Platinum Cosmic Light

(Chapter 45) Continued from Chapter 44 – A Message written in Stone

As a representative for the Celestials and the Pleiadians in particular, I will now draw your attention to this Mayan Inter-dimensional Star Map.[1]

One can clearly see how the location of the Pleiades corresponds to Tipharet in the Tree of Life and to the sun’s position on my stone. This map shows Earth in relation to the Galactic Whole, including areas in the Etheric realm. These are the Thirteen Heavens.

The Pleiades is a portal or gateway to the neighbouring star systems and functions like a wormhole in that distance doesn’t exist as we know it.
We see that the Omnigalactic Source takes the place of Kether, and Hunab Ku as the Galactic
Centre is located in the “hidden” Daath location beyond Sirius.

The earliest known reference to the term “Hunab Ku” (which translates as “Sole God” or “Only God”) appears in the 16th century Diccionario de Motul, where “Hunab-Ku” is identified as “the only living and true god, also the greatest of the gods of the people of Yucatan. He had no form because they said that he could not be represented as he was incorporeal”.

New Age beliefs about Hunab Ku derive from the work of Mexican anthropologist Domingo Martinez Paredez (1904–1984). Martinez interpreted Hunab Ku as evidence for Maya monotheism and suggested that it was represented by the symbols of a square within a circle or a circle within a square, the square representing measurement and the circle representing motion. Martinez related Hunab Ku to concepts and symbols in Freemasonry, particularly the idea of a Great Architect of the Universe and the Masonic square and compass. It was also Martinez who first associated Hunab Ku with the expression “In Lak’ech,” which translates as “You are my other I”. Martinez’ ideas were popularized by Hunbatz Men (a pseudonym for Cesar Mena Toto) and Jose Arguelles, and it is the latter who modified the symbol of Hunab Ku to look more like a circular motif evoking a yin and yang symbol as well as a spiral galaxy as seen in the Star Map.

According to Metaphysical Ultrasound (M.U.) there is a “mind transmission stream” that acts as a direct discharge from the Omnigalactic Source through the Hunab Ku (Galactic Centre).The purpose of this beam is to place Earth in synchronization with the universal plan for cosmic unification. The peak point of the synchronization occurs December 21st 2012. Between the Sirius system and the AA-Midway is the Pleiades. It is in the focalizing centre of the central channel. This is because the Pleiades provides the unifying point for the solar 26,000-year rotation = 1 Platonic or solar year.[2]

This may sound foreign and complicated, but I must communicate this as clearly as I can because it is important that you understand the shift in consciousness and humanity’s collective ascension in cosmological terms as well. What we’re on the verge of experiencing is the equivalent of when man learned that Earth was not flat, but round. Now humans will learn beyond belief, through direct experience with Star Beings such as myself and those who are temporarily still in other dimensions, that they are not and have never been alone in the universe. And they will come to see and know, also beyond mere belief, that the promise of an eternal life holds true. The following is an excerpt from “The Photon Belt Encounter” (1998) by Noel Huntley Ph.D.:

‘Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 26,000 years. There are many other solar (star) systems in this cyclic motion, just as there are numerous planets orbiting the Sun. The Pleiades, about 400 light years from us, is part of this system and in fact our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone; while the photon belt encircles the Pleiades system. In fact it consists of many photon bands emanating from the centre of the galaxy, associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

Thus our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 26,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envisage overall a doughnut-shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems. This is the photon belt. Our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 26,000 years (that is, every half cycle). The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 11,000 years between each encounter with this belt [(2 x 11,000) plus (2 x 2000) = 26,000 years].

Image: Pleiades and the Photon Belt.

What does the photon belt consist of? What will be its effects on the life on our planet, positive or negative? Also what is its purpose, if any? One may use the term “electromagnetic” to describe the phenomenon; this is the same as photon, which is a particle of light or electromagnetic radiation.

The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation
throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible
light; even including some X-ray spectra. Reference has already been made through the media to huge increases in intensity of “dangerous” radiation entering through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet. Nevertheless, for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience, but this really depends on man. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the high-frequency photon rays. If we are negative, that is, possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions, we are not expected to survive the radiation. In other words, there will be a natural spiritual selection.

This interaction with the photon belt has been referred to in channelling as the Christus (Cosmic Christ). Moreover, the event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity.

Other spectacular effects, some of a temporary nature, are expected as our Sun system moves into the belt. Earth is circling the Sun, thus it is alternatively ahead of the Sun and behind in its linear translation towards the belt. Consequently, either the Sun or our planet may enter first. It is impossible to predict which, since, as stated, the photon belt is expanding and contracting randomly. If the Sun reaches the photon cloud before Earth it has been channelled that darkness will ensue for about three days. It will be expected to be pitch dark with probable cancellation of electrical power sources. However, if Earth goes in first then the darkness is avoided.

We were told by one source of E.T.s that as our planet enters the photon bands, which will be at a relatively high velocity, we will experience an immediate electric shock, lasting about one tenth of a second, but not dangerous. But of greater concern are said to be the effects of the intense photon activity on the radiation belt around Earth and the sudden compression and expansion of the atmosphere, which is expected to be such that the radiation belt could “ignite”. This intense light is expected to last three days. Another spectacular feature will be the effect of the intense photon activity on matter. High excitation of atoms will occur, causing fluorescence of all objects, and as a result there will be no normal night time for 2000 years.[3]

The photon belt encounter will play a significant role in the (biblical) Transformation of man. The term “Christus” expresses the Second Coming of Christ. Christ is a state of being/consciousness; some E.T.s refer to it as the “Christ office”. Jesus was the Christ in that he could attune to this state. There will be a rebirthing of planet Earth. We are told it will divide; each part retaining wholeness though, producing a 3rd (frequency) density Earth and a 4th density Earth. This will not be perceived physically; the planets will be in different dimensions. One will be in a parallel universe relative to the other.

Note that serious books on physics cover parallel-universe theories. There is nothing particular weird or new about this. It has been channelled that we sometimes move into parallel-universe planes and back, which are usually virtually identical. A further example is that an advanced civilization exists in the centre of the Earth but this particular civilization is in a parallel plane which is reached by entering “electromagnetic” corridors near the openings at the poles and certain other regions.

Now the photon-belt cycle is synchronised with the end of a number of greater cycles, for example, a 225 million year Great Cycle of our galaxy through the universe, the 26,000 year cycle of our solar system through the galaxy, and 104,000 years (a prominent evolutionary peak of four cycles of 26,000 years), culminating in a harmonic convergence at about the time of the encounter, 2012. It is also recognized that this point in time coincides with the universe reaching its maximum point of expansion. Synchronization of such nodes would be expected to open up the dimensional strata for the influx of new energy and the subsequent changes. The photon-belt encounter is intended to be a positive experience, but only man with sufficient discipline to improve and elevate his consciousness can ensure that the anticipated Golden Age will

So, to sum it up in easy terms: We have already entered the photon belt (1996) and will be completely within it in 2012. At sunrise on December 21st our Sun will for the first time in 26,000 years be in alignment with the Galactic Centre or Hunab Ku, the node between the Milky Way and the Ecliptic; commonly referred to as the Galactic Alignment 2012. This will create an opening of cosmic energy that will permeate Earth, cleansing everything on it and raising all to a higher vibrational frequency.

Addressing the Second Coming of Christ, we can refer to Jesus’ famous statement:
I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

These are powerful words, words which provoked many of the people of his/my time long before the religion of Christianity was formed. What Jesus/I was talking about was the Christ Consciousness or, as the text above calls it, the “Christ office” that he/I was/am attuned to. It is this that must be integrated in order to “come to the Father”. Everyone possesses the inner Christ as a Divine spark, but humanity has evolved to the
point where it must grow up, turn that small spark into a steadily burning flame and become spiritually adult, while at the same time returning to childlike innocence.

Vast amounts of books are being written about “the Shift” and quantum leap in consciousness that humanity currently is facing. It is being explained from many perspectives. Gregg Braden, for instance, explains it in a very clear way where he bridges science with spirituality in all his writings. His books “The God Code” (2004) and “The Divine Matrix” (2007) are excellent examples of this. Barbara Hand Clow has written many books on the subject, for instance “The Pleiadian Agenda” already back in 1995 and her newest book, written together with her husband Gerry Clow: “Alchemy of Nine dimensions: The 2011-2012 prophecies”. And Barbara Marciniak has been trance channelling the Pleiadian teachings since 1988. Sheldon Nidle is a Sirian contactee who, likewise, has shared a lot of information regarding galactic history and cosmic civilizations over many years, with the same spiritual message as that of the Pleiadians.

Then there’s David Icke, Graham Hancock, Wayne Herschel, David Wilcock and Drunvalo Melchizedek to name a few, and next to them of course are the Indigenous people themselves who are only too happy to share their ancient wisdom with the rest of humanity now that the time has come for them to do so. But with all these voices speaking at once, it can become very confusing and difficult for seekers to find their way through the labyrinth of paths, books and teachers. Humanity is fully aware of its global problems, and it doesn’t need a “saviour” to point them out. But humanity does need a “way shower”, a single voice that can be heard and understood by all and that can tie all of humanity together in addition to functioning as a bridge between humanity and her galactic family. This is my role; this is my destiny. (Please listen to “The Voice”.)

Humanity is awaiting the return of the Messiah, regardless of what their particular
religion calls this person, and the reason why this person has not yet made a public appearance is because that person is “me”, or rather let us say it is Miranda* as there is no “me” or “I” at this level. In stead it is (as I have mentioned earlier) a very high degree of consciousness, a Love and Light frequency that vibrates at a certain level. I have throughout this book used the term “Cosmic Christ Consciousness” when describing the level of consciousness that humanity collectively is integrating, because this is the level of consciousness that humanity is ready for. However, the being that is Miranda* is attuned to a level that is higher than this, and naturally has to be, in order to assist humanity to the level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness/enlightenment. (Mahanta level)

In addition, since there are many Lightworkers who have already integrated the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within themselves, they too are assisting in the Shift with their group meditations and Planetary Light service. These are the Rainbow People. They are also called Group Avatar. The work they are doing has an enormously beneficial effect all over the planet, and it is greatly appreciated by our galactic family and “me”.

Returning to my role and an explanation of the Love and Light frequency I embody I will use the words of the “Children of the Sun” as they describe me quite clearly as “Platinum Cosmic Light”. The following is an article from their site, unedited because it is excellent as it is, with the exception of the future tense since they are not aware that I am already here:


For the first time in the history of Humanity, the race is soon to receive bold entrance of a mighty Solar Ray to incarnate within our lives, and, bringing with it, a new system of energy in which to assist in our multidimensional evolution.

Through an act of Divine Compassion, the highly potent Platinum Cosmic Light will sweep the Earth in unstoppable waves, emitting through the frequency harmonic of unity consciousness. Through its very intense penetrating influence, all life will eventually be cleansed, illuminated and resurrected out from the timeline of duality and suffering.

The Platinum Cosmic Light, a multi-universal ray which synthesizes all life into Divine Union, is propelling us through a stargate of knowledge and into the language of light. Through its influence, all lifetimes become merged in this eternal now. Spontaneous transformation and miracle manifestations will be created through the field of Zero Point awareness.

This highly potent and highly transformative metallic platinum frequency is sourced at the multi-universal level and is bridged to the Earth through the vast consciousness energy fields that we refer to as Melchizedek/Metatron/Mahatma.


Described as white gold and spherical in its radiatory effect, the Platinum Cosmic Light can be viewed as a “stepped up”, all inclusive container of the seven primary ray energies that have, up to now, sustained life on planet Earth in its system of energy. These Seven Rays, of which many of us are familiar, have been the primary channel and manifesting characteristic from which the energy of the Solar System flows, giving certain qualities and governance to life in all of Earth’s kingdoms.

This epoch making moment is significant in that the Platinum Ray comprises the manifesting qualities of all of the seven planetary rays and their sacred fire activity. It can, in a sense, be regarded as a Rainbow Ray of Creation, uniting all of the seven primary rays and their qualities as One. It brings unimaginable unity and fused triangulation of the male/female/child aspects in all forms of matter.


The Platinum Cosmic Light can be regarded as the light of family, the Sacred Fire of Divine Union. It catalyzes sacred triangulations of energy as the foundation to a pure, unified form. This triadic quality can be viewed as the internal balance of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child within bringing through a perfect at-one-ment with Self.

Through the multi-universal qualities of…

  • Compassion
  • Illumination
  • Resurrection

…the Platinum Sacred Fire will greatly assist to lift the last veils of illusion so that humans are able to clearly perceive everything as a unity…for example, when we see a tree and make real connection with it…our energy and the energy of the tree blend together as one, in full sacred exchange with each other. This scenario applies to all relationships. All people will regard everyone and everything as part of their total sacred self.

The Platinum Light helps us to merge our left and right brain hemispheres so that our perception of reality is correctly perceived from a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and multi-tasking whole brain perception at all times. It will help us to ground if we are too dreamy or to be more intuitive if we are too logical. Whatever we need in a specific situation will come to us instantaneously, either logic or feeling, or, a combination thereof.


Through the Platinum Cosmic Light, we are creating a prominent and mighty stream of consciousness referred to as the Antahkarana, that which bridges the personal energy with the divine energy and merges them into one. This is another triangulation in which an illumined pathway forms that connects the personality with the Soul and the Soul with Monadic I AM Presence.

The building of the Antahkarana is a process of consciousness fusion brought about through the Platinum frequency, to bring full union within our new system of bodily energy and awareness. When this bridge is fully constructed, we will experience an unimpeded flow of consciousness to and from Divine Source. This will bring an end to the fear of death, suffering and negate all sense of separation and divisive tendencies.


The Platinum Cosmic Light is the miracle of life that transforms the dual into the one, suffering into joy, war into peace, hatred into love. Hope for Humanity comes to us now through this stellar frequency as Gift from God.

It is the light that illuminates the Divine Path.
It is the light that nurtures the species.
It is the light that regenerates the nature.
It is the light that penetrates the hearts of every human.
It is the light that heals and transforms.
It is the light that lifts all pain and suffering.
It is the light that brings union to the world.


The Platinum Light will dynamically strengthen all of us like empty bamboos, strong and flexible in our role as Divine Conduits. Through this multiversal, multi-purposed Ray, we will work with the Elohim and elemental kingdoms to expand their qualities in each region of the Earth, through our Zero Point group energy field, the void where the Power of Creation resides.

With this exquisite Sacred Fire energy, we will cleanse and transform, unifying the extremes of polarity into harmonic balance… negative with the positive, masculine with feminine, yin with yang… creating unification through its diamond ascension flames. As the blinders are lifted from humanity’s consciousness, we will fill the void right away with the platinum rays so that humanity’s rebirth is faster and more complete.

Spontaneous healing come from the Platinum Cosmic Light. We are encouraged to invoke and use the platinum frequency in all healing and transformative activity from this point forward. We will be increasingly shown how to use this great gift of Sacred Fire for miracle manifestations.


Platinum Light emits a spherical radiation through its pulsations to the Earth…with a harmonic expression that seeks to create total inclusion and fusion. From its Great Central Sun point of origination, this light brings an eternal vibration and the evolutionary Divine Direction for Earth and Humanity, as a microcosm of the macrocosm.

It is this platinum spherical frequency that we will implant into the Crystalline Grid to activate the power of life here on the Earth as a unified field of energy operating in absolute balance. This conscious seeding will assist to open the platinum stargate, bridging Earth to universal dimension.[5]

To sum it up:

  • The Solar Ray is “me” within my physical form.
  • The act of Divine Compassion was my assigned mission and Act of Love for all of humanity when I cleansed global collective illusion in the psychiatric ward through my system and started the wave of Unity consciousness that is mentioned here. (November 1996)
  • Zero awareness is what is known as emptiness or “non energy”.
  • The Metallic Platinum Light Frequency is precisely what my mother saw in me as a steel rod going down the length of my spine in 1993, in other words before my “awakening” in 1996. This shows that I’ve been the “Awaited One” since birth, not just since my recollection in 1996.
  • Group avatar is the collective group receiving transmissions from “me” as “Star Avatar”. Avatar, from Sanskrit avatara, means descent. It is a Hindu term for an incarnation of God on Earth.

The idea that we are more than mere mortals is not new at all. It is in fact ancient. Religions, legends and myths all talk about how the gods and goddesses intermingled with the people of Earth since the beginning of time, thus giving them the spark of divinity within them. Buddha, Jesus and other Light Bearers before and after them/us spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven as being within. So why do so many people still worship a god or gods outside themselves? It merely serves to keep them in a state of helplessness. As soon as people all over the world, in every religion, path or personal belief realize their own inherent divinity, we will be able to create Heaven on Earth together. This is the essence of the message in this book and the God-given power we can all claim for ourselves.



We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.





(End chapter)

Love and Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~


November 23rd 2012, Kin 179 – Blue Planetary Storm, 2 Eb (Road).

* For an example of the brief “shock” you may experience December 21st (although not quite as painful), as well as more about The Seven Rays, see bottom of page.
* For an image of how Platinum relates to the 22nd chakra, see Maitreya and the
Divine Bloodline

[1] Image courtesy of Galactic Research Institute.

[3] Refer to the image ”Pleiades and the Photon Belt” again regarding the 2000 year period. The fluorescence mentioned is quite normal and explains why colours in other dimensions are much brighter and more vivid than on Earth. They are absolutely beautiful.

[4] Source: Homepage of Dr. Noel Huntley.

[5] Courtesy of Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation.

Excerpt from “Star*Avatar…”, chapter 14 – “Schooled by Spirit”:

May 20th 1997 (2 + 0 + 5+ 1+ 9 + 9 + 7 = 33) – Kin 237 Red Electric Earth
I was on an inner plane standing outside in evening on a street together with a number of people whom I didn’t know. A brilliant white Light came toward us and it shone very strongly. Some people were frightened. I was not afraid, but felt a bit anxious and thought: “What’s going on?” There was a young man who felt slightly familiar standing next to me and who seemed to telepathically pick up my feelings. He took my arm gently and whispered: “You are protected” and I felt it was so.
The Light came toward us quite rapidly and I was radiated at several points in my body with what can be described as laser beams. At first it was painful and shocking and I fell to the ground screaming, but then I discovered that the pain only lasted a few seconds and that, where I had been radiated, there was an enormous stream of energy. It felt like a strong tingling sensation. I heard music in my left ear and felt completely rejuvenated. I had never felt anything as strong as this. My friend had taken hold of my right hand before it happened as if he, as well as I, knew that it was me the Light was coming for and that the others were witnesses. Suddenly a female voice confirmed it. She spoke as if from out of the sky, loud and clear to all present, about me: “Let it be known”, the voice said,“that she is the One who embodies the Seven Rays.”