Pursuing the Trail

(Excerpt from Chapter 40:)

Sept. 13th 2009 5 Serpent (Chicchan) = Power to connect Earth with Heaven
I have been chosen by NASA to connect with our celestial / cosmic brothers and sisters since I am able to communicate with them telepathically. I sit in a glass round “bubble”  (like an orb) just big enough to surround my physical body while sitting crouched. I am way up in space, the glass bubble connected to a crane, and I can see 360° all around me. The universe is revealed to me on all sides and I am enjoying its beauty at the same time as I am focusing on my mission: To bridge the communication between extra-terrestrials / angels and humanity.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. ~ Lao Tzu ~

(Excerpt from Chapter 41:)

11th 2010 8 Serpent (Chicchan) = Harmonious bridge from Earth to Heaven
There was a gigantic UFO in the sky that everyone could see. It was bigger than the ones from the movie “Independence Day”, flat seen from below and rectangular. It had lights on the bottom (like most UFOs have) and bright light beams radiated out from them. I discovered that from where I lived I could walk along a path out in nature slowly upwards until I reached a (meter wide) wooden gangway. I stepped onto it and continued walking all the way up to the spaceship and stepped on board. It turned out to be a complete space station, built by both humans and our extra terrestrial family in a positive cooperation. “On board” it was so big and vast that it was more like a whole world of its own. I noticed that many of the dining areas that I passed offered mainly Asian food; Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Sushi and so on. There were shops too but I didn’t have time to look around much longer before I woke up.

A few months later I started dating a guy whom I had met on a couple of previous occasions and had felt very attracted to. He was from Tromøy like me, a tall and long-haired lead singer in a rock band, and we had mutual friends. Our relationship blossomed, becoming steady very soon, and we spent all our free time together. In July we travelled to England for the first half of our summer holiday and I was able to experience the star glyphs again. I hadn’t been in one since 2006, and was almost feeling a kind of abstinence, as if my body or energy system needed the energy of the star glyphs. We visited the beautiful formation at Forest Hill that had been discovered on the summer solstice, and I lay down and absorbed the energy for a while.

Even though it was no longer “fresh”, it calmed me, although I wasn’t consciously restless, and I felt it was enough to “recharge my energetic batteries”, so to speak. I loved it. I see it as a merkabah and a 3rd dimensional image of my star.[1] (See Categories: Star of Spirit)

Theo and I had travelled by car, and now we drove all over England, up and down the countryside of Wiltshire, visiting Stonehenge and Avebury, Glastonbury and the Tor, going all the way south as far as Torquay and as far north as Goathland, stopping in Liverpool and Leeds on our way. In Leeds we visited the place where I was born and the cemetery where my sister Anita’s grave lies, combining these two natural parts of life, birth and death, within the same hour. Even the English weather was on the sunny side, so we had a wonderful time and I enjoyed plenty of fish and chips during the week we were there. On a deeper level I was once again experiencing an exchange of energy with the geographical areas I visited, as I absorbed the energy from England’s part of Mother Earth, her sacred sites and powerful Ley lines, and left energetic traces of myself behind.

As you look at the photo[2] here, there is symbolism in every part of it. This happened completely unintentionally on my part. To begin with, note how the photo resembles the Tarot card VIII “Strength”  (See Categories: Tarot). I am wearing a pink (“think pink”) top with tiny little hearts all over it (= compassion, love for the little things) and the lion is black, showing I am still “in the dark”, in hiding, and have not yet come forth openly. Next we see that there are signs for two pharmacies in the photo; one of them ties me to Earth, the other to the Stars. Symbolically a pharmacy is a representation of health and healing. The British Red Cross sign is the “St George’s Cross” originally, and appeared as an emblem of England during the Middle Ages and the Crusades. It is one of the earliest known emblems representing England.

If I may be permitted to add a silent e to Boots, we get Bootes. Bootes is believed to be the most ancient constellation in the sky and the association I make here is my celestial origin. The brightest star in Bootes is Arcturus, which can be translated as “Bear Guard” as it indeed eternally circles the Bears Ursa Major and Ursa Minor around the North Pole. In addition to this connection, we have the name Arthur, which is thought to be derived from the Celtic “artos” meaning “bear”, the Irish Gaelic “art” meaning “stone”, or the Welsh term “arth gwyr,” meaning “bear man.” Arthur is the true king of England and the only one who can pull the sword from the stone. Remember my interaction with the bear at the age of nine? You will see the relevance of this and the connection when I talk of my bloodline later. (See Categories: Divine Bloodline)

Another sign says “Dorothy House” giving association to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Together with the current Mahanta I walked the Yellow Brick Road. This road is symbolic of what Eastern religions refer to as the “Middle Path”, the Way of Balance / Equilibrium and Peace, which is the way I’ve always lived and show others how to do as well. The flower on the sign could easily refer to the Flower of Life, but we needn’t overdo our interpretation. Finally the photo shows the text “Ready when you are” as a message from me to humanity regarding the issue of when I, be it as the Messiah or as an extra-terrestrial come openly forward. (See Categories: Mira*/Semjase)

But perhaps the most interesting event from our week in England is the star glyph that was reported on July 10th, just four days after I had been in the Forest Hill formation. Geometrically, it shows three Vesica Pisces forming a triple hexagon faintly laid out within a more distinct version of the same shape, intertwined in a way that draws one’s immediate association to a crown of thorns, specifically the Crown of Thorns placed on Jesus’ head. Also the Vesica Piscis itself is a symbol of a fish, and as such a reference to Christ.

Crown of Christ/ Miranda* (Maitreya). Guys Cliffe near Old Milverton, Warwickshire, July 10th 2010.[3]

After our week in England Theo and I travelled through Europe to my family’s house in Hungary. We had barely crossed the border when Theo looked around at the surroundings and had a deja vu. He said: “I recognize this.” And the whole time we were in Hungary Theo felt very much at home. It was also nice for him to take a break from all the car driving. Now we spent the next ten days relaxing, swimming in Lake Balaton and sunning ourselves under the warm Hungarian sun. We could even afford to dine out daily since Hungary has incredibly low rest-aurant prices, and we really enjoyed the remainder of our vacation before we had to return to Norway.
Shortly after I was back home again another star glyph formation illustrating Christ appeared in England, and it was divided in two parts.


Face of Christ/Miranda* (Maitreya). Wickham Green, North M4Berkshire, July 29th 2010.[4]

You can see the two crop circles on either side, North and South, of the M4 motorway. At first glance they may look like a random collection of dots, resembling a digital representation of some sort. But when the two circles are overlaid, they form a face very much like Christ’s image on the Turin shroud. Now, one may wonder, why didn’t the Star Beings just create this image with a single star glyph? Why complicate matters by using two, and placing them on either side of the M4? Well, it was to give the clue that the face is not just one, but two persons, two in one, and on either side of the M4 relates to one of each sex. The directions indicate a person from the South (Jesus) and one from the North (me). If we stretch this even further, the M4 may indicate the 4 Ms: Messiah Maitreya Mary Miranda*.


Digitalized image of star glyph face of Christ / Miranda* (Maitreya).

As soon as the warm summer days full of fishing out of Theo’s boat and taking lovely walks in nature were becoming shorter, I started writing my book again. I intuitively felt that this was the last winter it would remain unfinished and so I was prepared to give it my top priority. I needed to focus my attention on this task, and since Theo was going through a process of self-discovery and needed time alone too, we ended our relationship but kept in touch as close friends.

Over the months as I wrote, I started to see signs that indicated the “outer world” was not only catching up with me, in that the Cosmic Christ Consciousness was spreading. I was also seeing signs that people of authority had found its original source; in other words, “they” had found me. Let me explain. When I set the Ripple in motion in 1996, no-one knew. The Wednesday group who were witnesses had not understood what they were seeing. Even though my records in the ward contained all the information of my actions back then, it was filed away like any other patient’s file and not looked into in a deeper way. However, when I found or rather “was given” my ancient stone in Peru, this was not left unnoticed. Willaru[5] had been very interested in it and had even made a pencil trace of the writings on it. I had not for one minute thought that it would stop there, but had anticipated that he would show this to others and talk about how I had found it.

The way I saw it, he would show it to people he knew or whom he had heard of who might be able to interpret its message, or at least have some knowledge as to what it might mean. They would probably become intrigued as well. This is human nature. They would immediately see the ladder going up into Eternity, and even if they didn’t decipher the whole image, they would most likely agree that the stone’s message was about ascension. These are people from South America, and they know well of the Mayan Calendar and the time we’re living in. And they would probably wonder, what on earth did the stone have to do with me? Willaru would tell them what he knew about me, and they would likely wish to know more. There must be a reason why I had been given the stone. Spirit wouldn’t have given it to me only for it to be hidden away and forgotten, so there must be a purpose to me being its guardian. Was I perhaps one of their ancestors or one of the ascended Masters, reincarnated in the body of a white woman? Anything was possible, and the Indigenous people are open to unusual ideas because they are very much in tune with their intuition.

So it may have been decided among a group of elders that I was to be “watched” from a distance. I don’t mean in any invading privacy-violating way, but rather, one could easily observe my movements through someone that hooked up with me as a friend on facebook, for instance, and who would give them reports of what I was doing from time to time. They might report what kind of material I posted on facebook, which causes I supported, the fact that I gave regular satsangs and full moon meditations and so on. Was I committed to a certain religion or political movement? Was I in any way for one thing and against another, thereby limiting myself to a dualistic viewpoint? Did I in any way show behaviour not worthy of a true Master? Nearly all of my movements were easy for anyone to observe should they want to, the point being to get a better picture of whom I might be, as a reincarnation of someone known or unknown whom they hoped to disclose by identifying my actions, values and interests. And in this way, they might learn more about the stone itself.

I hope I’m not coming across as overly self-important with what I’m saying here. But to me it made sense. It was logical. The ancient stone was of importance, and I’m sure the people who came to learn of its existence felt this too. And I was its guardian. Therefore, in my view, if all I had been through in my life up until now was because I was, in fact, the “Awaited One”, then I knew that “the outer world” would have to acknowledge this in some way and at some point in time. This was precisely why I had kept silent for so long and couldn’t talk about who I really was. It had to be seen by enough people without me doing anything particular that would “push” me onto the world. I couldn’t just come out and say, “Oh, by the way, I’m the Messiah, Maitreya, Quetzalcoatl, White Buffalo Calf Woman …” or whichever figure you are expecting. Saying this as an unknown woman before the time was right would most likely have led to my message not being taken seriously, and this in turn would have completely jeopardized my mission. Therefore, simultaneously as I was preparing my emergence and writing this book where all is explained in its entirety, I was aware that Spirit was likewise carefully preparing the world on its end for my emergence. Naturally and logically, it went both ways.

So, let’s say for the sake of argument that I was being watched from a distance. As more and more people began to get involved, perhaps calculating my chart (the birth data is available on my website) and my numerological values just as I have done in this book, it may have become clear to those watching that I was “important”, even though they perhaps still didn’t know my purpose with the stone or what it was about. Imagine the world is in a delicate state (which it is) and you need to have information about certain people because you wonder whether they might be up to something, not necessarily good, and yet you have no idea what that something is. What would you do? Well, those with the necessary authority could dig deeper, going beyond open and available information, if they contacted people with even higher clearance, explaining that I was “worth investigating”.

This is a good thing, because this is how authorities manage to locate extreme groups and terrorists and often succeed in preventing them from achieving their destructive goals. In my case, I’m not saying this because I’m paranoid and I think they’re “out to get me”. On the contrary, my notion of being under surveillance (whether I have been or not) has provided me with a feeling of safety and protection, as if I was a classified subject, whom only certain initiated people knew of, that was to be kept guarded and secret until further notice. Remember the movie “The Secret” about the Law of Attraction? What about World’s much greater Secret? The initiator of the Law of Attraction, temporarily considered to be an unknown factor, a Keeper of an ancient stone?

You must remember that even people in high positions of power, such as presidents of countries and military leaders aren’t free to act on their own; they need to discuss important matters with other high-ranking people in power. Then a decision is made, either by consensus in the group or by the leader of that group if he or she has the final word. Now, how do you think this person makes his or her decision? What I’m asking you to consider is: Where does the chief authority or head in charge get his or her guidance from if there are no others (human or cosmic) above him or her, and he/she is at the absolute top? The answer is: From within, of course. Whether the decision is made from the head or the heart, or preferably a perfect combination of the two, it is made from within, thus by the influence of Spirit at whatever level that person listens to Spirit’s inward guidance.

I’m offering this as a suggestion of how Spirit on a practical 3rd dimensional level may have orchestrated things in order to prepare people in power of my presence and emergence, just as Spirit had awakened and prepared people spiritually. To sum it up, while I was waiting for the time to be right, writing and preparing myself in secret, the trail leading from the finding of my stone in 2001 had gone from people in Peru to authorities elsewhere, most likely Norway, USA and England, and I was and have been for a while now “on their radar”.

In addition to how the ripple effect affects people who are spiritually inclined to wake up to their “I AM presence”, there is another side of the ripple effect that brings awareness to people of a more rational mind. These people can learn of my presence in a way that is non-threatening and with the sense of still being in control. One way these people would dig deeper into finding out more about me would naturally be through all kinds of personal records. The first thing they would do was check my medical files. Was there anything different or abnormal about me? What if I’m an extra-terrestrial? It’s really interesting that in the movie “Ultraviolet” it is precisely the retinas and metabolic sensing that are checked on Milla Jovovich’s character in order to determine whether she is human or alien. These are the very same body areas that I have had so much trouble with. Even though the detachments on my retinas were discovered already back in 1981 and I wasn’t checked as a potential “alien” at the time, the doctors were mystified as to what had caused this condition in a 15 year-old. Likewise, my gastric problems began already as an infant with gastroenteritis, and I began to have problems again when I had my severe anemia during my “seven operations in nine months – period”.

Remember when I had my endoscopy (EGD) and laparoscopy in 2006? Well, there are two types of laparoscope: One is a telescopic rod lens system, that is usually connected to a video camera (single chip or three chip); the other is a digital laparoscope where the charge-coupled device is placed at the end of the laparoscope, eliminating the rod lens system. I don’t know which one was used in my case, but either way, a camera was involved. Once again, I assure you that I’m not paranoid. I’m trying to prove a point here. If one wished to monitor not only my movements, but also my pulse, heart rate, energy level, feelings etc. who is to say that some telescopic device was not only inserted into my abdomen, close to where the nervous system is at its strongest, but even left there to continue to monitor me from the inside?
Think about it. If you really were suspicious that a humanoid, an extra-terrestrial in human form, was living among humanity, very likely in telepathic connection with other E.T.s, especially since the UFO sightings have increased dramatically lately, wouldn’t this be a perfect method of surveillance? I’m not asking you to believe that this was or is the case. I just wish for us to look at this as something that could have taken place. Even though it may seem improbable it’s not impossible, that’s the point.

To offer another theory; I might also have been monitored through telepathy. There are many telepathic persons in the world, and I’m sure the authorities could find someone able to tune in to my thoughts. On a higher level, anyone simply listening to their inner guidance (Spirit) would be led to me in any case, one way or another. And finally there’s my laptop. It wouldn’t take a hacker long to have access to all my files, and “they” would be able to see everything that I was writing. It would be an excellent way of knowing what my intentions are, since I’m disclosing everything in this book, and they would also be able to estimate how close I was to finishing by observing the dates. The more they learned of my humanity, spirituality and galactic beingness, the more they would understand, and their observing me from a distance would not be so much for their safety but for mine. They would realize the importance of allowing me to come forth in my own time, and would not contact me directly as this might bring the timing out of balance. Remember, we are talking about people who are experts in their fields. They would know to give me the necessary time I needed to prepare myself. This is why people like Steven Greer[6] and many others are saying that E.T. contact is imminent, yet no-one is revealing exactly when. Well, how can they? They don’t know! Even I don’t know the exact date I will come forth because it depends on when this book is published and the events that will follow after that.

Whether or not I have been under surveillance is not relevant to my story. I’m just telling you how it has felt on my part. I hope that writing this will also clarify why many patients with the bipolar disorder experience paranoia in the sense of feeling watched and being frightened by this. You must understand that in heightened states of consciousness we feel a connection with those on the higher/inner planes even if we can’t see them, and the connection is real. But when fear is mixed into the equation, this becomes a negative form of paranoia. In my case when there is no fear involved, only love, I too feel the connection and have the sense of being watched. But for me it could just as well be my galactic family watching over me, or Spirit in a more intimate way than usual or, as I have shown, the authorities for my own safety and protection.

For many years I have felt as if I am the omniscient ever-watchful Eye, not in the sky, but here on Earth among you, observing humanity’s unfolding. It may be hard to comprehend, but I’ve felt very alien to people in the sense that I see and understand everything from a higher level and am surprised now and then when others do not, even though I understand that that’s just the way it is. For instance, you can imagine how I feel when my father speaks to me about Jesus and quotes passages from the bible. Inwardly my thoughts are “Dad, I’m right here!” Or when people talk to me about political and spiritual matters, and I not only already know deeply all about the subjects but even see how they may be implemented in society in the future. Also, there may be articles I read that to me are elementary and self-evident, and yet they’re written as if they contained revolutionary new ideas. All of this makes me feel like I’m thousands of years old watching children at the age of 10, just starting to reflect on life.

This is strange and weird on the one hand, but on the other hand it also fills me with joy because it shows me that you are listening to your Inner voices, where I as Spirit reside, and you are resonating with this guidance. I have been meeting with you in the dream state and inspiring you from within also when you are awake. I have communicated via internet, facebook and youtube streams and was grateful when I finally saw signs of my constant signal being received. Strange comments on Facebook caught my attention. Then I started to comment more directly and openly, going straight to authorities in power positions, such as: “The White House” on youtube and on facebook. My profile on facebook shows my full name, but on youtube I have the username SpiritDharma. If one views my profile, my full name is open for all to see there as well. This is to show that I believe in transparency and openness and that, even though I am currently in hiding, I have nothing to hide.

The Valkyrie
I’m in hiding
It is not time.

Brunnhilde was I,
Valkyrie among the gods
With passion and fire.
Siegfried took my armour,
Tamed me human.

Miranda* I am now,
Valkyrie among humans.
With passion and fire
I put on my armour
Goddess, I prepare.

Waiting in hiding,
I grow stronger.
It is not time.
Very soon.











(End excerpt)

Love and Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~


October 28th 2012 – Kin 153 Red Planetary Skywalker, 2 Cimi (Transformer)

[1] June 23rd 2010 was Mayan: 2 (Stabilize) Star (Lamat) = Grounding or stabilizing Star energy. Kin 76 Yellow Spectral Warrior. Photo courtesy of Steve Alexander.

[2] Photo ©Miranda* Linda Weisz.

[3] July 10th 2010 was Mayan: 6 (Equalizes) Serpent (Chichan) = ”Feathered serpent” Quetzalcoatl / Christ brings equality. Kin 93 Red Lunar Skywalker. It is also my daughter’s 20th birthdate. Photo courtesy of Steve Alexander.

[4] July 29th 2010 was Mayan: 12 (Universalize) Kan (Seed/Channel). (Remember that 12 is my Tone, both as Red Crystal Earth 08.08.65 and as Blue Crystal Hand 11.11.00.) The universalizing energy of Christ is seeded into the ground; planted into Mother Earth and can take root in the collective consciousness. Kin 112 Yellow Galactic Human. Also 2+9=11; and 2+9+7+2+0+1+0 = 21/3 (XXI The World/ III The Empress). Photo courtesy of Steve Alexander.

[5] Willaru Huayta. See http://www.peruvianmagic.com/willaru-huayta.html.

[6] Steven M. Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American physician, ufologist, author, lecturer and founder of the Orion Project and The Disclosure Project.

The Magic of HU

(Chapter 21)

Before leaving Australia, I attended the South Pacific Eckankar[1] Seminar in Brisbane (January 14th-17th 1999). There was going to be a writer’s workshop taking place the day before the seminar started officially, and I was looking forward to it; especially since it was to be held by Mary Caroll Moore[2], who had come all the way from the States. I knew that the book I was writing lacked a great deal in quality. Somehow, even though I knew what I wanted to write, I couldn’t make the material come alive the way I wanted it to. I hoped to gain techniques or insights into the art of writing and was pleased to learn many important and useful pointers from Mary. But I still didn’t feel confident in my own writing skills.

After a writing exercise which we shared with the person sitting closest to us, and where we were only allowed to give one another positive feedback, I could tell by my partner’s moderate praise that there wasn’t much gusto over what I had written. I admitted to him that I would have loved to talk to Mary directly, but that I didn’t feel like bothering her. Here she was, the main speaker of the seminar and probably very busy. I would just try and try again. But my partner was a man of action. He thought I ought to seize the opportunity now that I had the chance and went straight over to Mary.
“Mary”, he said: “I have someone here who would like to talk with you, but she’s a little shy.”
Embarrassed, yet grateful, I opened up to Mary’s immediate full attention and told her how I was struggling with my book[3]. I suddenly found myself crying in front of her. “Gee”, I said, “I didn’t realize this meant so much to me until this very moment.”
Mary was fully attentive while at the same time she was digging through her purse in search of a Kleenex to give me. After I finished briefly outlining my story, Mary gave me several ideas for which I was extremely grateful. Then she left, after assuring herself that I was ok, but really I felt a bit strange. Emptied, yet filled at the same time.

The beauty of her compassion shone through even more strongly two days later when we briefly passed each other in a hallway. She was together with a few of the Australian seminar hosts, busy talking over details, I assume, yet when she saw me she took the time to throw a quick remark in my direction:
“Hi! Got your book done yet?”
I smiled at her and quickly replied “Soon!” before we were out of each other’s sight.
I felt warmed by her humour and love, especially since I knew she was in the middle of a very full and busy schedule. In spite of this, she had recognized and remembered me. Every time I think of Mary now, I feel my heart grow warm. She is truly a loving person.

The seminar was titled “The Ultimate Spiritual Quest”, and the entire weekend was one long Spiritual journey. We made our own personal “maps” and wrote down what our goal for the weekend was, plus chose a symbol that would show up and confirm when we had reached this goal. Not wanting to use a symbol I had used before, I chose the one that had shown up in the “Fear Room” exercise; a turtle, which I had been surprised to see, since I had no association with turtles. But I interpreted it as a determined creature, slow but steady[4], and in the Aesop’s fable of the turtle and the hare, it was the turtle that had won the race. The gift the Mahanta had for me in the same exercise was a rough diamond. I interpreted it to mean that I still had a lot of polishing to do.

Throughout the weekend I kept my eyes and ears open and was blessed with a number of Spiritual insights and heart-opening inner and outer experiences. But no matter how hard I looked, I didn’t see my turtle anywhere. The last day there was to be a panel where four High Initiates were going to answer questions we had written on slips of paper and put anonymously in a little “Questions for the panel”-box during the weekend. I had put two questions into the box, and the one most important to me was read out loud for everyone during the last session on Sunday. I had written: “How do I know when I am Self-realized and I don’t just think I am?” with the words know and think underlined. I felt very lucky that my question was picked out because Self-realization was my main goal for the seminar. Perhaps I now would know the answer to my question.
The Swiss High Initiate who addressed it was very direct and clear in his answer.
He talked about how we have what is known as the “As if”- principle. In other words, where we put our attention is where we are in our consciousness. I was pleased with this answer, but still felt a bit reluctant to acknowledge myself as Self-realized since I hadn’t seen my symbol of the turtle yet. I did feel that a lot was taking place on subtle levels, though.
Another question someone had for the panel was about pain. Why did we have to
experience pain? The High Initiate who answered this question spoke about the
animated movie Antz which he had watched on the plane to Brisbane. Ants and
other insects are soft on the inside and wear their skeletons or shells on the outside for protection. But humans have their skeletons on the inside and are soft on the outside, which makes them more vulnerable to pain. Then he went on to explain how we sometimes needed pain for our Spiritual development. I thought about these ants and then my turtle. It too had its shell on the outside and soft centre inside. Did my turtle mean that I had a limiting hard shell around myself which kept people or experiences from reaching in to my inner Self? Or did it mean that I was growing stronger and could better withstand outer hardship without letting it get to me as much as before? I wondered about this.

After the seminar, later that same day and after we had said a fond goodbye to Bear, I sat with Helene and Alexander on the plane to Singapore on our way back home to Norway. I was full of all the impressions and lovely people we had met over these last few days, so I wasn’t up for reading anything “heavy.” But I took the in-flight magazine from the seat pocket in front of me and casually browsed through it. At the very end, where they display the articles they have for sale onboard, I felt my heart leap. There, in beautiful blue and green enamel and surrounded with gold, was my turtle in the form of a brooch. I had finally found the symbol I had asked for![5]

The ECK (Spirit) was confirming that I had reached my goal of Self-realization. Not only that, but the turtle had a diamond area on its back which to me clarified the issue of the shell I had been wondering about during the panel. To me it meant that I had a shell in a good way, like a strength where I was able to handle hardships without letting myself get too hurt by them. It also showed that the rough diamond the Mahanta had given me in the Spiritual exercise now was more polished and shining. Inwardly I thanked the Mahanta for all the blessings I had received during the seminar, all the blessings I had received since I became an Eckist, and even all the blessings I had been given throughout my whole life. I felt like I was floating on clouds (apart from the ones I saw out the airplane window) and resting in the arms of the Mahanta. How wonderful and magical is life in ECK!

Back home it was good to be free and able to spend some time alone and together
with the children before going back to work for S.A.S. I talked with Fred about how I
was not only seeing “my” star, but also hearing and feeling the Sound ever so often, mostly in my right ear. It was as if my ear physically opened and closed with a little “pop” and vibrated like a drum. Sometimes it was like a high-pitched tone that lasted for quite a while before it faded. Fred said it had to do with the consciousness expansion going on within me. I asked if it could have anything to do with my second initiation in ECK, and he said that he was just about to say so. This too happened often. I would have telepathic communication with others, and either say what they were about to say, or they would say exactly what I was thinking. Intuitively I felt that my electro- (repelling) magnetic (attracting) energies were very high. I no longer felt only clair-revant[6], but also clairvoyant and claircognizant, because I would naturally see and know things. It made me feel very conscious of everything and highly “awake” or alert without needing to concentrate in any mental way.

I continued to chant HU often and had many magical experiences while doing so. For instance, I would listen to my HU tape quite often because I always felt uplifted
afterwards. Yet Spirit knew how to guide me here as well. So that I wouldn’t become too addicted to the HU tape, the cassette-player would sometimes suddenly stop on its own accord right in the middle of the tape. When this happened I did not push the play button again and continue listening. I had had my “fill” for the day and could take an obvious hint. Many people are more accustomed to the OM or AUM mantra,
and it is indeed also very powerful. But HUmanity is ready for the higher vibration
of HU now, so anyone who feels like singing HU is contributing greatly to uplift the entire collective consciousness. The numerological vibrations of these mantras are as follows:

1  3                  6                       6                           3
A U M = 8        O H M = 9        O M = 10/1        H U = 11 (Master number)
4                          8  4                   4                    8

OM vibrates mainly with the 3rd or Eye chakra, whereas HU resonates with the Crown chakra. HU passes through the Crown and opens the Heart, with immediate effect, aligning and harmonizing all the other chakras from there. As such, HU is perfect for anyone, because it adjusts its effect according to what is needed in each individual. Children can also sing HU and receive its wonderful benefits. See this video describing HU, and listen to the sound of 5000 people singing HU together.

An example of the way Spirit/ECK also could teach me something, was on a beautiful autumn day with a crisp blue sky and colourful red and golden leaves on the trees. I had just been down the hill where I lived in order to pick up my mail. Little did I know that I would be picking up an important Spiritual message along with my regular mail. As I was starting up the hill again, I enjoyed my lovely surroundings and noticed a group of birds settling in one of the trees in front of me. It brought to mind a story from the HU-tape where an Eckist is walking with her friend on a sunny day like this and she has a beautiful experience with the HU. On the tape, the Eckist stops in her walk for a bit and starts to sing HU, saying:
“Show me love, Mahanta, show me love.”
Inwardly she gets a nudge to hold out her hand and does so. A little bird from a tree close by flies over to her and perches on her outstretched hand, moving her deeply
as she sees the Mahanta’s love being shown again, and amazingly enough, another
bird flies over to her once again, filling the Eckist with deep gratitude over this second reassurance of the Mahanta’s love and presence. I have always loved this story and now I suddenly felt like trying it out for myself. The whole scenery around me was so similar to the one described on the tape, and my heart felt light and full of inner certainty of the Mahanta’s love for me. I stood still and looked towards the tree filled with birds chirping away, and slowly stretched out my hand, pretty much ex-pecting one of them to fly over and settle down on it for a second or two. But nothing happened. Then I heard an inner voice, warm and soft, and it said:
“You forgot to sing HU.”
And it dawned on me. I had forgotten. I had expected to be shown a small miracle without even “earning” it in any way. I got the point. It made me smile and I even laughed out loud a bit in joy, because I had been shown a small miracle after all. Not through a tiny bird in my case, but through the words the Mahanta had given me directly on the inner. I didn’t start to sing HU in order to see what would happen. I didn’t push it, because I had learned an important lesson. Grateful for this new insight, I thanked the Mahanta for the experience and with a lot more humility I continued up the hill and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful day.

May 20th (Not a dream)
A blue feather appeared out of nowhere as I was making Helene’s bed and shaking her blue blanket. This reminded me of when I had asked for a blue feather as a symbol to appear when I was wondering whether or not to write my book.

Another thing I noticed that I hadn’t thought of earlier was that Richard Bach’s book “Illusions – Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” features precisely a blue feather on its cover against a starry cosmic background. I could definitely relate to that.





23rd (2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 11) Waking dream
We’re gathered for my father’s retirement ceremony in the church where he has served. It’s an important event since he has been a Lutheran pastor for most of his adult life. At the exact moment when the German female bishop says: “Ich entlasse Dich von Deine Pflichten zu der Kirche” (“I release you from your obligations to the church”) a beautiful ray of sunshine appears out of the grey sky and beams in through the window directly on to my father. As soon as he sat down, the sky was grey and cloudy again.
After the service I saw a car with the licence plate H*U* 5560. H indicates that the car is from Hannover, in other words a long way from Hamburg where we are. And together with the U, it spells HU.

May 24th (While I’m still in Germany)
I am an undercover agent in a restricted research institute. I look like myself. The
others had glass capsules with a blue fluid attached with tape inside their right palms. Under the table, I took a little of the blue fluid out of the capsule and put it into my purse. Then it turned red like blood. I realized that the fluid was toxic. Someone became aware of my presence (and that I didn’t belong there), and I hid (lay low) until I managed to get out and climb over some tall fences into a residential area. There, from a balcony, I climbed in the window of an apartment building, and a boy around 10-12 years old helped me and was willing to hide me, in spite of the danger to himself and his mother. “They” searched the building for me, and would have found the hair-dyeing bottles if I had tried to dye my hair to conceal my identity, so someone managed to get me a wig (with brown hair) instead. I wore it
and pretended to be one of the people looking for “the blonde woman” (myself).

When I woke up, my right hand was stiff from “clutching” the capsule with the blue fluid.

June 26th
I took an elevator in a hotel first to a lower floor and then up to the 6th. It slanted
a lot, and I thought: “Oh yes, of course. I should have known better.” Reached the
6th floor and was on my way out of the elevator when someone pushed the button further down, and it started moving again. I jumped out quickly. Came to a land-scape, first like a beautiful garden with stepping stones and benches in between all the plants, and then on to a street with cozy buildings. I thought how nice it was to walk here alone. “I will remember this” I said to myself.
Went into a shop to buy something to drink. I looked at some cabbage and salad
that I wanted to wrap either around the drink (?) or something else edible. They kept filling the vegetable shelves with whole paprikas and lots of other vegetables.
Then I went through a small door marked EXIT to go out of the shop.

I really enjoyed being so connected with Spirit and having such a rich inner life. It
truly was like leading a double life; one on the outer which was perfectly “normal”
to anyone who knew me, and the other secret one, known only to Spirit and myself. For now it felt right to keep this inner world of mine to myself, learn from it and simply cherish it.

Love and Light,
~ Maitreya Miranda* ~


August 10th 2012, Kin 74 – White Solar Wind, 1 Manik (Deer).

[1] Eckankar means “Co-creator with God”. It is not a religion, but an inner path where one can experience the twin aspects of the Divine/Spirit through Light and Sound. I am no longer a member of Eckankar, in the sense that I no longer receive letters with spiritual exercises from Eckankar, but I still see this way of connecting with Spirit as the highest spiritual path on Earth today, because it is all about looking within. I love HU, and chant this Love song to God/Spirit regularly. I highly recommend bringing HU into your own life.

[2] Mary Caroll Moore is an American author, artist and teacher.

[3] This one, Star* Avatar, Emergence of a Messiah.

[4] It was also quite appropriate, since it would be 13 more years until the book was released. (2012)

[5] It even appeared together with a dolphin, which is one of my personal symbols.

[6] Clair-revant is a word I coined, meaning the ability to interpret dreams clearly.