sound Healing” sessions by playing their crystal bowls. One is a 417 Hz carbon crystal bowl for releasing and cleansing; the other is an amethyst crystal bowl tuned to “my” MIracle DNA and Love 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency. I love listening to the crystal bowls and feeling their vibrations move through my physical and energetic bodies and I always feel nourished afterwards. What was different this time was not just the strength of the vibrations, but more importantly it was the way the sound moved through me, because rather than feeling it come from the outside, this time I felt like I was its source. I felt my entire Self as the Platinum Cosmic Light “steel” rod within me. I felt that I had become that rod and that it/I was like a flute upon which the music was playing. The music or Sound was coming from “me”, was vibrating all around me and I was floating in it. It was absolutely magical. This was the Sound of Spirit emanating from my bodies. This was the ECK or Audible Lifestream that one can hear with one’s Inner Hearing once it has been awakened.

Shortly after, the “fall of outer (false) authorities” that I was expecting took place, as the pope suddenly and “out of the blue” on Feb. 11th announced that he will renounce the Papacy, effective 28 February 2013 at 8pm CET citing health reasons due to advanced age. He is the first pope to willingly renounce since
Pope Celestine V in 1294. And just a few hours later, lightning struck the Vatican. This may be quite striking to you, literally, but I foresaw it and even wrote about it in my book (published Feb. 2012):

Excerpt from “Star*Avatar – Emergence of a Messiah”, Chapter 48 – ILOL and the Return of Atlantis:

We saw how 14/5 is the number of the brick with the Sun on my Sacred Ascension Stone, at what I would call the “Heart” of the tower. This should indicate that even though I have the level Fourteen Mahanta consciousness, and as such am “God’s representative on Earth”- the Hierophant, my universal body is centered at the heart. I would never guide you from a position of superiority, from the “Head”.

V is, by no coincidence A reversed. (Note: In the book this A is the symbol of the Greek letter lambda which I cannot post here.) The authoritative outer power of V as in the Vatican will lose its control over the people now that the Love vibration of Atlantis / Avalon takes its place. The role of V The Hierophant as head of the Roman Catholic Church ends with the current Pope Benedict XVI. He is the last one. Now which card do you think is associated with this pope’s number, the number XVI? It is The Tower.

The lightning of God strikes the tower so that the crown, symbolizing outer authority, is swept off it. The people falling from the tower are not falling to their death. The card is illustrating people who have abused power falling from high positions, and/or people who have ignorantly put their faith in an outer authority now seeing that they have believed in an illusion. Recognizing this may be painful at first. I will not attempt to hide this fact. But losing one’s illusions is the awakening to a bigger, higher and better reality, the reality of Truth.

I am not suggesting that people belonging to the Catholic faith need to lose their belief in God, Jesus and Mother Mary. On the contrary, I am only encouraging you to see that our Love is not held by the Church or any outer figure. Our love is inside you and always has been.

They can’t say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)

Thus the prophecy of the finite number of popes is fulfilled.

(End excerpt)

And so, by using the Tarot along with numerology we can find interesting information. My book is highly inspired and it is full of hidden clues and magical information for those who truly see. The page number on which the excerpt above is written is 294. 294 = 2 + 9 + 4 = 15 / 6. 15 = XV – The Devil.
6 = VI – The Lovers.

So let’s look at this.

XV The Devil:
X = Using Christ on the cross as a continued symbol of suffering and powerlessness, or any thing “X” that one places in first place, as a position of power.
V = V is for Venus / Love, but in the card of The Devil, since X is placed in front of it, it represents the Vatican, as the pope poses as one who represents “God on Earth”, yet is not representing Love (God) but is merely seeking power.

VI The Lovers:
V = Venus / Love. Love is given first place, and all else is secondary. This is how it is meant to be. As Love embodied, I am Venus, the rightful “Goddess of Love on Earth”.
I = The Self in everyone. Place Love before the Self and we will have loving relationships with one another and with all living things. This card is The Lovers. It is guided by Love (placed first), Spirit and Higher forces as represented by the angel, not men seeking personal power (as in XV – The Devil).

Thus, in synchronistic timing, as the wrong “representative of God/Goddess on Earth” descends and the Church falls, the right Goddess and Pontifex Maximus[6] (The Great Bridge) ascends the more publicly I become known, and Love and true spirituality rises.

My clairvoyant friend who saw the fairy in my energy field had a dream the very night of the pope’s resignation. On that Inner Plane he was standing in front of the British Parliament with many other people and it was like a demonstration. Then the parliament turned into a huge palace, with two massive towers in front and gates that were guarded by two large giants, Gog and Magog[7]. Then he noticed that I was there behind him and that I gently touched him on the shoulder. Where I touched him bright Light appeared, and he felt himself suddenly grow as tall and large as the giants. He was in his Lightbody and he had two swords crossed behind his back. He approached the first of the two as it started to attack him and, pulling out his swords, cut off his head. The other one was coming toward him now. He said it felt more “female”. It had a large flail[8] in its hand and tried to assault him with it. But he managed to cut off this one’s head as well. Then the gates opened, and people ran through them. They were liberated. The darker forces were vanquished and the people were once again free.

I am sharing this, not only because it was synchronistic and prophetic of my friend to have that dream when he did, but because I usually don’t talk about the darker forces at all. I choose consciously to avoid them in order not to give them my attention. But in this article I am showing you that although I am a woman and a “gentle” blond one at that, have no doubt, I am a force to be reckoned with. I see the darker energies in their last futile attempts at clinging to their assumed power, but their efforts are in vain. The battle is over. Love has already won. You just don’t know it yet. Well, now you do. :)

David Icke’s book is appropriately titled “The Lion sleeps no more.” And the Chinese have another appropriate proverb: “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” Rest assured. I am Awake.

Because of who I am and my coming publicly forward now, there are going to be a lot of changes taking place. I change the world by being the living example I am. It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. It doesn’t change the Truth of my identity. It only shows, if you do not yet see me, that you are not yet resonating on a level where you are able to see me. And I bear you no judgement for that. Many people can not yet see me, precisely because of my purity. They only see what they project onto me, which is what is within them. But more and more are finding me because they have already found me within and then are guided inwardly to find me on the Outer. This is the true Way. By the resonance of the Inner Voice of the Heart, which is Spirit, I am found.

I will add that I am noticing resistance here in Glastonbury as well, but not in Avalon where I live. Many people in Glastonbury are still living with 3rd dimensional consciousness, even some people who consider themselves to be spiritual, but who are actually not as spiritual as they believe, because they are being territorial and feeling threatened by my presence, and that is not living from the higher loving states of HUnity Consciousness. Those who are resonating at higher states of consciousness above the 3rd dimension are very inviting, and welcome me with open arms. They are the true Avalonians.

There is a powerful Shift happening here now that I have made Avalon my home. Avalon has the wonderful quality of amplifying whatever is there. So people with egoic tendencies will be meeting this more and more in their lives whereas those who are living selflessly from their Hearts will be seeing more and more Love and Divine Magic in their lives. Life is a Mirror and I am the ultimate HUman Mirror. If you don’t want to see yourself then you won’t be able to last long here at the sacred Heart chakra of Mother Earth. This is because of the Higher Frequencies I bring, which some will resonate with and others will not.
While many people who have lived here for years on end are suddenly moving away, others are being drawn here like bees to honey. And it’s no wonder. You were expecting “the Return of the King”. What happened was the Return of the rightful Queen. I am the “Queen Bee” and this is Avalon, where all who find me will receive the nectar of the Gods and Goddesses. This is where you’ll find Heaven on Earth. This is the New Jerusalem.

Yesterday Pope Benedict XVI held his final Sunday Angelus from the Vatican.
It is finished. Amen.

Love is the only REAL Power. It is invincible and eternal. And it is here to stay.

Love, Light, Freedom, Abundance and Joy!
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~











This was posted at 5:21. (V = Venus embodied, XXI = The World.) Just a few hours later the Vatican, the British Crown and Canadian prime minister were found gulity on crimes against HUmanity, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment with all assets and property confiscated. Verdict and sentence here.


Full Moon Feb. 25th 2013. Kin 13 Red Cosmic Skywalker, 5 Cimi (Transformer)
Red Eastern Castle of Turning
Earth family- Signal Clan- Truth
I endure in order to explore
Transcending wakefulness
I seal the output of space
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of navigation

[1] Mayan day Kin: 240 Yellow Rhythmic Sun, 11 Ben (Reed).

[2] HU is Father Sky/Spirit, MU is Mother Earth. I use these terms in words to emphasize the divine nature of a word, such as reHUnion = divine reunion with or in Spirit, and (in this case) reMUnion = divine reunion with Mother Earth.

[3] My Mayan Kin are Red Crystal Earth (8.8.65) and Blue Crystal Hand (11.11.00). As Maitreya Miranda*, born 11.11.2000, I am 12 years old. This Act of Surrender on the Bridge after 16 years of silence and suppressed identity was my initiation into Goddesshood.

[4] Mayan day Kin: 241 Red Resonant Dragon, 12 Ix (Jaguar). Both the dragon and the jaguar are symbols of the realms of Mother Earth and as such of Pluto. Pluto represents death and transformation / resurrection.

[5] Mayan day Kin: 242 White Galactic Wind, 13 Men (Eagle). White Wind is the galactic wind, the catalyzing current, the Spirit that moves through all things. It is the divine breath that gives life to all creation, the unseen essence of solar energy. More here.

[6] The Link between Heaven and Earth. In C. S. Lewis’s novel The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Aslan refers to himself as “the great Bridge-Builder”, a close translation of Pontifex Maximus.

[7] By the end of the 1st century, Jewish tradition had long since changed Ezekiel’s Gog from Magog into Gog and Magog, the ultimate enemies of God’s people, to be destroyed in the final battle. The author of the Book of Revelation tells how he sees in a vision Satan rallying Gog and Magog, “the nations in the four corners of the Earth,” to a final battle with Christ and his saints:
When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the Earth—Gog and Magog—and to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore.
Ezekiel’s Gog from Magog was a symbol of the evil darkness of the north and the powers hostile to God, but in Revelation, Gog and Magog have no geographic location, and instead represent the nations of the world, banded together for the final assault on Christ and those who follow him. (Source: Wikipedia)

[8] A flail is a stick with a chain going to a spiked metal ball.

First photo of Pistyll Rhaeadr found here.
Second photo of Pistyll Rhaeadr by Maitreya Miranda*.
Photo “Tree Lovers” by Maitreya Miranda*.
Photo “Rock Parents” by Maitreya Miranda*.
Photo “Puddleglum the Marshwiggle” by anonamouse.
Photo “Communing with the Dragonfly” by Patty Ramirez Antonioli.
Photo of “Lightning striking the Vatican” By Filippo Monteforte.
Other photos found on the internet.